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Have you ever asked somebody why they. use an iphone so we're gonna start with . dom which smartphone is in your pocket . right now do i reveal it right now or . not the iphone 10 oh there it is . sometimes it's hard to break away from . that ecosystem what is it about this . ecosystem you're talking about kutner . your next man the pressures on iphone 10 . wow it's just two phones so far i'm . gonna be straight up. it's imessage man in the ecosystem whoa . that's what it is for me so be fair you . need to be totally into the apple . ecosystem so i'm talking apple music . iphones macs the whole thing but on the . flip side if you're in the apple. ecosystem and the tech outweighs . everything else i would pick these up . the ecosystem the the ecosystem there . are tales all over the internet about . this ecosystem in tech reviews and all . kinds of iphone videos probably every . home pod video on the internet has that . word or that phrase in it somewhere. and even regular everyday conversations. if you ask somebody why they use an . iphone it more or less comes down to the . same answer sometimes it is just because . it's the best all-around phone and they . believe the hardware is superior that's . sometimes but really often like really . really often the answer has something to . do with the ecosystem ecosystem a . biological community of interacting. organisms and their physical environment . so in tech you know an ecosystem is just . a community of interacting objects so. apple makes a ton of devices you know . the iphone the ipad the mac the apple . watch the apple tv the home pod air pods . but they also make a lot of software and . proprietary technology that ties them . all together airplay airdrop continuity . icloud so once they can draw you into. the ecosystem somewhere with one of . their devices let's say an iphone for . example you get an iphone like many . people do then they can try to lure you . to spend more money on other apple . products because they just work so well . together . now most companies have a family of . products that's not new it's not like . apple is the only one doing that but . what makes this. a unique ecosystem so successful maybe . the most successful ecosystem ever is . not only how well they work together but . the walls they've built up around those . things living inside this apple . ecosystem is sort of like what we call a . walled garden you may have heard that . expression before meaning everything . that's in the garden in these walls this . is beautiful luscious garden everything . is green it's everything you could ever . want but these walls on the outside are . really tall and they kind of don't want . you trying to climb out or trying to . explore beyond those walls just look at . all the great stuff in here basically . once you get a couple of apple devices . you start to get into the ecosystem . let's say you get an iphone and a . macbook just those two things they make . it as easy as possible you start using . imessage you start getting text messages . on your phone and then you can reply to . them on your computer super easy . blue bubbles everywhere your web . browsing on your phone then you sit down . in your computer and it shows up for you . to pick up exactly where you left off . you have icloud drive so any files on . one are always on the other anything. about showing up airdrop peer-to-peer . sharing legendary you have tethering so . the macbook always has the iphones . internet wherever you go want to make a . video call i mean i guess facetime is . right there you can answer it on either . device you ask siri to remind you for. something it'll put it in the reminders . app every time so okay now you're in the . market for a smartwatch well i mean just . you just get an apple watch like what . other options are there really now you . can answer texts on your watch two blue . bubbles everywhere answer calls on your . watch there's facetime still ask siri to . set reminders on the watch it'll put . them in the reminders app everything. works together so beautifully okay now . you're in the market for a smart speaker . it's a pretty new market a couple of. options out there seems like it makes . perfect sense to just go with the apple . one now suddenly wireless headphones are . gaining steam you're in the market for . some wireless earbuds air pods are right . there they work perfectly you get the . idea all these services and products are . designed to be as good as possible yes . of course but they're also designed to . be these little hooks to keep you in the . apple ecosystem to keep you giving them . information and to keep you buying more . apple products as long as possible and . the way to keep you using those products . is to make those products as good as . possible within the ecosystem and those . are keywords within the ecosystem . physics . the existence of so many apple products . that on the surface or from the outside . from behind those walls can seem kind of . limited or pointless or dumb especially . in new markets where there's just the . beginnings of competition like why does . the home pod exist in 2018 a smart . speaker that only uses siri only uses . apple music does not connect to . bluetooth does not connect to anything . that's not an iphone does not have a . headphone jack because for that guy who . uses apple music and has an icloud . account and has an iphone it's kind of . perfect to be honest though i even been . guilty of being in the ecosystem you . know despite being i mean i use android . so i'm not tied in as deep i use some . multi-platform stuff spotify dropbox . things like that but i'm a final cut pro . editor because final cut pro is really . good and final cut pro is mac only and . it will probably pretty much always be . mac only so what about leaving what . about getting out of the ecosystem well . in apple's case pretty much everything . is tied to your icloud account and if . you want to get out of the ecosystem you . have to rip that information out of your . icloud and sort of import it into that . new service a lot of times much easier. said than done the more closely tied to . icloud that device is the more hooks it. has into other parts of the ecosystem . that make it harder to take out so . accessories like air pods for example. you know they work perfectly with things . like your iphone and your ipad and your . macbook because of the w1 chip they pair . effortlessly we all know it just kind of . works the apple way but if you want to . switch to another pair of headphones . it's just that one hook in and you can . move to another pair of wireless . headphones and get away with it now if . you use apple music and want to switch . to spotify because it's clearly better . again it's like one hook but good luck. trying to switch your entire library . between the platforms entire companies . have been born trying to make that . process easier but trying to leave the . iphone to go to another phone that's not . in the ecosystem is tough because . there's a lot of hooks in to this all of . your app purchases are gone if facetime . is gone your ear pods become useless . your home pod becomes useless you can't . use the reminders app anymore. your apple watch becomes a paperweight. and imessage is gone and then the iphone . the holy grail for shepherding people . into this garden is so hard to leave . that a new phone could come along with a . better screen. better battery no not a better camera . better battery life a headphone jack and . they'd still skip it because that. ecosystem though it's kind of incredible . also by the way there's other ecosystems . too there's google's amazon's samsung's . there's there's some more complete than . others and just generally a notice . ecosystems from everyone are expanding . and evolving two years ago you didn't . really need smart appliances in your . ecosystem as a tech company a couple . days ago amazon bought ring for a . billion dollars to get ahead on smart . video doorbell so that's just kind of . the world we're living in with all these . companies building up their ecosystems . some with little walls some with huge . walls some are just as open as possible . the google's for example is probably the . most multi platform possible you want . google photos you can get it anywhere . you want gmail you can get it anywhere . things like that are fun to see but it's . still interesting to look at and . evaluate apples which has been closed . off for so long the walls been built for . so long that kind of makes its own weird . case study oh than that that's pretty . much it . my only suggestion would be don't . isolate yourself to just one ecosystem . don't lock yourself in or if you already . locked in maybe take a peek over those . walls before it's too late . thanks for watching tossing the next one . please . .

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