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Now i don't do this often all right but . you know how it goes there's all these . videos big announcement . we got another announcement there's . something i need to tell you what what . might it be lou i don't dive into that . ocean very often but today is different . i felt like this thing was just too . important and i felt like you guys . needed to know i mean this doesn't . happen very often all right today . officially there's a new member of unbox . therapy an important a pivotal member . but the new member is actually kind of . an oldman ladies and gentlemen the . newest member of unbox therapy . will do. [music]. his real name is well do that's correct . well do yeah that's me i mean how can . you not hire a guy yeah i mean that's . the name that i was born with you know . okay . [music]. hmm i'm just mess i'm just messing with . you guys i'm not gonna i'm not gonna i'm . gonna leave you alone here with this . this unusual man but here's the thing . this guy is a good guy . this guy's unbelievable you're gonna see . him in and around here every so often . just spicing it up a little bit you know . but what they're wondering right now is . why should we like this guy why i don't . know to be honest i don't have the exact . answer but over time i'm pretty likable . i think you know i have character some . would say it's been set they're gonna . ask you and you have to be prepared for . this they're gonna ask you about jack . yeah yeah first of all are you jack no . i'm not judging . well of course you can i mean there are. you one of a kind there he is right . there so how could you be him yeah i . mean that wouldn't that couldn't . possibly work no i've prepared questions . for you really no i am it oh but but i . can come up with some on-the-fly pizza . or hamburger pizza blue or yellow green . hey men blue jays or raptors i don't . have to go through . i like dinosaurs obama or donald trump . that's not we're not doing that. metallica or kanye west metallica wow . yeezys or jordans . jordan's sister coca-cola pepsi . i like the classic coke i do like pepsi . with pizza wait only with pizza. if pizza's involved you switch to pepsi . yeah your favorite is different . depending on if pizza's involved yeah . jack you ever heard of this before no . ios or android that's a sensitive . sensitive alacoque technology well what . i have now is android and i do love it . oreo or chips ahoy oreo 3 good for you . [music]. anderson silva or conor mcgregor i liked . mcgregor whoa look how happy you just . made jack oh yeah he's offensive yeah . he's a real pervert it covered a lot of . different oh wood or metal i like wood . wood is good salt or pepper i'm a soul . food i love you are stranded on a desert . island you can take with you one album . and one movie uh for the book i didn't . see book if the movie is part of a . trilogy or something you can have them . all that's the deal . star wars is an instant classic hmm for . sure quantity here which also is quality . quantity and quality . alright so threaten my life or something . give me your hoodie i like radiohead i . might take a radiohead record too . alright you can take that off you can't . hear anything you're saying will dudes . gonna be around for a while so keep it . locked find out more about the enigma . that is will do that's his real name . let's celebrate show some love will do . was an unbox therapy fan before he was . an unbox therapy guy he sent me like a . video and he was like listen man i make . these snowboarding videos and things and . i could come in and i could help out . that's how this whole thing started . remember that yeah yeah many years ago . 10 and i actually filmed some stuff we . did like the outline of what could have . been a podcast we did twice alright what . else you got for me we'll uh let's see . oh i'm sorry that's very low. i don't you wasn't i mean we might bring . it back we might bring it back a good . way to think about will do is as you as . yourself he's the voice of reason here . he's the everyday kind of guy so i . appreciate you welcoming into the unbox . therapy family with the only thing . that's ever mattered here on youtube . raise your thumb sir both and we will of . course evaluate how much you love this . man. based on these don't let us down . [music]. .
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