Post Malone reacts to his Custom PC Concepts!

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I think i got a new idea for the intro . in this video chug off no i can't do . that i'll just hurl foam . [laughter]. i've had enough foam issues for this . week with what's everyone js2 since here . we've got only one way to introduce post . below and that's to crack a bud got him . out mine's already cracked yeah but i . have mine wasn't all right guys so this . is technically part two of the post . malone build i know this is taking . forever i know okay stop it . takes time to do perfection so we got . post malone back we've got something . here to show him this is a prototype . this is a one-off does not exist . anywhere else except one other channel . we'll talk about that in a second but . we're gonna show you the platform we're . gonna build in the custom design we're . gonna make we're gonna take this we're. gonna customize it to fit the beer bongs . and bentley album yes sir and we're . gonna try and take that crazy just like . you want it barbed wire you wanted . yellow you wanted bentley i think . there's snakes involved in there. somewhere right so it's like what the . hell are we supposed to do with this i . think we got it . so if you would do me a favor and go . ahead and pull the cover off of this . we'll talk about what this is oh yeah . this this right here this this is the . only working prototype currently this is . the singularity computers chassis i . don't know what exactly what they're . calling it for i know the truth it . doesn't matter because we're calling it . the beer bongs in bentley rick got it so . this right here is just a prototype . obviously this is too plain for you but . we're talk about some of the features . and i'm gonna show you what we are going . to be doing custom with this but you . kind of gave us some ideas on our first . meeting you want give me some first . thoughts on what you're seeing here yeah. man i mean it's nice it's nice you can . you can see through it yeah i mean it . kind of looks like i know it's very . transparent obviously but that's gonna . be full of coolant yeah this is this is . it fills up here huh yeah so this what . the idea what this case was was to have . distribution blocks are becoming a thing . now with with water coolers people are. milling their own distribution blocks . they're their use . to kind of transfer fluid from one part . of the case to another but nobody has . ever built a case where the entire . motherboard tray is also an integrated . water cooling block as well so you've . got on the bottom right there that's . where your pump goes that's a reservoir . right above it you've got transfer . plates you've got distribution block. motherboard tray all built into that if . you feel this - this is all metal and . acrylic this is all custom cnc milled oh . yeah but like i said this is not it's . not scream post malone or beer bongs and . bentley so why don't i go and pull out . the computer and we show you what we got . in mind let's do it now you said you're . not afraid of coolant so we kind of took . it to the next level obviously with this . guy right here you're not afraid of . anything . that's not sure i think we're all afraid . of something usually it's just twitter . when drunk but hey we got plenty of . battery you know this pc fox it fucks is . how what it does all right i'll get you . pregnant - sorry no i'm not not . responsible for any pregnancy that comes . from that and clear the bend there's . something for the ladies . check out my fuckin rake ladies sp she . gets all the bitches okay this is just . the early kind of render of what we're . expecting this to look like right here . what we're playing with right here are . some different grill ideas you have a . bentley right which model no i don't . have a rolls yeah rolls-royce wraith i . won't i won't be bentley okay is that a . rate of their reynolds got a rape . alright suicide doors yeah it's fucking . sick okay start over that's all i need . is the internet see that's all i need is . the internet seeing him go rolls and i'm . like noon. well i've got a nissan so whatever so . you got a cool new chevy silverado see . your raptor this is probably gonna . change a ton but this is what we're . expecting with sort of the the bentley . grille now the bentley is a throwback to . your start right because you had that . white bentley in your first video the . white iverson is that why the bentley is . yeah i mean you know i kind of i kinda . you know i'm like i said like a simple . man but i have expensive tastes and i . want to bring it off so literally you're. just that's contrast yeah yeah right ear . bongs in bud light is in the bong right . and then the bentley is just like you've . got that fine taste right but you don't . mind getting dirty right okay so that's . that's we're gonna go with here we're . gonna try different things with this i . mean this looks funny kind of sideways . but this is just early early on examples . so