TERRIBLE $900 Party Trick – Jibo Review

Jibo... it was foretold to be so great, but in reality... Well, it's a Jibo. Let's get into exactly what that means.
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Caption: In july 2014 men did not yet know the . dangers of backing just any random . kickstarter or indiegogo campaign and . swimming in childlike naivety and blind . optimism over 2500 people backed geebo a . social robot companion that the . creator's gebo inc promised would do . everything from making video calls to . reading bedtime stories and this was . long before the google assistant or . amazon echo existed now for my part it . was pretty obvious that g bo was too . ambitious to be anything but an enormous . belly flop onto a bed of hot coals but . coming off of the success of my then . recent slaying of the brunton hydrogen . reactor i was looking for a way to up . the ante i was looking for something . even dumber to roast so i bought one . three and a half years later my very own . g bo finally showed up was it worth the . wait was it worth nine hundred us . dollars of course not don't be a g bo . this video was brought to you by be . quiet the dark bass 700 is extremely . versatile and features rgb led lighting . plus a tempered glass side panel window . and more check it out at the link below . [music]. looks-wise gebo is kind of like the . illegitimate love child of pixar's luxo. jr. and eva from wall-e he and g bow is . a he stands 11 inches tall. with a glossy plastic finish on a body . that is essentially a stack of rotating . blocks that allows him to move with hey . g bow spin around don't mind if i do . amazing naturalness this is something . that the team there did really well and . as you can see his movements are fluid . nearly silent and made even more . lifelike by his awareness of his . environment. [music]. geebo is equipped with six microphones . that he uses to orient his face toward . you when you speak to him and we've even . seen him turn towards the sound of an . opening door to see who entered the room . with the two cameras at the top of his . face one of them is for taking photos . and the other is for depth perception . and facial recognition yes . facial recognition g bo can be trained . to recognize up to 15 people casually . including their names in his responses. wishing them happy birthday or randomly . interrupting their lives to rattle off a . fun little fact sometimes it really does . feel like he's looking at you which . makes it all the more troubling that . there is no way to disable his . microphones or cameras other than just . shutting him down which you do by . scrolling to the settings on the . touchscreen portion of his face that . tragically isn't oullette giving it a . gray glow that leads many people to see . his face as two beauty little eyes and a . giant mouth rather than as a single . darting and blinking eyeball one . surprising feature is that he has an. onboard battery so you or the kids can. unplug him and plop him down wherever . you might need him nice okay but what . could you actually need your chubby robo . buddy for well compared to other smart . speakers like google home and amazon. echo. shockingly little gebo can't play a . youtube video or a song from spotify he . can't record a video or audio clip . he can't read you a bedtime story he . can't sing you a lullaby he doesn't . support personal calendars and if you. tell him hey gebo repeat after me or to . execute your last command again i can't . remember what i just said my short-term . memory will get better in the future . though ok then i mean at least it can . answer the kinds of questions we used to . love firing it siri back in 2011 right . what's the weather outside how far away . is the moon the distance from the earth . to the moon is about three hundred . seventy four thousand six things like . that well yes and no gebo has limited . resources for finding answers to your . skill testing questions including . wikipedia and wolfram alpha so that's . good but also bing so he doesn't always . get the answers right . hey ji bow who is the president the . president is it common titled for the . head of state and most republic's haji . bo who is the president of the united . states of america the president of the . united states is the head of state and . head of government of the united states . of america wrong speaking of things g bo . can do but can't do well the news unlike . google home which offers a laundry list. of news recordings from major. publications jibo only offers news from . the associated press which might even be . passable if he didn't read it out in his . own voice according to the associated . press. japan ceo and ambassador provecho says . the international community must keep . the pressure up so no one wants to . listen to a talking computer for more . than like two sentences tops speaking of . speaking i've got kind of mixed feelings . about gee bo's voice the sound is more . robotic than most of his competitors but . his tone and inflections are sometimes . industry-leading in there . naturalness though this is usually only . the case when he's giving you a canned . answer bringing us then to g bo's . personality which somehow seems to match. his physical form pretty much perfectly . he's quirky er than the more pragmatic . assistants that were used to haji bo . what's your favorite book i really love . instruction manuals there are so many . it's hard to choose one favorite and i . wished him a good morning after 12 . o'clock once and he replied sure . i guess it's morning somewhere i may be . wrong but i don't think it's morning but . he still doesn't feel like a social . companion because even though he . sometimes looks at me while i'm sitting . at my desk and recognizes my face and . even says hello to me before i say . anything he doesn't listen for my . response or carry out even the most . rudimentary conversations he only. responds to commands so he's the most . animated lifelike robot we've seen yet . and yes i'm including those creepy . uncanny valley bots like sophie but the . fact is although somehow time missed . this he's almost completely useless . especially when you consider the pitch . from the original crowdfunding video i . mean yes he does have some smart-home . functionality thanks to if this then. that integration but it's very basic and . yes in theory his abilities could expand . with over-the-air updates and a . developer sdk that's coming out in the. new year but honestly what kind of . developers would be stupid enough to . invest their time in a platform with . such a small user base when there are an . estimated 20 million amazon echo devices . out there with axa realistically it was . a good idea the world is headed towards . digital assistance in a big way but g bo . inc tried to do too much with too little . and their only hope for a return on the . last few years of their lives at this . point is to be bought out by one of the . big guys just like my only hope for a . return on this stupid purchase is to . the whole team here sign it and put it . on ebay in hopes that one of you out . there is an avid collector of ridiculous . crowdfunding rubbish haji buh twerk . never gets old man . klaus gonna throw away $900 three years . ago i really wish i had that on bitcoin . [music]. on the subject of things that aren't as . much of a waste of money as this thing. corsairs refreshed line up avoid gaming . headsets the void pro features . microfiber mesh fabric and memory foam . ear cups great build quality with metal . structural components and glass fiber . infused plastics 50 millimeter neodymium . drivers with dolby headphone 7. 1 . surround sound a unidirectional . microphone that cancels ambient noise so. you can talk strategically with clarity . and a bunch of different interfaces . they've got the special edition the . wireless the usb and the surround vision . check them out now at the links below to . either amazon or newegg so thanks for . watching guys this video sucked you know . what to do but if it was awesome get . subscribed hit that like button or check. out the link to where to buy the stuff . we featured in the video description . actually we will have an ebay link down . there wasn't joking also link down . there's our merch torch has cool shirts . like my shirt not this one . this this is going to be some some . limited edition stuff right here not a . lot of people will own these oh yeah and . there's a link to our community forum . which you should totally join . .

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