What Happens If You put Orbeez into Balloon?

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Hey Guys,
How are you all doing?
Today I have Orbeez or Water Beads or Jelly Beads, Whatever you call them!!!
This is something you should try at home! Nothing can describe how awesome it feels to squish them when they're in a balloon.
Thank you so much for watching and liking!!!

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What's up guys how y'all doing have you . ever wonder what will happen if you put . jelly beans inside of the balloon and. then fill it with water. let's find out what we're going to do is. go up clear balloon and get a funnel and. put a dot on the clamp bologna already . inside of it like this and then we're . going to put this or this right-hand . side of the ball just like that till it . fills up all the way you see how it's . filled up that looks pretty full not . gonna hold too much so this is what it . looks like right now you see all this . orbit early was small and then simply . i'm just going to fill it out with the . board just like this then we're going to . keep it overnight like this and let's. see what happens. not guys check this out a day later . lookup beautiful this is war feel so . good . whoa no way look it's actually holds the . shape that's all weird . wow i'm glad that i got clear balloon so . that way we can see all the different. colors of all this touching at this so . interesting and different wow look at . that. this is like the best baseball is so . much fun to touch it and smoosh it love . it. i can't believe that balloon saw stone . as doesn't want a pop at all i can play . with this all day but let's find out . what happens if i pocket with the knife . there goes nothing well this is like the . stone goes below know something . hello . oh my gosh wow guys give this video a . thumbs up if you want to see that in. slow motion . ok looks like a popped one by mistake . but this one is going to be in . slow-motion see what happens right over . the top. this is never gets old so awesome . we have one more balloon that i prepare . the this one what i did is put a rubber . on i'm gonna take off and see if the . water be just gonna fall out like crazy . out of this hole. i hope they rely hope it look awesome . boom . ok here goes nothing huh . they don't ever want to come out that . much and me tried to take it off the . bone. what if i squish it haha that's so funny . what is going on with this balloon i . think i need to cut this side here so it . will look better okay this time i just . going to cut cut off like this war look . at that that's so we look at the rain . wow this is the best oh my gosh . huh this is so cool . oh look at fallen off to the last one . wow they also awesome so cool i have so . much orbis in there you know i have to . do this. oh well thats so called but feel so good . oh my gosh they feel so awesome it's . like jelly. it's gettin to you between your toes war . feel so good and someone gets so smooth . shit i love it . you know what guys you have to try this . one day. oh i'm so called now my gosh i'm going . to get out . .
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