We Stole Tampons from the Cashier-less Amazon Go Store

Just how good is the security at the new Amazon Go store? The answer may surprise you... (but not really - it's pretty damn good)
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Okay so picture this your sos got a . feminine-hygiene emergency and cannot . leave the house to get her own bio waste . management products so it's on you but . you do not feel like going to the local . grocery store and listening to the . cashier making that stale joke about. your own flow so what's the solution . well for us it was to get in the car . drive two-and-a-half hours down to . seattle and visit the amazon go pilot . location the world's only retail store . where you do not have to have any human . interaction whatsoever you just grab . what you want put it in your bag and . leave but what's the experience like . well we're gonna tell you after we tell . you about tunnel bear be easy to use vpn . that makes the internet a more open . place giving everyone access to the same . content check them out at tunnel bear . comm /l tt will have that linked below . [music]. okay so step one is to get the amazon go . app once you're signed into your account . you don't need prime this qr code right . here allows you to scan in any guests . that are with you though do note that . anything they take will be charged to . your account and then enter the store . you can't get in without your phone but . amazon says that handy-dandy amazon . staff members will be on hand with . charging banks if for whatever reason . you need to juice up before you go in so . let's try it i mean okay we're inside so . it kind of looks like a regular grocery . store so how does it work . amazon isn't being too specific about . the details but we do know a few things . one is that the place is absolutely . peppered with cameras see those black . boxes up there there are literally . hundreds of cameras inside what is only. an 1,800 square foot store according to . one article i read they are designed to . read camera friendly codes that are . printed out on each of the items but . these just look like regular upc codes . so i'm actually not sure about that what . we do know is that while it was present . in the original patent filing rfid . technology is not being used and we also . know that they are using computer vision . algorithms in order to understand what . you're picking up and they are also . assisting this technology with . additional sensors like for example. weight sensors in the shelves themselves. pressure sensors and load cells each of . those components together increases . amazon's confidence in what exactly it . is that you have picked up and put in . your bag or your pocket or whatever the . case may be so in terms of product mix . and pricing it's not like a giant. grocery store like you can't even buy a . full gallon of milk or anything like . that but i mean it's pretty competitive . with what you'd expect from like a. neighborhood grocer or like like a . corner store like this. curried chicken wrap is six bucks whoa . what this is interesting. so these food items these are marked . with those camera recognizable codes . that i was talking about before because . i guess you know if it doesn't come in a . package it's a lot harder to tell the . difference between curried chicken wrap . and. tuna wrap oh bk b kelly b k lt wrap does . this have kale in it you guys are you . guys are killing me here . bacon kale lettuce tomato wrap i mean if . i'm gonna have like the trendy seattle . experience i gotta have the wrap with . the kale in it would you want dennis . well i don't know man i don't know what . to tell you okay then just get it i tell . you man this is like weird stuff cuz . like normally sitting in a store putting . stuff in your backpack like here let's. get something to drink - dennis what you . want want apple i'm getting snapped and . the sunburn drinks i don't think so no i . don't think so sorry you're gonna have . to have the only like 98% amazon . experience here. harmless coconut water do you want the . harmful one or the harmless one you want. the harmful one well this one's harmless. i don't like i feel like someone's gonna . come tackle me okay so we got all our . snacks now we've got to get what we. actually came here for we can choose . between the always infinity and the . tampax pearl let's let's go with the . let's go see always right here but with . a twist i have a challenge for their . system i want to see how it handles me . putting this down in the wrong place and. then picking it back up all right thank . you yeah cool let's say i'm shopping . first an alcohol and i kind of go do i . really want this not sure . i want to see how it handles it aha yep . yep okay you know what i actually don't . want some alcohol after all but if i . come back without these i'm gonna get in . all sorts of trouble so let's head for . the exit like my reflex as i'm walking . towards the exit is like okay i gotta . get ready to take off my bag and take my . stuff out and put it on the thing so . theoretically now as i walk through what . they're calling the transition area . amazon is going to do a small . transaction on my credit card . $1. 