The Dual Screen, Foldable Smartphone Is REAL!

Axon M:
The ZTE Axon M is one of the most unique phones of 2017 and one of the most unique I've ever unboxed. The ZTE Axon M is the first dual display smartphone I've ever used. It's especially interesting when it comes to enjoying multimedia. The dual screen setup let's you watch video while performing other tasks in other apps. Is the ZTE Axon M the future of Android smartphones? If you had the ZTE Axon M which two apps would you have open most frequently?
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Caption: Today i've got a phone for you unlike . any other phone that i have ever seen . which says a lot because i've seen a lot . of phones this device right here is a . real standout because it isn't just . another slab another rectangle no no no . no this is the very first dual screen . smartphone that i've ever seen and i . want to say thank you to zte for . allowing me to be one of the first . people in the world maybe maybe this is . even the first unboxing i'm not sure the . acts on em whoo tv mode is waiting for . you set up tv mode and launch directv on . your favorite video app two screens on a . phone i have to say we're we're used to . seeing these similar devices there's . something refreshing about something so . unusual two screens one smartphone some . earbuds i believe are just gonna use the . mini jack connector because yes this . thing still has a headphone jack a power . brick which it looks to support quick . charge oh this is kind of cool . they've done the sim tool in a little. keychain kind of holder so you've always . got it on you spontaneous sim switches . and then also an adapter here from usb . type-c to micro usb gorilla glass 5 on . the front and back and i think that's . kind of important on a device like this . because you're gonna be constantly . placing it down on glass on the bottom . of the device we have our type-c . connector a power switch which is also a . combination fingerprint reader volume . rocker up and down sim tray and then a . configurable quick launch button could . launch your camera tv mode or other i . like a configurable button it doesn't . just do one thing it does what you would . like it to do a 3. 5 millimeter headphone . jack that's gonna make a lot of people . happy look at that whoo that's a 20 . megapixel camera and it's the only . camera on the device but that's okay you . essentially get this really high . resolution selfie camera which then . becomes your main camera as well and . then this represents the secondary . screen the construction here is . basically all-metal here we go oh my . goodness are you kidding me the gadget . fanning me is rejoicing that something . this unusual can still be manufactured. by a major phone maker in this day and . age that's cool . cool hinge contraption in this cutout . here to keep everything sturdy . satisfying click when it finds the spot . listen okay so here's the setup screen . it's telling me that tv mode is waiting . for you alright let's go ahead and add a . fingerprint here on the power switch . over here my middle finger here on my . right hand there's a dedicated button . for changing screen display modes can . either mirror work in an extended mode a . dual screen mode or single screen with . the other one turned off oh wow. it's actually pretty quick and just like . that. we have youtube open by default my phone . just operating as expected on the left . hand side so you can have some news . going on over here you're doing a little . reading and watch some unbox therapy at . the same time i can also turn it like . this and look what happens it almost . starts to feel like a portable game . console that's pretty wild in extended . mode just double up my display size for. one of the functions i can have the . video playing above and be scrolling . comments on the second display at the . same time whose kid new see how i'm both . sides of the hinge it's reinforced with . metal it's solid this one does a dual . whoa you're with somebody at lunch . enjoying the same thing and the other . person on the other side of the desk can . now watch what you're watching one side . two sides and same goes for portrait . mode this is essentially gonna stretch . your display regardless you're gonna. have a bezel in the center here so . that's something to keep in mind i get . it there are other options for. multitasking a window within the display . but nowhere near the amount of real . estate that two displays could provide . as a regular smartphone you just flip . this back you know hey how's it going . what's happening and so on . you know now i know you're gonna have . questions about the camera i did myself . and when you launch it it actually . prompts you to switch to the other . screen so okay so this is selfie mode . here wow i'm getting a 20 megapixel . selfie right now what would normally be . the rear camera can now be utilized on . the front camera so to flip it over i . can just hit the button that i would . normally hit here just like that i now . have a rear camera. our wonderful model here with the . vibrant green sim tray microsd . capabilities as well so it's coming out . of two spots one speaker grille on the . bottom and then one forward facing from. the earpiece people can't spy on you . i've heard of this okay i'm glad it's . not just a single spot that it fires . from you potentially cover that up a . little bit or you're holding it like . this you might not be able to discern as . much as when you have audio firing at . you even if it's only to a certain . degree it's got four gigs of ram 64 . gigabytes of internal storage but as i . mentioned before that's expandable . through the sd card slot android 7. 1. 2 . but i have been told that zt is already . working on rolling out the latest . version of android for the device i . could just be responding back to jack . with all the emojis in the world that . took you three minutes to text that back . the little monkey guy jack apparently . only takes one emoji at a time see this . thing here is it's all about the . multitasking it's about the power users . you're lying there you're on the couch . it's a pop pop pop it's all going off . it's it's one app it's another rap it's . instagram it's snapchat it's youtube and . texting at the same time for it's a . really big display for one thing the. hinge acts as a kickstand i'm gonna be . really interested to see where this . thing goes . because it is so unusual you know i'm . gonna use it for a little while and see . how it goes and i want to ask you guys . something if you had two displays on. your phone at all times what would be on . each display. .

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