Samsung Galaxy S9 – Real Day in the Life!

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Ever wonder what real life usage is like with some of these high end smartphones? Well here's your full Galaxy S9 Plus review as I used it throughout an entire day. Follow us on IG: and Arie:
We do an S9 camera test the camera (low-light shots and super slo-mo), the new intelligent scan, Bixby translations, AR emoji and more!
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It was going on guys - trav which . consumer and today we're gonna be . spending a real day in the life with the . samsung galaxy s 9 plus now if you've . never seen one of my real day into life . videos you're pretty much gonna be . spending the day with me and the new . phone and we're going to see how it . works in the real world testing out . things like the display the camera . battery life performance everything you . want to know but it's time to see how . this phone did when we put it through . its paces so we are officially starting . our day pardon that rude dog in the back . there but yeah this is the start of our . day it's about 12 o'clock so we are . running a bit late but just to give you . guys an idea of when we're starting and . also this is on the front-facing camera . of the galaxy s 9 plus i am holding this . thing with my hand so it's a little bit . shaky but this should give you an idea . of the quality and the audio quality . that you're gonna get out of this but . yeah this is what you can expect now . guys let's talk for a second this is a . beautiful phone it's great feels nice in . the hand but what's not great is how . slippery it is i unfortunately already . have a few dents on the phone i actually . dropped this guy it breaks my heart to . admit it but it happens so immediately . we're gonna start off this day by . throwing a case on it i got like a . see-through case to not hide the . beautiful design as much as we can but . this is what we're gonna be using today . i don't want any more accidents let's . keep this thing safe alright guys so one . thing that's been introduced with the s . 9 + s 9 plus is this new intelligent . scan which uses the face recognition and . the iris scanner to unlock the phone but . let's see how it performs so i'll just . turn it on the phone i get into it . pretty quickly that's not bad at all . [music]. i like that coming from an iphone okay i . don't have to do a swipe up or any other . gesture all i do is hit that power . button and i'm in but it's not as good . as the 1 + 5 t where i could just pop it . open and boom i'm in there this is the . best probably the least secure of the . three so far from what i've seen on the . s9 plus it's been a really really smooth . experience you guys know i've been . playing the sonic forces game like crazy . and this is like my own little real . world benchmark to see if you know it . can handle a game like this where . there's just a lot going on on the . screen at once and this thing has an 845 . snapdragon processor on it so there's . not gonna be any issues to think and . handle pretty much anything you throw at . it a regular everyday person playing . games or just surfing instagram or . twitter you're gonna be completely fine . the real test here is to see how it does . over time like in a few months that's . what you gotta see okay guys so right . now we've got the gps going we've got . about eighty percent battery left and . we've got a 17 minute ride we're gonna. actually be going around a few different . places so we're gonna see how much the . gps drains the battery but just so you . guys know 80% 17 minutes to go so we . made it here i resent the eyebrow . threading spot and as far as battery . life girls we are at 75% so 17 minutes . took 5% out of here and in terms of . screen on time let's take a look . we've actually got an hour and 54 . minutes of usage so that's actually . pretty good . one hour 54 minutes of active use 25% . left that's not bad 35 hundred million . power battery so i expect some good . results so we have to make a little pit . stop to pick up some batteries because . our mics just keep sucking up the juice . out of the batteries that we had for . them so we're gonna go pick up ari right . now so. go see what she looks like now that she . got her . caterpillars tamed take a look at her . now so how does it look how's it look . how's it look it's okay it looks too . thick. alright well perfect time we're gonna . take a picture . this looks good good this is a sharp . cameraman so first off i want to let you . guys see some of the detail here in her . scarf in the jacket i'm like really . zoomed in but this is really sharp on a . bunch of other cameras that would have . been a really blurry look as soon as we . zoomed in that far but it looks great . good job kid jack guys arrow you just . gave me a great idea she actually left . and went and sat in the car because she . didn't want to be out here while we were . filming because it's cold but it's all . good right here we have a sign and one . of the features of the s 9s 9 plus that . they're talking about a lot is the . ability to use big speed to translate in . real time so we've got a reserved . parking sign right