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Just when you thought your opinion of the tech industry couldn't get any lower.
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Alright guys how's it going after . spending the last 10 weeks in scotland i . am finally back home in sweden but . moving swiftly on to the big news of the . week over a hard ocp and ko bennett the . g-force partner program which impacts . consumer choice ko starts us by saying. why we usually like to focus on all the . wonderful and immersive waddles that . video cards and their gpus can open up . to us today we are tackling something a . bit different the g-force partner . program known as gpp in the industry is . a marketing and quotes program that . looks too hard or cp as being an . anti-competitive tactic against amd and. intel no ko continued by clarifying his . motives for this article he believes . that less gpp the geforce partner . program is going to greatly and . negatively impact consumer choice in the. adhan board and original equipment . manufacturing computer market consumer . choice is going to be decimated and . looking at the program guidelines he . truly thinks that is what will happen . and this word has concern lies but . before continuing and then his effort to . be as transparent as possible k who . claims that it was emd that put him on . to the s-- and the first place . there was nothing particularly unusual . about long obviously these companies are . happy to contact all of the press but . good news about their own products and . less often negative news about their . competitor k we continued with indy . short that story with other websites as . well now those of you watching this . probably think if there was any story to . be told here that needed a bit more . digging into then amd probably contacted. adored as well but that simply did not . happen and from doing my own digging . around with the peta this whole thing . has come from amd's american pr i've . asked around other people and that does . not appear to have been any uk eu or . australian players told about us from . the respect of pr but i can confirm the . others say the hard ocp we're contacted . with that story the ko goes on by saying . there was in fact no story to be told by . amd at least moloch amd has simply . pointed them in s direction and that . there needed to be some leg work done . and collecting facts and interviews . versus basically what kale has done over . the past three weeks or so maybe even . longer and i've been doing something . similar over the past week but by this . point you're probably wondering what . exactly as nvidia's gpb so let's take a . quick look at that before continuing . over at blogs . nvidia dot-com a blog dated march the . first by john tipple and the geforce . partner program helps gamers know what . they're buying as you can see here is a . pretty small blog starting off with and . our latest effort to better serve gamers . we are introducing our geforce partner . program now first of all whenever you . see anything like this where a company . is claiming to better serve anyone . except for themselves . chances are the rest of what you read . after that will also be complete and . utter but that continues the . geforce partner program is designed to . ensure that gamers have full . transparency and to the gpu platform and . software they're being sold and can . confidently select products that carry . the nvidia geforce promise now i would . suggest that the nvidia logo on these. products which generally have been. enough to ensure that you knew you were . buying an inferior product but . apparently that's not the case and . nvidia no believes that this . transparency is only possible when . nvidia brands and partner brands are . consistent so they've developed this new . program the gpp geforce partner program . here they'll be promoting their partner . brands across the web on social media . art events and more and those gpp . partners will get early access to the . latest innovations and what closely with . our engineering teams to bring the . newest technologies to gamers and her . that sounds great i'm pretty sure all of . and various partners are already getting . this from the company but partner . partners are signing up fast for us . because they see the benefit of keeping. brands and communication consistent and . transparent and then things get a little . bit weird because the blog ends by . saying that the program isn't exclusive . and up to this point nobody had claimed . it was and that the partners continue to . have the ability to sell and promote . products from anyone it's all about the . partners choice to sign up for the . program and they can stop participating . in it at any time of course doing so . presumably means that the losers early . access to invade his latest innovations. and ability to work closely with the . engineering teams are thing that most of . them already have but thankfully if . you're one of these a ibs or oms does . not commitment to make any monetary . payments or product that's going support . being part of the program and the final . paragraph of the blog is this gpp . ensures our engineering and marketing . efforts support brands consumers . associate. with g-force that transparency will give . gamers the confidence needed to make the . porches whichever products they choose . writes back over a hard ocp and we learn . that they have been in the computer . hardware review business for over 20 . years now. and this is true they've been has been . around since the days of tom's hardware . when tom actually owned tom's hardware . and one of two interesting arguments in . fact but that's another video obviously . when you've been involved in the . business for that time frame you make an . abundance of contacts along the way and. as mentioned previously he spent the . last three weeks talking to oms and ai . bees about us and states that given her . gpp is supposedly all about transparency . you may think that these oms and eid s . would be chomping at the bit to get some . free press on how these companies are . part of the program he then goes on to . say that he has contacted seven . companies but not one of the seven would . talk to them on the record and once that . dead speak to him have done so . anonymously and fear of losing their . jobs or some other retribution by nvidia . but ones that speak all say the same . thing they believe that the g pp has . terms that are likely illegal at will a . click tremendously hot consumer choice . and it will also disrupt these company's . business with amd and intel and the . biggest problem here appears to be thus . one single requirement in order to be . part of the geforce partner program the . gaming brand must be exclusively aligned . with geforce and cale claims to have . read documents with this requirement. spelled out on it he then goes on to use . a circe's rogue brand as a hypothetical . example of this we know associate . republic of gamers brand presley using . their motherboards the graphics cards. even the laptops and essentially who and . vetti has attempted to do here is . basically claim this brand for their own . now again this is a hypothetical example . and we don't know for sure officer sir . greeted us we'll find out more about . that later . but think about other companies for . example gigabyte who have their auras . branding and they also have a gaming. brand msi have a gaming brand we could . even be talking about stuff like dell . and alienware. hp and their omen branding any of these . high-end gaming brands which may include . geforce gaming cards and almost. certainly do nvidia is now basically . laying claim to those brands and . aligning it with . on the meenatchi with us as of course. the exclusively what now over the blog . nvidia claims that the program is an . exclusive assess giga by msi that can . all continue to sell and promote . products from anyone they just can't do . it with your gaming brand so nvidia has . basically given them the option you can . align my dolls exclusively allowing you . to keep all the stuff that we already . gave you and sko continues and if you . choose not to be part of it you will . lose all of those benefits including . from documents he has read hire for . engineering engagements early tech . engagement launch partner status even . game bundling sales rebate programs . social media and pr support as well as. marketing reports and finally marketing . development funds or mdf and the scale . says mdf is likely the standard and not. list of lost benefits if the company is . not a gpb partner nação continues with . as you make the call and anyone watching . my channel surely does recall we have . seen onerous terms such as those . contained in gpp to have many . similarities to intel's once . monopolistic business practices versus . amd of course and withholding mdf the . partners we saw how they threw billions . of dollars at dell and others and then . canceled those payments as soon as dell . went with amd severals essentially what. it comes down to is if you've got a . bunch of money you can wield that money . like a weapon and we all know that today . nvidia has a bunch of money and the last . paragraph of kale or ness object is . death what is disturbing is that they . have been told that ever company does . not participate in the gpp these . companies feel as if nvidia would hold . back allocation of gpus from their . inventories that was not spelled out . contractually. but is rather done on a wink and a nod . now before i move on to the next part of . the video just let me clarify one or two . things here first of all ko mentions . that he has contacted seven companies. about us . so that should instantly get you. wondering who are these seven companies . if you think about invidious ecosystem . there are very many graphics card. partners you've got guys like evga . you've got pallet and you've got guys . like zotac but they are all already part . of the geforce ecosystem and reality so . really this would
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