The BEST NEW iPhone X Accessories!

The BEST NEW iPhone X Accessories!
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Today's video is sponsored by anchor yo . guys johnson here maybe picked up an . iphone 10 maybe didn't but if you did . today this is the video for you because . i'm covering some of the best . accessories you can pick up and i'm . kicking it off with a question i get . quite frequently that is what is the . best wireless charger now there are a . ton of different options out there but . the one i'm recommending this one i've . been personally using for the last . couple weeks this is the mophie wireless . charging base it's not fancy it's not . flashy but it definitely does a job what . i like about it is one it's very compact . and two everything is connected so . you're not going to carry multiple parts . so when you combine those two factors . together in addition to making a great . option for your desk it's also great for . traveling as well now on the technical . side this will output up to 7. 5 watts in . terms of wireless charge and i believe . that's actually more than apple . currently supports on the 8 the 8 plus . and 10 but it's nice to know when they . kind of kick that open and unlock it you . will be supportive with this charger as . far as how it works there's not really . too much to say you place your iphone . down on the charger it charges and. that's about it been really consistent . honestly has worked pretty much every . single time for me next if you've been . looking to pick up a bluetooth speaker . for your iphone 10 or just a bluetooth . speaker in general the ue wonder boom is . one of my favorites not gonna lie it . kind of looks like a mini home pod let . me know if you agree now this one a boom . comes in some fancy-pants colors . cashmere pink fireball red lilac phantom . black stone gray and sub-zero blue you . get 10 hours a better life surprisingly . really fantastic sound especially for . the size and not only is it waterproof . not only is it portable but it's durable . too that's the in inverted drop test now . one thing i don't normally test out with . bluetooth speakers maybe i should is the . range range is very important so we're . gonna start that today . [music]. i'm gonna put you in the word feu de p1 . better - yeah but look going to desert - . now i'm leaving my iphone over there . unattended probably the smartest thing . but . sided chatting . i saw you need a centerpiece 20r exit a . labeouf remember me that i ran into . skinny glazes when she clean up with the . face man. [applause]. [music]. it's like that's like the cutoff . i have no idea how far that is . technically maybe just like a hundred . and 810 so good i rich so lastly the . other enticing thing with the ue wonder . boom is the fact that it is . water-resistant here i am as you can . tell nexus some water got a plane right . now and we're going to dip it in . [music]. and that is some nice refreshing cold . arrowhead water not really either way . though works well looks even cooler give . a little volume tests i mean what else . could you ask for this portable looks . great comes in a few different colors . water is this since it might be the . perfect bluetooth speaker for your. iphone 10 now as far as cases go . actually really enjoy apple's official . iphone 10 case they come in a billion . different colors all of which detroit . borg has so if you want to check all . those colors out make sure to check out . his video but on top of that they fit . well they don't add a ton of weight but . the problem with them is one they don't . add a ton of protection to they are . expensive as so with that said if you . don't got a ton of money to spend on a . case this the anchor karapaks shield . case is seven freaking ninety-nine . that's one of the cheapest i've seen . beyond that what's cool with this case . is the cutouts every single one of them . are razor sharp the dual lenses the mute . switch the lightning port the grills . they are all very very precise and i . really really like the buttons on this . the volume up the volume down that . newton improved bigger badder better . side button is super clicky what's cool . with this is one it's a two layer case . you're gonna get a little bit of added . protection especially for the price - we . got some carbon fiber elements so if you . like that look that's gonna be perfect . for you and three we're gonna get that . lip protection so i personally like to . set my phone down like that but i've had . a bad habit of scratching the crap out . of my phone but with this that's gonna . give you both back and front protection. i don't really want to do this but it . didn't sound good so there you have it . didn't matter if i would have dropped it . anyways but you could actually buy a . hundred and twenty five of these cases . for the price of an iphone 10 so maybe . you want to have a back catalogue maybe . you want to go through these like crazy . check out the link below next up we are . talking headphones for the iphone 10 and . this is the beats studio 3 and i know . every time beats is mentioned an . audiophile out there has a heart attack . but these actually are quite a lot . better than you might think one the . biggest biggest attractive thing with. this is a w1 chip so just like the air . pods and how . those connect the improved battery life . this is inside the beats studio 3 so . this is my first time pairing these . headphones to this iphone 10 power dome . on this icon pops up press connect we're . gonna wait a few seconds and just like . air pods we are there i really like the . fact that you instantly see battery life . on your headphones in the icon here so . it's just a really seamless experience . so these are red but they also come in . matte black white porcelain rose blue . and shadow great not to be confused with . space gray the shadow gray actually has . a nice little gold accent too so that is . kind of nice beyond that what is . especially cool with these as i believe . they're the first pair of beats by dre . headphones to include adaptive noise . cancellation and with that you're gonna . get 22 hours of battery life but if you . want to turn that off and enter low . power mode you can actually squeeze 40 . hours out of these guys from there . though if you happen to wear these out. and blow through that battery life . what's really impressive is ten minutes . a charge time is gonna get you three . hours of playback so that is crazy cool . honestly i think my only complaint with . these is the fact that for whatever . reason clearly they are designed to be . used with the iphone they are still . using a micro usb port so while usb see . would have been nice i also would have. settle for lightning because that way we . live in one less cable to carry with . your iphone 10 the last thing you're . probably wondering is how do they sound . it honestly i was surprised with how the . sound quality was i think beats have . kind of become over bashed and over . criticized as far as audio quality buts . if you check out the reviews i'm not . just saying that there's a lot of people . who really enjoy these are they the best . are they audiophile quality headphones . no but they are very impressive and they . work extremely well with the iphone 10 . also eight and eight plus as well so . last up is actually the smallest product . as a bunch this is the native union key . actually one of my favorite tech . products of all time it is compact and i . think why i like it the most is because . it's on your keychain unless you are . prone to always losing your keys you are . more than likely gonna have a cable with . you especially because people like to . steal these so how it works is you have . the usb a version on one side and in . this particular case the lightning . connector on the other but they also . come to micro usb as well as usb c so . whatever phone you have they got you . covered this is a very nice looking navy . color but there's a ton of different . variations as well from there besides . the fact that again it's portable you're . always going to have it on you i love . the aesthetic i love to build quality . i'll make sure to drop all the bear . asians all the colors to the different . models down below hopefully you guys . enjoyed this video if you did and you . were feeling like being awesome make . sure to smash that like button if you . missed it we are giving away a brand new . xbox one x you can check that out here . or again down below this is jonathan and . i'll catch you guys later . actually really enjoy apple's official . iphone 10 cases . .
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