The ULTIMATE Smartphone Unboxing!!

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OnePlus 6? Samsung Note 9? This is the biggest Android Smartphone Mystery Unboxing I have ever made on the channel!
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What is up guys and as you probably know. we are no stranger to unboxings on the . channel we've done a fair few in our . time what we have in this package over . here is something a little bit more it's . something a little bit better and i . don't think we've ever had this many . smartphones in one box so let's get it . open okay so this box you're seeing . right here was put together by gearbest . this isn't a sponsored video they . haven't paid me to do this but check . them out they are one of the more . reliable chinese retailers and it is . packed to the brim with their most. interesting most unusual smartphones and . gadgetry so i'm pretty excited . opening up reveals about two layers of. products in there all presented slightly . differently some of them have external. packagings on the outside and some of . them are just straight up there and i . think what we'll do in this video is . save the smartphones till the end these . are going to be the most interesting . most unusual smartphones you've probably . seen in a long time let's get all these . products out and start with the other . gadgets alright we have got loads of . stuff here and just like you guys i . actually only have an idea of what is . inside these boxes so it's gonna be a . bit of a surprise to me as well first . things first. a notebook but of course it doesn't end . there this is a smart notebook now what . exactly that entails i don't have a clue . but one of its key specifications is . magic so i'm very very curious it's a . simple cardboard box . elsewise a notebook and attached to that . is a pen included it's got a fairly nice . hard plastic finish after writing for . about a minute and a half on there i'm . quickly starting to realize what makes . it so special . whilst the ink can't be erased with your . hand a little bit of wet tissue and it . comes straight off and it goes better . because if you place this notebook in a . microwave over a cup of water it'll . erase the entire thing but it couldn't . really be called a smart notebook if it . didn't have an accompanying application . thankfully of course it does which . allows you to scan the pages that . automatically detect the edges and apply . the so-called magic here which uses the . apps understanding of where the page. lines are and it kind of removes them i. wouldn't say this is revolutionary stuff . but it's a pretty unique and versatile . notebook alright a few more packages . before we get onto the phones this one . does look suspiciously like a firm but . it is labeled as not one . so see turns out this is something just . as exciting this is a $50 4k action . camera now this is by the company . elephone who are recently just starting . to take themselves seriously in the . small pen market so i'm pretty excited . to test this one out a hand in the . second box it looks like has every . accessory under the sky this is really . impressive and surprising for $50 the . camera itself comes in a waterproof . enclosure i'll be very excited to take . this for a spin the next one is pretty . fun if you've been following the channel . for a long time and by long i mean a . really long time you'll know i'm a . pretty big advocate of kz this is a . company that produced the 80 e air firms . which were basically the best earphones . for about $15 you could buy and right . here we have the k zed zed s6 a pair of . much higher-end earphones which have. removable replaceable cables and a. custom built driver not to mention the . pretty striking visual design so i spent . about 25 minutes test driving the . earphones and safe to say i was every . bit as impressed as i expected i was. going to be there are powerful rich . bassy and detailed more so than you'd . expect given how much they are just a . couple more packages before we get onto . the phones . and here we have what appears to be some . sort of bold perhaps a smart bulb like a . philips hue replacement but it turns out . this is a humidifier . it comes with decorative stones which . are meant to just place inside of it to . stop it tipping over and the setup is . pretty simple you just put the stones in . you pour some water in and you plug it . into either a battery bank or remains . tap a button and you're good to go . it's also got leds built inside of it so . you can cycle the lights on them slide . between white or seven different colors . i've never heard of this company it's . called bow geller from what i can read . and i've got no idea what's inside i've . been told it's not a phone it's a bit . too small to be anyway so lifting that . foam off reveals a watch and this is . actually a very surprising watch in. terms of what it can do . it's got glow-in-the-dark hands. stainless steel construction even a 30 . meter water resistance after taking off . all the surrounding plastic which took a . good 10 minutes i actually think the . watch looks really. i think the color scheme works together . black and gold is a classic combination . for a reason now let's get started on . these smartphones and first up we have a . mysterious looking gray package which i . gotta say even after opening up doesn't . become much clearer we've got the sort . of glossy plastic material on the. outside which is quite a and usual . finish for a smartphone box and taking . that off we've got a map to white . interior the smartphone has a completely . black opaque screen protector on it . which is quite unusual and underneath we . have these full-color what appears to be . full chinese manuals one of which . contains the sim eject tool couple more . sheets of paper and below that we've got . a little package which contains the usb . type-c charging cable and another which . contains an 18 watt fast charger which. also supports core comms quick-charge . 3. 