Samsung Galaxy S7 Official TVC: Unpacking S7

What if your next phone could take photos like a professional?
What if it worked in low light?
What if it gave you enough expandable memory to store all your pictures?
Rethink what a phone can do.
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What if your next phone. . . to take pictures like a professional. like this guy look at that focus and. . . what if it worked in this really dark. club. . . sparky sure you were what if your phone. to pay for things here or here or even. . . here. . . your phone. . . come on dude get with the times how. about a memory you can expand to store. . . all your pictures and there's more. followers than meat and all your other. . . stuff i got a lot of stuff. . . what if it worked in this weather. . . i did warn you and one of your memories. could be more memorable. . . whoa look out. . . wow and what if you could do all that. and still look this good. . . not you buddy sorry. .
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