Ultimate DIY Desk PC FINAL INSTALLATION In Glorious 8K

You wanted more footage of the DIY Desk PC, and we brought it. The REAL finale is here :D
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So we received i taught of feedback . about the diy death pc project and . ignoring all the complaints about those. ugly legs look so terrible and they're . awful. there were two main points that i plan . to address in this the final final video . number watch how on earth are you guys . going to get that monstrosity upstairs . and into your office and number two i . forget right . why is it that after sitting through. three freaking videos and waiting. once i only get to see like 30 seconds . of glam footage but we're going to . address those things today which i sort . of already said. the phoenix auteur is a full-size . minimalistic redesigned keyboard . complete with cherry mx switches and a. new white backlit variant check it out . at the link below. okay can we go through can we go through . the plan okay plan to him . so first get a couple of key things we . don't want to get any additional. scratches i am quite certain that none . of these marks are for me but for some . reason there are wack kind of marks . along the educated so we don't want any . additional scratches we need to take the . glass off the table the other class . schedule look at second and left so . we'll take the glass off put it . somewhere safe. ok so that's step one we actually just . start with 15 but we have to be no we . can't teach the class because if we . switch the glass will scratch the paint . surface underneath it so we have to lift . the glass which is stuck to the paint a. little bit which i did not anticipate. bloody help it was a good thing we got . the camera rolling if we're going to. have shenanigans . now i got this side all my fingers but . of hold on hold on the lift yet because . these frames are really fragile. ok how we doing while these clubs are . really quick route yet . be careful also makes me nervous ok i . got it . my options were this guy or dennis what . hey i can move the office you have a bad . at it i here why don't we just put it on . the garbage can . oh that's a great place for it and i'm . gonna grab a measuring tape and i'm . gonna prove but it isn't centered where . you just put it i can't find a measuring. tape your life she knows so it's funny . because this wasn't a planning thing but . our stairs are actually wider than . normal stairs because we put our server . room under them and i needed some extra . with that could be what ends up saving. this project because i'd be lying if i . said that we thought at all about moving . it upstairs now i'm pretty sure that the . toe in the middle is going to allow us . to rotate through the door. okay we can start bringing it down okay . you guys rolling because he's going to . get tired and drop it down the stairs i . want you at least to capture it. okay here we go oh dang this is really . tight hold on oh we gotta move the whole . there we go there we got a hole that was . very very slow okay i'm not your first . oh crap my other desk is still in what . could just hold on the back okay . my office is finally going to be. actually complete also my computer is a . well-liked booted up and stuff i was not . very prepared to a moment so we can just . have to just on this race . i was kind of thinking i might lose my . job without silent . ok so what started out as a simple swap . the desks operation actually have gotten . more complicated. i've parent you mind grabbing that size . so we're going to move it over here are . new writers are going to be taking up a . lot of the space that i would have had. downstairs in the warehouse so i'm . actually going to move my benchmarking . area here nobody miscalculated the gps . positioning perfect . ok so there's networking there is my new . ups and i still haven't installed and . then let's go get the new desk . so you can see those open holes on the . sides now have these blue furnace . filters obviously blue was not the ideal . color but i have yet to find them . available in white or black. still working on that but the idea is . that all the air. no not have to suspect that the idea is . that all the air coming into the case . will be filtered alright let's go ahead . and sketch it right over to the wall . here down . oh so everything gets drawn in here . across and down with the get go . nope. ok i'll back inside . well it's hard when it like that okay . just okay hold on okay . always okay okay yeah . ok good looking it up against that ok . first the ultimate in static safe . cleaning techniques with everything that . little clock. good . ok another key aspect of this is that . your left hand side needs to go in and . slide towards the end first but hold on . don't move it don't move . slide without scratching paint so it . doesn't entitle it can be both a little . bit yeah . is it well okay okay perfect . well good luck with the job . okay with you i'll just take thank you . last computer you have it here . thank you thank you . [music]. so i guess this is the part of the video . where i reveal the big twist the big . secret. the reason it's so important to clean. all this stuff and have it look as. perfect as possible is this will be our . first video officially shot at 8k on red . so without further ado enjoy the glands . we . [music]. [music]. [music]. playing . [music]. 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