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[music]. hey what's up guys tyler here with . secured team back from a couple day . break just needed to blow off some steam . and take care of some things but we are . back and there is not a shortage of . strange things to talk about but first . surrounds this little tiny alien looking . skeleton that many of you may remember . was discovered some years back it was . actually one of the main topics in the . dr. greer documentary called serious and . has since been known as the atacama . alien and so if you haven't heard about . this the tiny skeleton was first . discovered back in 2003 in the remote . atacama desert region of chile and has . since been the topic of much controversy . with many wondering is this proof that . tiny alien beings once roamed the earth . or that at least met their demise here . the tiny mummified body was like nothing. we had ever seen before said to have . been discovered by an amateur collector . exploring a ghost town in chile who said . that he came across this white cloth in . a leather pouch unwrapping it where he . found this six inch long skeleton and . despite its size it was remarkably . complete it had hardened teeth and yet . there were some striking anomalies that. had ten ribs instead of the usual twelve . giant eye sockets in a long skull that . ended in a point the object ended up in . a private collection with more rumors . about the skeleton later being fueled by . the 2013 serious documentary and now. after much testing of the object and its . dna this past thursday a team of . scientists presented a very different. explanation for the atacama alien and. that it was not alien at all but was . still remarkably strange and so the . bones of the skeleton contained dna that . not only showed that it was a human but . that it was a little girl belonging to . the local population at the time . the researchers also identified in her . dna a group of mutations in the genes . related to bone development and so . they're saying that these mutations may . be responsible for the skeletons bizarre . form causing a hereditary disorder never . before documented in humans now . scientists have not carried out any . precise dating of the skeleton so they . can't say exactly when the little girl. lived and by the way they're saying that . she was likely is stillborn dna . fragments are still pretty large and . according to scientists say that she is . less than 500 years old but still the . body's elongated skull the fact that . although being the size of a fetus the . bones of the skeleton are developed as . those of a 6 or 7 year old not to . mention the ten ribs instead of 12 and. the hardened teeth which again . scientists have never seen before so i . posted this on twitter earlier and a lot . of people are not buying what these . scientists are saying saying that that . well this is some sort of cover-up and . that most of what these researchers have . put forth are theories seeing is that . they have no idea what kind of mutation . caused this as right now the mutation . doesn't exist we've never seen it before . the fact that something that's only six . inches long could have hardened bones . and teeth like that of an adult as if it . had lived for years and yet looks like . something straight out of an alien film . i mean just look at the thing so i will . post a link for you guys down below to . the full article about this read it to . come back tell me what you think down in . the comments could the mystery of this . chilean alien mummy finally been solved . while only time will tell i guess so . i'll leave it up to you guys now in . other news we have a new video that's . just at the web and it was captured from . a commercial airliner flying over turkey . the source was pointing their camera out. the window when they discovered . something coming up through the clouds . spraying something in its wake almost . what looks like a contrail but of a very . different color so i'll let you guys . watch the video a short clip of it and . we'll talk more in just a second . [music]. okay what is that . [music]. why . [music]. [music]. this was posted by the youtube channel . carry for itis and i'll put a link to . her original video down below and what . is strange about this as many people are . pointing out is how the object comes . into frame you know it does almost a . complete turn. you know twisting itself and then. leaving in its wake this dark grayish . black contrail which some are theorizing . is something that's being sprayed into . our atmosphere my first thought was that . yeah it obviously looks like an aircraft . of some kind possibly another plane and . so is the darkness of the contrail or . chemtrail coming behind it just a trick . of light with the trail against the blue . sky backdrop here or is there something . more to it so i will let you guys decide . you can watch the video again but a lot . of people out there seem to think . there's something strange about it put . your comments down below and while we're . on the topic of strange things being . caught out of airplane windows here we . have a new photo that was recently. published to mufon there's a couple of . photographs actually someone who was on . a flight to fort lauderdale florida they . were at about 40,000 feet high and as . the source was looking down at the . clouds below noticed something almost. looking as if it was carving a path . through these lower hanging clouds and . so here you can see where they put a . circle around the object or objects now . at first they thought that it was maybe . a giant antenna or smokestacks popping . up through the clouds but the pilot had . come on the radio and told the . passengers that the clouds below were . around six to ten thousand feet up which . i think would obviously roll out smoke . stacks or antennas and so they said it. almost looked like something was you . know like a boat moving through water . leaving something in its wake and from . here it almost looks like two separate . objects either that or it's just again a . trick of perspective and it's just one . massive object carving a trail through . the clouds but it definitely looks like . something's moving cutting a trail . through these clouds at about 10, . feet so again tell me what you guys . think down below now lastly today . show you something pretty cool here the . mars global surveyor which is an orbiter . that is currently circling around planet . mars snapping pictures captured. something some would say reminiscent of . the infamous face on mars that many . believed to be an ancient monolith . created millions of years ago by those . who lived on the red planet's surface . and while in this new photograph we have . what has been even dubbed by nasa as the . christ alien and it's a very anomalous . crater taking on this eerie alien face . type shape to it that is once again got . people wondering if this could be . another ancient monolith or just a . really cool natural formation which it . does seem to be that way but still . pretty awesome so i'll put the link to . this down below and with that i'm gonna . get back to work like i said it's been a . couple of days so i've got a lot to . catch back up on while i was off i went . to the gun range which i do maybe a . couple of times a year and actually shot . an ak4 . probably the last time because that . thing was a little bit too much fun and . jumped all over the place i highly . recommend if any of you want to blow off . some steam during a stressful day go to . your local range and pop some off down . target i promise you you will feel . better afterwards . so thank you guys again for stopping by . follow me on facebook and twitter for . updates as to when new videos are coming . and i will see you all back in just a . bit stay safe guys. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. .
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