Ryzen CPU with VEGA Graphics ONBOARD!

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AMD's bringing back the APU in a big way by marrying Ryzen CPU cores with Vega GPUs - But what do you really get for your money?
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Caption: Both xen and vega at this point are . pretty old news by computer industry. standards but there are a couple of . things that make this combination . product more interesting than you might . expect number one is the incredible . value proposition for budget gaming and . number two is the unexpectedly high. performance of these entry-level cpus . once you add a discrete graphics card . today's video was brought to you by . tunnel bayer tunnel bear thinks the . internet is better when everyone can . openly access the same content so . tritonal bear for free at tunnel bear . comm /l tt . [music]. let's begin by jumping right into gaming . performance on rise and g's integrated . graphics where unsurprisingly its vega . gpu stomped all over intel's best. efforts to build a competitive on chip . graphics processor then fell short of. even a gtx 1050 ti putting it pretty far . down the pecking order compared to . discrete graphics cards so we tested at . 1080p medium details but based on our . results it's more likely that you would . opt for 720p high or 1080p low though to . be clear we are not complaining about . this budget gamers would have given . their left nut for 720p high 12 years . ago when amd first began work on the . combination cpu gpu paradigm moving on . to productivity we get very similar . results to the same clocked older . generation rison chips with the new g . series actually pulling off some better . results in tests like multi-threaded . cinebench and v rays cpu benchmark and . then leaving intel's onboard graphics . standing on the starting line in the gpu . version now we also saw similar or . better scores compared to old rison in . asus reel bench ignoring the opencl . result since they obviously favor . discrete graphics cards and blender cpu . test continues the trend with team blue . getting smashed and the gpu test once . again showing us that 8 and 12 c s . respectively aren't ideal for heavy . lifting so what have we got here then . we've got a couple of really nice . upgrades the 2200 g obsoletes basically . the entire existing rise in three lineup . and remember you can just plug this into . any existing rison compatible . motherboard with at most a bios update. and the 2400 g ends up being a toss-up . with the more expensive 1600 x so what. you get is onboard graphics and in some . cases better performance due to the 4 + . see xdesign and second-generation . precision boost but what you give up is . some level three cache and a couple of . course for heavy multi-threaded. workloads now these are budget products . so amd costed down the ihs to a . traditional thermal paste this time. around though that shouldn't be a big . deal at this package power and verizon . runs pretty cool anyway and while we've . never had great results with rison . overclocking today's chips were. particularly unimpressive both of them . managed only 3. 8 5 gigahertz on all . cores which is more than the precision . boost frequency of the 2200 g but . actually less than the 2400 g to be . clear that's on all cores so it's still . a net gain for some workloads and the . 2400 g managed it at a lower voltage but . we just need to make sure that you're . going into your purchase here with . realistic expectations for a single . benjamin and change thermals were a . little higher than usual for rison . thanks to the higher default voltages . and probably the lesser thermal compound. but power consumption was basically . spot-on. only a few watts different than the same . clock to og rise in cpus our intel chips . it should be noted managed lower idle . drop alright so let's talk upgrade path . now a lot of people go out and buy a cpu . like this with integrated graphics with . the intention of only using those . temporarily so what is gaming like once . you throw in a dedicated graphics card . actually fine so we ran our rise in cpus . with a 1050 ti in the earlier testing . and then re ran our g series with it as . well and we got similar if slightly . lower results across the board so it . looks then like amd's decision to split . the pci express lanes between the . integrated vega core and the pcie 16x . slot giving only eight lanes for each . didn't actually hurt them too badly. so at 99 and 169 respectively the rison . 320 200 g and rise in 5 2400 g are both . better values than their predecessors . and integrated vega graphics with some . help from native support for higher . speed 29 33 dual channel d our 4 memory . gives them much better performance and . maybe even more importantly . compatibility in gpu intensive tasks . than anything that intel can muster so . intel who opted not to seed us the price . competitive processors saying we'd have . to go buy them if we wanted to compare . gee i wonder why holds the performance . crown for cpu only tasks but as for . livingroom pc enthusiasts or budget . esports gamers we all might have just . found your next processor and if you run . a small business on the side y'all might . have just found your next cloud-based. accounting solution bam freshbooks is . the simple way to be more productive . more organized and to get paid faster . you can create and send . professional-looking invoices in less. than 30 seconds set up online payments . with just a couple of clicks and get . paid up to 4 days faster they've got . fully featured mobile apps so you can . track your hours track your expenses you . can do all this stuff with you on the go . and they've got a really cool feature . that allows you to see when your client . 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