00 just to validate that it's working . then they're gonna build a balance of it . once they've totaled up everything that . i took . bear in mind guys that if you over draw . your credit card that's on you to deal . with any kind of penalties or fees that . are associated with that so here it is . [music]. there we go there we go nice get up and . go your trip time was 26 minutes and 27 . seconds your receipt is ready check this . out so amazon is actually so confident . in their system that they've built in a . feature where if for whatever reason. you're charged for something that you . didn't take you can actually just remove . it and crazily enough they're using the . honor system which if you think about it . actually isn't that crazy because it's . tied into your prime account which is . tied into your credit card amazon can . use machine learning not to mention just . common sense in order to figure out if . people are abusing the system okay so . let's see how we did. boom got it very a however that's . pronounced got it. bacon tail lettuce and tomato wrap diet . snapple iced tea raspberry diet and . coconut water nailed it okay so it got . everything but how does the system . handle an item that was accidentally not . charged cuz i mean nothing's perfect . well amazon so confident in their system . and seemingly rightly so that they have . actually apparently told another news . outlet that managed to walk out with a . yogurt they didn't pay for you know what . go ahead keep it the yogurts on us . because they seem to believe that the . system is so accurate that even with . those occasional misfires they're still . going to make up for the cost of . cashiers plain clothes loss prevention . security people and well just the normal . shock lifting that retailers refer to as. shrink not bad considering it's got kale . in it actually i was really good . maybe the craziest thing about this . whole experience is that let's say i . decided this you know kale sucked or uh . you know what i don't need these pads . after all if i wanted to return them at . this time there is literally no . mechanism to take this back you you'd . have to talk to an associate and give it . to them but the way that the refund . would be processed would be identical. you would just go into your receipt you . would select an item and you would . remove it i don't need it or whatever . and no questions asked they will give . you a refund not only do you not have to . return it there is no mechanism to . return it they're gonna have to find a . solution to that in the long term okay . so in summary that was really freaking . cool but as some of you may have noticed . it is now go for a walk in the rain time . because there are definitely still some . issues and some concerns that i have . about this technology so issue number . one is that before amazon as they are . undoubtedly gonna do in the next year or . two rolls this out in whole foods . locations they acquired them less than . about a year ago now they're gonna have . to figure out how to address the limit . on the number of customers that can be . in the store at one time right now you . just make a line outside the store but . if your whole pitch is line up with . shopping that's obviously a dumb . long-term solution issue number two is. that a tree . additional grocery stores loyalty. program actually tells them a lot more . about you than just what you bought with . data especially if you're a regular . shopper like what you buy how much of it . and how often they can extrapolate a lot . about not just you but also your family . and amazon hasn't talked a ton about . what data they're collecting how long . they're keeping it for there's nothing . go specific in their privacy policy but . if i was a betting man i would put good . money on amazon collecting all kinds of . extra data like your movement patterns . around the store. how long you looked at a particular item . before buying it or not buying it which . advertising kiosks were endcaps you . found the most attractive and they're . gonna use that combined with what they . already know about you from your online . profile to build an incredibly detailed. picture of who you are and what you're . about and this ignores some of the less . obvious societal issues that we're gonna. be facing as technology like this . becomes more prevalent so it's estimated . that in america right now there are . three and a half million cashiers and . you know amazon side of this story is. that you know yeah we don't have any . cashiers but we're still gonna need . humans for food prep restocking the . shelves checking id in the alcoholic . beverages section they say they're still . going to need humans for that for the . foreseeable future but you know i'm kind . of looking at this going well yeah but . regular grocery stores also need people . for food prep and stocking shelves i'm . not sure if this math is gonna add up . and you know if i were to be sitting . here with a crystal ball figuring out . what i think the future is gonna be i . see no reason why those jobs couldn't . eventually be replaced as well so that's . something that we are going to have to . figure out as people over the next yeah . we don't have as long to deal with . as we might have hoped speaking of not . having a long time to deal with . something have you ever called your . mobile carrier and been stuck on hold . for like 10 minutes 20 minutes trying to . deal with something well not with ting . ting is the mobile carrier that's . focused on customer service and customer . satisfaction and they are sponsoring . this episode today with ting you only . pay for the airtime and data that you . use and they've got lower mobile data. rates than ever before at just $10 a gig. beyond the first gig the best part of . ting is that you don't have to go into a . blind you can use their savings. calculator which we have linked below . that's linus ting calm to enter your . last few bills and how much you paid and . find out if you would save money with . king so go check it out if you switch . they'll pay 25% of your contract . cancellation fee with your other carrier. up to $75 and if you use our link you'll . get another $25 towards a new device or . your first bill so thanks for watching . guys did you dislike this video you can . hit that button but if you liked it hit . like get subscribe maybe consider . checking out where to see the store that . we featured at the link in the video . description also down there is our merch . store test cool shirts like this one as . well as our community forum which you . should totally join alright let's get . out of the rain this stuff tastes like . sorry i bought it. .
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