here and since it's . in english you can actually change the . language to whichever language you want . to translate to so we can have a go from . english to spanish which is what we're . gonna do now so let's see how this works . reserved parking reserved righto . now you see i have no idea this is right . or wrong so i'm just going to screenshot . it and boom i'll check with my . translator area to see if she has any . clue but it seems to work . translator let us know is this correct . spanish. is it this is in reserve does that mean . parking all right you can put your . window back up for my spanish-speaking . folks who watch this channel please let . me know if this is the correct . translation seems right but i don't know . so we just did another 20-minute drive . and we've got about 60% battery left so . you know using it up with the gps and . all of that but more importantly we are . at my favorite ramen spot bot and ramen . we're gonna have some good food i'm . gonna take some food pictures and enjoy . so real quick taking a look at the. cameras the s9 + has two of them so . we've got a wide-angle 12 megapixel lens . at the top and a telephoto 12 megapixel . lens at the bottom so the only other . phone that samsung has made that can do . this or it has the dual camera lenses is . the note 8 so it's nice to see it on the . s9 so now we're gonna try super slow . motion for the record i hate these . bottles it's really hard to drink out of . but it's gonna make for a good . slow-motion shot so some of our foods . just came but the show must go on . we're rolling all right . [music]. wow i am so sorry man for the record it . is bottled now you guys have to see this . amazing shot so i am actually going in . i'm pressing it but it knows exactly the . right moment to start slowing everything . down and look at that amazing shot . yeah definitely didn't mean for this . thing to explode the way it did but it . looks great on camera so basically what . you guys just saw was a 940 frames per . second shot and what makes this so . special is that you can grab those . moments to happen in an instant like . this and see it unfold in a much longer . duration then it happens in real life . so good job cin all right guys so we had . a great meal sun is going down going for . some low light shots and i've got the . perfect place gundam planning you know . what it was. come on oh this is a really cool scene . you see how they recreated this like a . battle i think this one was really good . on camera this looks really really good . of course you can see like some of those . plastic bags over there but this looks . awesome. i'm actually gonna do a little coloring . to this and kind of show you guys what . it looks like when you really make it . come to life but so far right out the . camera this looks really good now i . don't know how it's coming off on camera . but this door is actually pretty dim . when it comes to lighting and i want to . get a shot of this pose because i want . to recreate it at home i'm actually . gonna take a picture here actually i'm . going to put this in pro mode and then . we'll see how the variable aperture . effects the different shots we can guys . so we're gonna see it at 2. 4 at 1. 5 . aperture and see what the difference is. so this is at 2 for 5 see that but that . has a major difference from just an . aperture change wow . so after some gundam we have to go pick . up some bubble tea because you guys know . our routine we get ramen we go to see . some gundams we get some bubble tea and . oh thank you my dear i got some naruto . plain . i feel like i got it not an hour to a . burrito i'm catching up and i got to say . in terms of the display and the . combination of the nude stereo speakers . it's pretty good viewing experience this . has dolby atmos surround sound for you . know mobile devices and it's nice it's . nice to have stereo speakers i don't . think they're super duper loud it's like . right now i'll be able to hear this no . problem but this is the max volume this . will probably definitely disturb the . people around me so i won't keep that . going but it sounds pretty decent i'm . liking it. especially for outside environment and . when it comes to the display you guys . already know how samsung does it the. super amoled this is a quad hd plus . display so slightly higher than 2k . because of the 18 by 9 aspect ratio but . yeah so we've got a crisp screen great . colors and samsung always kills the . display so there's no complaints here . and now with the addition of stereo . speakers. it just makes an overall better viewing. experience okay guys so we're back at . the studio and we've been here for a few . hours now it is 10:30 6 p. m. so in terms . of screen on time . let's check the battery usage 5 hours . and 40 minutes i was actually really . good we've got 10% left this is a 3,500 . milliamp hour battery so this is the . kind of performance that i would come to . expect at this size but honestly i'm a . bit surprised . coming from a galaxy device usually . these phones don't have the best battery . in the world but this one has held up . pretty well alright guys i go
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