0 okay this phone definitely lives up . to the aim of the video this is a very . strange device through and through but . in most cases in a good way this is . running android but it's so customized . that almost doesn't feel like it smart . son has designed their own custom os and . it is gorgeous. in terms of the animations everything is . fluid everything has a certain bounce to. it it's also purposeful it's not only . visually different from android but it's . functionally - and it's got a lot of . little quirks in it which can actually . make your day-to-day life quite a bit . easier even physically speaking this . device is a complete departure from . everything we're used to it has got the . blocky sides of a sony phone but then . the curved corners of something. completely different we've got a chrome . rim running all the way around the sides . of the phone which gives your fingers a . constant bit of texture to hold on to . and some pretty out the box rounded . buttons which i think practicality wise. i'm a little bit less of a fan of smart . phone package number 2 feels a little . bit heavier duty and sure enough inside . we have a military protection case . alongside the phone which is the uniform . armor - i really like the packaging on . but that is something completely . different to what you're probably used . to this protection pouch is a hundred . percent overkill from purposes of . protecting and carrying a phone but how . many times you get something like that . for free. you buy a device the box feels pretty . heavy-duty so it's no surprise here that. the phone is about twice as heavy than . ones we used to we'll get back to that . in just a minute and the box has a . little bit of a oneplus fever with the . way the cable is presented and also a . micro usb to usb type-c adapter and . surprisingly an 18 watt fast charger . it's also got a screw driver which i . think we've never seen on a phone before . or find out why soon enough taking the . plastic sleeve off and you quickly . realize this is a different beast. altogether the eula fern armor 2 is what . we have here and it looks unlike any. phone i think i've ever seen before . we've got a screen protector which . details all the things it is resistant . to this is one rugged durable phone . which makes the inclusion of that pouch . almost ironic so it turns out the . screwdriver is to lock and unlock the . sim card compartment this fan doesn't . take waterproofing lightly it's got a . waterproof earpiece waterproof type c . port waterproof speaker camera as well . as buttons but even aside from its . durability the armor 2 is a surprisingly . complete package it's got a four . thousand seven hundred million power . battery fingerprint scanner six gigs of . ram and 64 gigs of storage . it's got a 16 megapixel camera and even . an octa-core helio p25 on to the next . phone and this is in a smaller package . but feels disconcertingly heavy given. its size turns out this is the mix too . but not by xiaomi instead by new detail . as you might be aware there are a lot of . manufacturers who have tried to have a . star bat shammies nics formula the idea . being a maximum size display ideally six . inches in a body of a minimum sized. phone . so far the uchitel makes two looks like . one of the better attempts it's got a . glass back it's got . included silicone case and some decent . specifications all the way around has . got a 4000 plus milliamp hour battery . but to my surprise what took center . stage here was the display it's actually . using in cell displace technology looks . almost as good as what i would say the 1 . plus 5 t's amoled panel looks like it . has got a full hd plus resolution and an . 18 to 9 stretched aspect ratio and a bit . like the armor - it's not a slouch in . other departments it's got an octa-core . helio p25 6 gigs of ram and 64 gigs of . rom but i would say if you decide not to . use the case the back of the phone does . attract an annoying amount of finger . prints but bear in mind this is made . almost entirely out of glass which gives . it the same super premium feel of a . phone like the galaxy s 9 plus next up . we've got a phone that is apparently . from zte which is exciting this is so . much larger corporation capable of. investing more in the production of its . phones and it's in the new be arranged i . quite like the design aesthetic here is . very minimalist it's got a boxy white. exterior but then with soft gold . highlights all the way around the . company is also subtly introduced . touches of red into the packaging that's . a really nice color combo and underneath . the phone we've got a sim ejector tool. couple of manuals and then the charging. cable and charger and it turns out this . cable is actually a microusb cable and . the charger is a nice slow 7. 5 watt . device but that's totally fine because . as it turns out this is the m2 light one . of zt e's more budget oriented phones . which you wouldn't really have guessed . by looking at it most budget phones they . tend to be a little bit tasteless they . tend to come with blunder designs this . one has a lot of character . the red golden black together make this . one of the most visually striking phones . i think i've seen in quite a long time . spec wise it's not the most capable but . it's also barely over $100 and the focus . here is on the selfie camera which is . got a 16 megapixel resolution which is . actually higher than the rear camera . which is 13 following on from this we've . got the vernie x which is the company's . flagship phone underneath the device . we've got a pretty packed our box here. as well as the manuals we've got a usb . type-c 2 headphone jack adapter we've . also got a screen protector albeit only . plastic but also a case and whilst this . is still. silicon one it's nice to see that it's . got a little bit of character to run the . package off there's a usb type-c cable. and an 18 watt fast charger and to give . you some perspective the galaxy s 9 plus . charges with 15 watts the screen of the . phone is a six inch full hd plus panel . but unlike with the iewk atomics - i . wouldn't say this is the highlight this . isn't the center of attention here what . we're really here for is these six . thousand two hundred million power . battery which can be fully charged in . about 150 minutes so guys that is the . giant unboxing i really hope you enjoyed . the video because this thing took me. about three normal videos worth of time. to film and edit and if you did enjoy it . and you stuck around till the end it . would mean so much to me if you could . smash the subscribe button my name is . aaron this is mr. who's the boss and i'm . signing out . [music]. you. .

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