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Chronos Kickstarter - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1714585446/chronos-14-high-speed-camera/description
Davids 'will it mow' channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmQbfRsvztc56Al1RDVonJw/videos
Davids main channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMdOWi6nBZJ3Q0tHNQIOUVA
Lindsay Wilsons Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/imajeenyus42
He has some really cool stuff!!
Welcome everybody today we're putting a new spin on the old diet coke and mentos trick but instead of using mentos we're going to be using an ultrasonic cleaner a fellow youtuber lindsey wilson tipped me off to this trick i'm gonna be doing a bunch of different experience today like trying to see if i can pop the cork out of the champagne just by placing in the ultrasonic bath and we'll be able to record everything using the new chronos high-speed camera system which just launched on kickstarter by the way so the first thing you want to try is comparing the reaction to the ultrasonic cleaner method to the classic meant doesn't code so the camera comes with an external trigger and it runs in something called and trigger mode that means the cameras always recording something but when i press the trigger it will save the previous four seconds before i press the button the ultrasonic cleaner was way more powerful than the diet soda alright for next experiment we're gonna be testing out the difference between a hot soda and a cold soda and we'll see which one sprays up higher i've got this flir thermal-imaging camera and says that one is about a hundred and thirteen degrees and the others about 91 degrees it's not whatever let's see what happens go yeah wow yeah wow that happened so fast so let's take a look at the high-speed camera and see which one was more powerful the winner is clearly the hot soda and that makes sense it's true because chemical and physical reactions both happened faster at higher temperatures i think the way that the soda foam falls back down in slow motion just looks so cool awesome every slow-motion shot this video was filmed at 1,500 frames per second and that's a resolution of 1280 x 720 now this camera can go down to 20 1,000 frames per second but we're only watching sodas go off in this video not guns or explosions or someone i'm going to turn this on first let the pressure build up and shoot it okay see what happens oh man right here we go three two one whoa whoa dude that was so far that into their yard no matter how much you sonic ate these bottles they won't explode the plastic is just too thick but they're still no match for bullets this is an ultrasonic cleaner and at the bottom of this metal can there's a special speaker that vibrates up and down like twenty thousand or 40,000 hurts the high frequency high energy vibrations in the water causes bubbles to form through a process called cavitation and because of the bubbles that are formed in the mechanical vibrations that's how it cleans things a good example because you're always asking me about it would be the ring by where no i'm not married i made this rate and actually liked it a lot and that's why we're made it out of an old quarter i hammered it about a bazillion times and then drilled it out and it took for ever so you put in the water you press this button and science happens i know you're thinking it what happens if i stick my fingers in here right you need yeah actually it does feel funny does feel strange but very tingly it kind of feels like a little electric shock probably don't try that i don't think that's a good idea but it feels really weird though alright unfortunately that soda could explode i think that the bottle is just too strong can handle any kind of pressure that builds up but what about something that's made to pop so i got this bottle of champagne we're going to put it in here and we're going to see if we can cause the carbonation i did i didn't even put it in yet what a waste alright so we got two more bottles of champagne and i got the same kind because you know dangerous of science not because i'm chief or anything like that so nice oh god be nice be good here we go three two one whoa hey works three two one whoa hey well third time's a charm it actually did work and this is probably the coolest way to open a champagne bottle next time you're at a party and we have an ultrasonic cleaner definitely try this out and speaking about cool things i'd like to take a moment to tell you about this camera it is incredible so i've used phantom cameras before the camera recording on right now the rx is also a slow-motion camera and this thing is my favorite it is awesome so this camera was entirely built and manufactured in everything by one person on youtube his name is david has a youtube channel tesla 500 and will mo has variable frame where you can set from like 1500 frames per second at 720p all the way down to like 25,000 frames per second and reduced resolution but look at how later mouse's video he has awesome bullet shots anyway this thing just launched on kickstarter give yourself an awesome christmas present i love this thing see you guys next time bye
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