Very High Voltage Using a Transformer to Make Lichtenberg Figures

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I love how high voltage breaks into anything! Well, it won't be hilarious if somebody accidentally touches them, so always be very careful around it.
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
Hi i like to create those leet 10 burner . figures they are made by placing very . high voltage across wood and burning. traces in it with electricity so i need . to make very high voltage this can be . potentially done by the transformer is . commonly found at home there are these . old-style wall adapters that contain a . transformer but these things nowadays . are being replaced by the much more . efficient switching mode wall adapters . so time is short for the price of a . lifetime of inefficiency and shame you . can get your own but wait i'm throwing . the second one if you promise to jump . off a bridge we need to learn to use . energy more efficiently and this is not . one of them what every technology starts . from somewhere this kind of wall adapter . starts with a transformer that reduces . the ac voltage and then there is the . full bridge rectifier that generates a . dc output sometimes they also add a . voltage regulator at the ends to make . the output level more stable measuring . the ac voltages at the included make . sure not too short high voltage video . probes now at the input we get around . 120 volt ac as we expect. and until output we have seven point six . or total eight hold ac this means that . the primary to secondary number of third . ratio is around sixteen and you know . what it means if i flip the connection . the primary and secondary instead of . fifteen times reduction . i'll get 15 times more voltage around . 1,800 volts ac let's do it i cut the . rectifier circuit from the output and . solder the power cable to the secondary . but let me remind you if 120 volt ac can . potentially kill you 1800 volt ac will . definitely kill you and since you won't . have time to turn it off it will kill . every single family member that comes to . your rescue. and your negligence causing manslaughter . will land you in the deepest pit in hell . where they have kanye west cover up . queen's bohemian rhapsody on repeat . [applause]. [music]. i just you the man that's horrible . so don't do this at home now we'll have . high voltage short something okay retry . so don't do this at home . now turn on this one what is this one of . these days maybe the transformer rotor . let's get another one this kind of wall . adapter starts with a transformer that . reduces the ac voltage don't try this at . home now. why what's going on why can't i flick . the side might have something to do with . any defense to measure the inductance. now i have to get an lcr meter stay . tuned i'll get back to you hey i'm back . i got an lcr meter from circuit . specialist as usual and this thing is . around $60 then pretty much does . everything. it measures not only inductance . capacitance and resistance but also ac . nb c voltage and current diode hfe of . transistor frequency up to 10 megahertz . and even comes with a thermocouple to . measure temperature i checked its . functionalities and all work well so far . i'll leave a link in my video . description if you need one also i think . it makes a good gift so i'll give away . 10 of these to my viewers and patrons at . the end ok let's measure the inductance . the primary is around 1. 30 v henry which . is nice and large but the secondary is . around 6 point 4 milli henry so the . impedance of the secondary. around 2. 4 homes only which means as . 120-volt ac we get if the amps of . current ppm is huge . no wonder these keep arcing and blowing . off so i can't use these on the 60 hertz . hundred 20 volt ac city power but i'm . pretty sure if i increase the frequency . and lower the voltage limiting the . current i should be able to use them . let's try it i'm giving them one . kilohertz one volt amplitude signal to . the secondary of the transformer which . is now our primary and at the output i'm . reading 15 volts amplitude c i'm not . totally crazy just that for high voltage . 60 hertz we need a different transformer . which i have one i scavenged it from a . microwave oven in my other video now the . inductance of the primary is around 37 . million ree that means at 60 hertz or . have around 40 norms of impedance and at. 120 volt ac it means 8 amps of current . into primary still not very small but i . guess it's not large enough to trip a . breaker we have to cover it up but this . outputs around 2,000 volts and with so . much power available this is definitely . a killer like are we like your . magnificent smile oh thank you ivarsson . okay . loads brilliant now it's been measured . the current into the primary will see . the round seven half amps even with no . load now you might think that power is . voltage times current so seven amps . times 120 volts is 840 watts of wasted . energy what that's not correct . unlike resistor that voltage and current . are in phase and high deal inductor . causes 90 degrees current phase shift if . you look in this area both these and . current are both same direction like a . resistor which means the inductor is . pulling energy from the power line . what's done here the direction of . current and voltage is opposite it means . the inductor has turned into a generator . and is putting energy back into the . power line this push and pull up our . results in a net zero power consumption . in an ideal inductor but then again the . power lines or the primary of the . inductor have some inherent resistance . as well as the core of the transformer . humming like crazy all these waste power . somewhere around a couple of watts so in . general it's not a good idea of the . cheap these plugged in now let me . measure the output of the transformer . i'm using a resistor divider to step . down the voltage first to protect my . multimeter now if we measure that it is . worth. make sure the resistors you pick are . rated for the power you will put across . them come on the resistor divider let's . use a very act more variable transformer . from circuit especially it will reduce . my voltage so i can safely measure it . okay . i set the input to 10 volts and the . output is 200 volts ac this means that . the chapter where number of turn ratio . is around 20 so i'm hundred 20 volt ac . input i'll have around 2400 volt ac . output i say that's pretty good to make . lichtenberg figures so here's what we. need a piece of wood put two nails in it . with the surface with a mixture of water . and baking soda to make it conductive . connect the output of the transformer to . the nail maybe we're on a piece of glass . so you won't burn your table hope the . next slowly raise the voltage and see . what happens. yeah there is something so this is not . water and baking soda it is like a fuel . i will drink the labels in any case this. looks like a dangerous experiment to be . done indoors let's go into the kitchen . ok let's make some lichtenberg . i think my choice of wood was poor seems . like it's going mostly on the inner. layer. [music]. the masterpiece isn't it one more try . more liquid . [music]. i probably should stop this thank you . breaker i think the problem is i'm not . an artist at least a bit of it looks . nice gave away time thanks to second . especially i thank you away ten of these . meters to 2ne1 a few viewers and eight . to my patrons at patreon. com my patrons . automatically enter the draw but for the . viewers i think you have to leave a . comment under the video so i can select . two at random . you better start it with a special. sentence so i know you need the meter . something like give me any time and . don't forget to share and like the video . and while you're at it there i say you . might want to support my channel and . become a patron . .

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