if we like and this is like hand . drawn stuff right here so if we actually . look at some of the 3d renderings you'll . get an idea of what we're kind of . expecting here so this is the back view . right here you can see where the pump is . and the fluid in the reservoir and the . way that wires are gonna be custom cut . the length to match all that color is is . is we can work with the colors this is . sort of a red i'm gonna try really hard . to recreate the bud light look in a . fluid that's not i don't know how i'm . gonna do it yet but i'm gonna try now to . for it to look like beer would need foam. but we don't want foam in a water-cooled. pc that's bad so i've got my work cut . out for me on that one fortunately i . know some chemists and i don't mean like . you know walter why walter why that's . all right there. sorry eyes i'm like for in so you know . so here's a here's a view like kind of . top-down where you are right now i like . the yellow a lot yeah because that's . like the main color of your album right . at the album art yeah so the album art . that i've seen you share so far looks. like kind of a yellow canvas it's got . barbed wire it looks like a black snake . is that it's a snake yeah yeah so that's . that's sort of the general feel of the . album art okay so we've got yellow and . black and we can change up the parts to . be whatever color you want we could . probably even do a custom cover on the . on the reservoir are assuming the pump . cover where they're protium logo is . that's that little . generally zoom in on that to help that . little logo right there we can do . something custom with that too if you . want a different logo there if you have . an official like you know post malone . logo i'll send you the the jpeg perfect . this is another view of the back . something kind of basic there we'll talk . about this part in a second that i have . some ideas for it i just recently threw . at them that i think it's gonna work . really well this is what it looks like . without the front grille so without that . that bentley grille this is the part we . want to incorporate bentley in there . somehow the idea for me was to make it . look like the front of a bentley yeah . the only problem is it with it being . inverted like this or up and down it . looks sideways so we're gonna play . around with that i like i like i like . the way that the cross like grille would . look on on the front of it that's so so . what if it didn't necessarily have like. the bentley so these grilles which are . you like we like this one yeah something . like that but do you think this looks . weird sideways right here's what i like. something like that just i guess just . like the plating like yeah exactly but . we gave it kind of this chrome bezel . yeah and then maybe we could take the . bentley logo and have it up right top or . bottom yeah that's cool yeah exactly but . like you know subtle and then like i . love the the chrome-plated yeah that's . cool yeah that's cool okay he kind of . incorporated like sort of a star on this . one here kind of like rock star even . though it's not the same album as we . throwback to when you're that's cool . yeah that's cool so this is kind of neat . right here but you liking the black and . yellow. yeah no it's super super sick i love it . look good it it it poops out so there's . another view look so this is one . graphics card you're gonna have to like . i mentioned sort of like this built back . here although minor vertical here's . obviously gonna be horizontal i want to . go back to that rear piece i told you. about that i think it's gonna look . really cool i threw this idea at them . and they basically said yeah we could do. that so i'm gonna ask you what does that . shape sort of look like to you . tennessee. okay okay i was thinking head of a . guitar yeah let's go like i look like a . guitar neck in the head . so what we're actually thinking about . doing with this is incorporating guitar . strings in that tuner knobs wood trim . and making this look like a fender so . that's cool is there a particular guitar . brand you like more than other mean . fender tallies okay can't get much quiet . it looks like the tele head anyway. that's what i thought when he sent it . out so look at it in person now this . right here right here so if we switch . places here for a second if we make this . just look like the head of guitar tuner . knob string yeah so now you can tell . there's musical elements to it and . that's a cue me pretty easy i was . concerned that that was gonna be really . hard work and i was talking on the . machine is she's like oh no i he's like . we can do woodworking anything you want. polished what kind of wood with that . guitar be you know like maple or it . sound like important there yeah it's a . maple windham redwoods . so that was my idea there i like that . that's dope yeah so you can see this is . the platform this is what the chassis . will hopefully look like
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