The Mind Blowing 33 Million Pixel Display…

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The Dell UltraSharp 32-inch 8K Monitor (UP3218K) is the most pixel dense display I've ever placed on my desk. Are you ready for 8K?
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Caption: It takes a lot to get me amplified you . know done like a thousand videos maybe . more. well how many videos have we done 1200 . video every so often a product that . shows up here and it's just like whoa . this is that product today first glance . you like i don't get it it's a monitor . big deal seen on five one but this one . is different . this one packs more pixels than anything . i have personally ever feast into my . eyes upon 8k monitor 8k 7680 by 40 320 . pixels at 60 hertz what oh my how do you . even what do i even what am i even met . so many pixels that you're gonna need to . feed this thing to display four cables . to juice it up now i do feel the need to . tell you that this is very premium at . the moment alright it's not inexpensive . price fluctuates a little bit but you . can expect somewhere around 4 grand for . this thing so you better be serious . about your pixels 100% adobe rgb srgb . rec. 709 and 98% coverage spin it around . to the back here jack can pick this part . up for you there you can see the two . display ports that i mentioned earlier . as well as a bunch of usbs 4 usb ports . so you can keep your peripherals plugged . into this thing and then a single usb . cable to the system that you're using . the display size itself 31. 5 inches . diagonally what do you say shall we jump . inside this box microfiber cloth quick . start power to display ports and usb . upstream for the usb hub as you'd expect . the stand has to be pretty heavy . bootable base stay still monitor moves . plus the cutout for your cables very . modern and sleek design you've got to . get the right eye line on there look at . how much it goes up and down very nice . there's a little release button here no . screws necessary it just clicks right in. if i wanted to release it i would just . push there whoa so you could do the . full-on portrait setup that is . my case here i'm using a gtx 1082 . displayport cables up into this and it . just it immediately figured stuff out . now what you're looking at here is still . a scaled image because of windows if i . go to display settings here you can see . i'm at three hundred percent which is . windows recommendation if i went all the . way down to a hundred percent check this . out like what happened to that text . there can you even see that now in its . native resolution that's how small text . appears so i have downloaded some images . here which are all 76 80 by 43 20 or . higher keep in mind you're gonna have to . go off my reaction here you're viewing. this video in 4k . unfortunately so watch me as i watch . this here we go ah oh my that is . obviously a stake in the lens and the . camera sensor like any you know certain . areas of the frame are gonna be sharper . in here to my eye i've never seen that . much detail on a stake in my entire life . will look right here look right in here . the glistening ridiculous ridiculous . ooh golden gate bridge obviously a . different aspect ratio here kind of a . panorama i mean we can see individual . cars over here there's so much . resolution to work with here i mean i'm . like a detective i can get this guy's . license plate over here okay i might be . exaggerating this is los angeles at . night with this cool blue hue going on i . don't know if you guys can fully . appreciate this but look at that i mean . you can individual windows over here . it's just so much more resolution than . 4k this is maybe my favorite and i'm . still unsure if it's a real photo or. computer-generated but it doesn't really . matter when you look in this section . right over here i mean even at a 10x ooh . look at that in there what are you . talking about up into the trees here . i've never looked at another 8k one so . i've never seen an image this wonderful . surprisingly the streaming is working. pretty good over our wireless network . this is an 8k video and i mean it kind . of speaks for itself to be honest . there's actually a surprising amount of . very beautiful 8k footage on youtube . that you can enjoy if you . one of these monitors obviously very few . people do but there are 8k cameras out . there and this is the effect you can get . this is what individuals shooting on. those cameras this is what they see . before they publish this is better than . some of the still images i downloaded . each frame a ridiculous amount of . resolution as of right now these guys . are ahead of the curve gaming that's a . whole different story when you're . pushing this many pixels but certainly . for any kind of photo editing graphical . work where you need to see incredible . detail as of right now what else are you . gonna put on your desk besides you've . probably got four or five grand burning . a hole in your pocket right i'll do . something with it yourself a few extra . pixels actually this is the perfect time . to ask you a question what resolution . are you watching this video on the . display you're using right now what's . the max res i bet it ain't a cake this . episode of unboxing has been brought to . you by the tick watch s & e as well as . the tick o many now if you guys are . unfamiliar with this this is the most . affordable watch that features android . wear and they've had two different. models here so this one on the right . this is the e model and you can see it . comes in a couple of different colors . and this one is the s model you can see . the detail around the bezel on this one . also comes in white and black now to . charge this guy up you have this . portable charge cable it just slides on . there like that boom charging so these . guys raised over three million dollars . on kickstarter and have recently began . shipping this model out it's got . enhanced gps tracking step counter heart . rate monitor and so on and since it runs . android wear of course you have the . entire universe of android wear apps . that you can load on here it's also a . water-resistant ip67 this right here if . jack can pick that up and that is the. heart rate sensor so if you're looking . for an affordable but still high quality . android wear watch you're gonna want to. check out tape watch now next up is to . take home mini which as you might have . guessed from the name it's a lot like . the google home mini but with some added . functionality in fact this device here . is a little more rugged its splash proof . and this one is truly portable because . it has a built in battery i remember . when the whole mini came out you know. that'd be nice as a portable speaker as . well well that's what this one here . this is what it looks like and you'll . notice it even has a little carrying . strap and since its splash proof you can . bring it down to the beach and so on . plus you have large tactile buttons but . then the convenience of having google . assistant built-in so you can ask it . questions you can search things and so . on so thanks to tic watch and take home . minnie for sponsoring this episode of . unbox the p there's a deal right now so . you can save some cash on either of . these devices 20% in fact check out the . details down in the description use the. code unbox and click the link down below . .

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