Samsung Galaxy S9 Impressions!

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Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 are here, in the flesh. Worth the upgrade?
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[music]. hey what is up guys i'm cabby hd here . and the leaks are finally over the hype . is done the speculation is complete . welcome to your first look at the . samsung galaxy s 9 and the galaxy s 9 . plus so in general as soon as you look . at it it's pretty clear it's a . refinement of what we've already seen . with the galaxy s 8 but there are a . couple a couple of new interesting . things worth noting so what's new with . these new phones first of all the all . new colors there's the black like usual . which is stealthy then there's also this . coral blue and this lilac purple and. then internationally there's gonna be a . silver titanium one again i mean yeah . samsung tends to be using the super cool . color scheme for these phones i'm not . the biggest fan i'll probably still end . up using the black one but the mirror . finish stays it's still super shiny and . reflective like the past couple years . this is probably a phone you'll end up . putting a deep brand skin on to keep it . from looking like a mess 6 seconds after . you take it out the box but yeah they're . keeping this look for now aesthetically . though the shape and the bezels and the . placement of everything the power button . the volume rocker the bigsby button . everything is the same the one thing . they've moved is the fingerprint reader . now to underneath the camera instead of . next to it which i of course actually . like a lot there's no english . fingerprint reader nothing crazy like . that but this is definitely more . reachable and in a better place than it . was before especially on the smaller . phone like i said though most of this . phone is gonna be pretty familiar still . the 5. 8 inch and 6 point 2 inch infinity . displays respectively still ip68 . certified it still has wireless charging . still has usb type-c still has a . headphone jack the speaker got a slight . improvement but it's still in the same . place right at the bottom of the phone . but they added stereo listening with. this earpiece up at the top of the phone . and from listening to it it's a bit . louder but not significantly better in. quality or anything the coolest new . feature though is it got dolby atmos. surround sound suddenly of course that . is new though is the specs you got to . bump the specs up to be a top-tier 2018 . flagship. so they bumped it up to get snapdragon . 845 and four or six gigs of ram so. galaxy s nine has four gigs of ram and . galaxy s nine plus has six gigs of ram . it also has 64 gigs of storage plus . micro sd card expansion they've also . added a couple small things now like . iris scanning from the galaxy note and . facial recognition so there's more ways . to biometrically authenticate if it's. not just a fingerprint reader but . obviously by far the biggest change and. the biggest new feature that people were . looking forward to for galaxy s 9 is the . camera all the teasers and all the leaks . and all the hype for this phone raw . focused no pun intended on that camera . so galaxy s 9 has an all new camera . system and when i say camera system . really i mean the newest most. interesting part isn't the sensor it's . the glass it's the lens so okay up until . now pretty much every smartphone camera . is so small it's so miniaturized that . they all have a fixed aperture lens you . don't change the aperture they fought . from an f 2. 0 aperture down to f 1. 9 . down to f 1. 8 f 1. 7 they're all in this . battle to get as much light into the . camera as possible because that's a good . thing but something to know about . wide-angle wide aperture lenses and you . know this already if you know anything . about photography or video is the wider . you go the softer it generally is so a . lot of photographers shooting with their . lenses will opt to stop down to f two . point four or f two point eight because . it's sharper there it's way sharper . there than it is at f 1. 8 wide-open so . galaxy s 9 s new camera is the first . i've ever seen in any smartphone that . can change apertures it's a variable . aperture lens so you can shoot at f 1. 5 . wide open super huge amount of light or . you can stop down for more detail 2f 2. 4 . and you can actually see it physically . doing this and switching when you move . back and forth between f 1. 5 and f 2. 4 . it's a pretty obvious difference when . you get a good look at it this is super . cool to me i've never seen such a small . camera with a variable aperture before. pretty sure gopros don't do this most. tiny cameras smaller than a . point-and-shoot don't do this this is . really impressive for a smartphone so . the goal with the software is to quickly . and smartly switch between the wide-open . and stop down depending on how much . light there is in the scene . i was told it defaults to the f 2. 4 and . then it opens up to the wide under about . a hundred looks which is actually a . really low light which means it's doing . it as more of a low light mode but i'm . doing the switching you see here in pro . mode which has a button for it so you'll . be able to switch to f 1. 5 whenever you . want so i'm definitely gonna keep my eye . on this for the full review gonna be . testing it pretty hard to see if it. really makes a difference and i have a . feeling it's gonna be a pretty big deal . if you can see the difference between f . 1. 5 and f 2. 4 photos on this phone . but until then fingers crossed and then . there's a bunch of other new camera . features tossed in there as well like it . will do slow-motion video it'll do 240 . frames per second at 1080p which is . pretty awesome and it will do 960 frames . per second at 720p so i did get to test . this on the pre-production units it's . super slow motion obviously but i'm not . sure i can vouch for the quality that's . why i throw the air quotes in there but . even in this well-lit room you can see a . lot of grain i'd like to test this . outdoors though maybe with something . super so like an explosion or something . i think a lot of people don't really . realize how impressive 960 frames per. second video is especially on a . smartphone where you're writing all that . to the memory as fast as possible but it . stretches 0. 2 seconds of video to 6 . seconds of footage that's like turning. this into a movie now number one it . doesn't record audio which that's . probably fine you don't really hear . anything important with super slow . motion video anyway so it sort of . overlays this music of your choice which . is neat i guess but number two is it . only records 0. 2 seconds of video and we . were trying this you have to get really . smart about what exact fragment of time . you want to record but they have this . automatic motion detection feature where . basically you tell it to wait for fast . motion inside a certain box you hit . start and then it waits for something to . happen inside the box and records 0. 2 . seconds of that so you can frame it up . and move the box anywhere on the screen. it's cool when it works i'll try it out . there is also in the camera a better ui . for swiping through the different modes . now similar to the iphone . there's better multi shot for noise. reduction and hdr capabilities there's . some bixby improvements so it'll . recognize it'll do object recognition. things like what google lens is doing . and it'll also live tran . late signs that are in different . languages so that's cool and something . else interesting was it will overlay . makeup on you and then if you like it . it'll give you a link to buy that makeup . i guess that's pretty neat but there's . even something they're calling ar emoji . ar emoji are emoji an emoji ripoff it's . a feature that uses the use of the . front-facing camera to create an. animated version of your likeness so you . can use that to record and send videos . of yourself as this animation talking to . people or you can make yourself an . animal - no big deal but bottom line all . this stuff all this new stuff in the . camera is what makes it pretty clearly . the biggest new feature of galaxy s 9 so . that's what i'm looking forward to . testing the most for the full review . definitely make sure to get subscribe if . you haven't already to be among the . first to see that but other than that it . is for sure the phone we were expecting . it's what we were looking forward to and . it's still premium ly priced just barely . below the galaxy note i think the one . thing that'll be more interesting a note . this year is the bigger difference . between galaxy s 9 and galaxy s 9 plus . they used to be pretty close and i . actually think i almost gave an award to. galaxy s 8 for being so close to its . bigger brother. as far as feature set but this year the . galaxy s 9 plus not only gets a bigger . screen and more battery but it also gets . more ram and more camera so there's a . bigger separation there a bigger buying. decision but either way it comes out . march 16th and the pre-orders start . march 2nd so just in a couple days so . let me know what you think is this . camera all this new camera stuff enough . to get you in line to get a galaxy s 9 . or maybe you're gonna keep waiting on. some other flagships let me know until . the next one until the review thank you . for watching talk to you later peace . .
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