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Full review: | Buy the Galaxy S9 : | Join Josh for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus review where he explains why Samsung's new enhancements put it heads and shoulders above any Galaxy device before it.
Correction: Dolby Atmos is only supported in wired audio, not in the speakers themselves.
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And here it is the latest version of the . venerated samsung galaxy s line hey it's . josh of agarra what's going on everybody . and this is the samsung galaxy s 9 in . this case the s9 + . [music]. if you had oldness took this phone for . the samsung galaxy s8 that came before. it we actually wouldn't really blame you . the glass on glass designed is so common . now for samsung devices and really only . a couple of elements have changed all of . the buttons are done the same places . including the bixby button over on the . left and as far as the ports in the . bottom gulp the headphone jack of course . remains the phone does have a little bit . more heft to it compared to the previous . generation which is nice and the main . change that you're going to see is on . the s9 plus particularly because on the . back you now have a dual end setup and . the fingerprint reader is in a much . better spot the fingerprint reader is . below the camera module now which is the . same for either of the devices but of . course it's pushed down even more due to . the dual end setup of the s9 plus okay . there are a couple of caveats i want to . give with the design of this device and . one of them you're probably expecting . already because this is a glass on glass . design well you're gonna get. fingerprints and smudges on it. incredibly easily and this is a phone . that i'm constantly having to clean for . this very video but another issue did . arise and it's with the gorilla glass on . the front the very top layer of the . gorilla glass 5 is already eroding for a . phone that's supposed to be really high . build quality and has the price point to . match it you wouldn't think that this . would be a common problem but this is . something that i've had happened to a . couple of other samsung devices in the . last couple of years but speaking of . that screen you still get a beast of a . display in the infinity display this . super amoled quad hd resolution display. with so many features to pack with it . there's still that immersive experience . with the sides curving downward into the. body of the phone but it doesn't bleed . all the way down anymore the way it did . in the last two generations the reason . why is because samsung didn't want there. to be any palm presses anymore so this . does minimize that accidental touch the . samsung galaxy s 9 has a 5. 8 inch screen . and this s 9 plus has 6. 2 inches in its . screen which means that there's a lot of . screen real estate for work and play and . the amoled screen provides great. vibrance and wonderful colors the. saturation is exactly where you might . want it to be but of course you can dial . that back in the settings and then . there's everything else that the screen . can do the os on display is customizable . you can put a number of different . elements on there including an image . that you provide yourself and you're . able to get to those . in the lock screen menu in the settings . underneath that the lock screen can be . set to a 15-second video so if you're . able to edit it in such a way that it . fits perfectly on the vertical screen . then you have an even better looking . lock screen and something that is . incredibly personal and you're still . able to enjoy everything from media to . work to even gaming on here as i've . definitely played my share of games on . the galaxy s 9 plus so far . and speaking of gaming performance is . still where it should be with the best . possible specifications that are . available right now underneath the hood . you have the snapdragon 845 and the . galaxy s 9 plus gets the added benefit . of 6 gigabytes of ram over its 64 . gigabytes of on-board storage that is . expandable with an sd card speaking of . the ram multitasking is still a treat on. here there are multiple ways of having . more than one application running and . you can have plenty of them running in . the background but android or eo is what . brings picture-in-picture to here so you. can have a youtube video just floating . above your workspace and you can always . have that media playing whenever you . want so a theme that you're probably . familiar with in the review of any . galaxy device is the fact that samsung . is really trying to please just about . everybody and when you look at the . hardware that's certainly the case with . the s9 dual stereo speakers certainly . bring the volume but the sound is also . pretty rich and full thanks to adobe. atmos certification it certainly passes. the shower test and on top of all of . that you can actually use this as your . bluetooth speaker in a way because this. phone has ip68 certification so it's not . going to die under the water but if you . want to use headphones the headphone . jack still returns and it provides a lot. of options inside of the menu you are . able to change the sound using . equalizers dolby atmos enhancements and. you're still able to adapt the sound so . it will automatically figure out the . best way to output that audio and on top . of that the phone comes with a gray pair . of akg headphones just like the last . couple of iterations you get all of the . proper connections on here including nfc . for payments for example and of course. bluetooth which provides apdex hd audio . support which means that bluetooth . streaming on here is going to sound . really great and if you have a good pair . of bluetooth headphones then you'll be . able to enjoy audio coming from this . phone wirelessly we already mentioned. the fingerprint reader and yes it is in . a much better place but so there is also . an array of. front that allows for other biometric . meters two of the main ways of doing . that face unlock and the iris scanner . have now been put together into what is . called the intelligent scan. intelligent scan basically means that. when you turn on the phone you wake the . phone before unlocking it it will scan . for your face to begin with and then it . will move to an iris scanning if the. conditions aren't really met where this . makes a lot of senses in low-light . situations like at night or right before . bed when you want to use your phone but . it's not able to recognize your face . because it's too dark to do so the . infrared light comes on and then it . starts scanning for your iris and then . it will be able to unlock it fairly . quickly after that now as we get into . battery life it is important to note . that we did not have a galaxy s 9 unit . to really test here we had the larger s9 . plus that has 3500 million hours in its . battery compared to the 3000 in the . smaller unit the short story here is . that the battery life is exactly where . you would expect it to be if nothing . exceptional nothing extraordinary here . what you can expect is that the phone . will last an entire day maybe a day and . a half if you don't really use the phone . a whole lot but in the days that i have . been using the s9 plus i have really put . this thing through the ringer now that's . considering that the battery was being . used not only by having the screen on . but also by the camera app and in. conjunction i was able to get about . three hours of screen on time while . running around casa bio in barcelona . recording everything that you see later . in the camera section but on other days . when i was doing more media based stuff . like watching youtube and hulu or doing . video calls i was able to get six hours . of screen on time which is a little bit . more expected for a big battery despite . the big screen on this phone now when . you do get a little bit low on battery . life you can always turn on the power . saving modes which not only bring down . the clock speed of the processor a bit . but the main thing it does is it lowers . the resolution of the screen you can get . all the way down to hd plus resolution. which obviously makes things look a . little bit weird but at least you're . going to get at least an hour maybe two . hours more of battery life depending on . your usage and then of course there's . the ultra power saver that minimizes the . ui and a lot of the features down to . just its bare minimum with a few . applications like twitter that you might . use if you absolutely need it . but thankfully it is easy to charge this . phone pretty quickly you're able to get . a bit of the battery back in no time at . all using the included charger with the . full charge maybe taking about 90 . minutes there are a number of other ways . to fast charge this including fast . wireless charging or my favorite power . delivery which is the standard built . into usb type-c alright so that finally . brings us to the main focus no pun . intended. of samsung's enhancements to the s9 and . the s9 plus that's of course the camera . let's start off by doing something kind . of fun so here i am coming to you as my . ar emoji now this may or may not look . like me you can always let me know in . the comments down below what ar emojis . are basically the way for you to express . yourself as a digital avatar this is . samsung's take on the nmo g's from the . ios side of things however what the way . that you do this is by detecting your. face using either camera and from there . it will create a caricature of your face . it may or may not be completely accurate . that you can then customize with . different hairstyles different skin . tones different hair colors eyeglasses . of some sort and also a few different. options for clothing one of the main . things that is nice about this emoji is . that it provides 18 different gifts that . you can use to send to pretty much . anybody on any platform so since we're . on the topic of self-expression let's . talk about the front-facing camera . the front-facing camera is an 8 . megapixel shooter that is very similar . to the one you found in to the previous . generation one particular addition is in . the form of selfie focus which is its . ta
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