WHAT Is Happening Under Yellowstone Park? 6/19/17

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[music]. hey what is up guys tyler here with . secured team well something major has . just occurred and is still occurring. underneath yellowstone national park now . before we get into this i just want to . reiterate here that this is not a fear . mongering video i'm not a fear monger . however when i learned of this . information and it's in the mainstream . news and the fact that we just did the . interview with mr. pillai dez about all . of the strange things happening our . national parks i wanted to get your guys . take on it and whether there's something . deeper going on here so if you haven't . heard the news over the past week there . has been a major swarm of earthquakes in . yellowstone in fact in just a 24-hour . period there were 72 earthquakes in a . small localized area and at this time . researchers are monitoring the volatile. zone and have no idea when the current . earthquake swarm is going to end now . while most of the earthquakes were . smaller there were a few towards the end . that started spiking up to magnitudes of . around 5. 0 which is getting up there and . for any of you who haven't read up on . yellowstone well in a nutshell there is . a massive supervolcano underneath it . that is long overdue . for an eruption that by the way is . capable of wiping out the vast amount of . human animal and plant life in the . continental united states. and experts are legitimately worried. about when this eruption is going to . occur and so scientists currently . believe that there's a quote 10% chance . that a super volcanic category 7 year up . ssin could take place in this century . which was even pointed out by . theoretical physicist michio kaku who . recently stated that the danger we are . now facing with the caldera is that it's . long overdue for an eruption which would . quote rip . guts out of the usa and we've also found . out that the pocket of lava located . under the park has turned out to be . twice as big as scientists originally . thought and so most scientists today . concur that the last eruption of the . caldera took place some six hundred and . forty thousand years ago and the united . states is currently under contract with . at least four countries all of which . have agreed to house displaced us . citizens in the unfortunate event that . the yellowstone supervolcano were to . erupt and so with this recent earthquake . swarm well before it happened there were . sort of a calm before the storm. where seismic activity experienced a . down tick and was eerily quiet and then . just a day later boom seventy-two . earthquakes within a 24-hour period . they've continued all week and of course . it's got some people worried and so . we're starting to see news reports about . it now of course most scientists out . there telling us hey there's nothing to . worry about. there are thousands of earthquakes that . occur in yellowstone every single year . but others of course are a little bit . more skeptical with most people highly . doubting that if there were such a. danger they would likely much rather not . tell us and risk starting widespread . panic across the entire country and you . know yellowstone has been shrouded in a. strangeness and a mystique of its own a . lot of strange things happen there and . we're talking disappearances ufo . sightings strange lights and there's a . ton of theories about just what is going . on in yellowstone national park. particularly the areas that humans are . not allowed to go and we are talking . about areas that are more than just . roped off from the public but are . heavily guarded by the military in order . to ensure nobody enters almost like . they're guarding something. well many would say not almost they are . they're guarding something in there and . of course there have been talks for . years now that there is some sort . highly secret government installation. that was built or is continually being . built underground in the center of . yellowstone now many people have . theorized that a lot of these . earthquakes aren't actually coming from . this super volcano and the tectonic . plates shifting but instead are the . remnants of massive drills and machinery . that are being used underground to dig . these massive tunnels and the hollowing. out these massive caverns in order for . them to install these deep underground . bases and you know that was one of the . things that me and mr. politis were . talking about in the interview which by . the way awesome guy was so happy to have . him on he is just um you know he's the . type of guy you want to sit down and . have a beer with and just chat for hours . you know he's very good and i looked at . that interview not so much as an . interview but more as an intelligent. conversation between two people mr. polite as was very courteous and you . know wanted to get my take on certain . things as opposed to just having me ask . questions and i think that definitely . made for a much richer interview and we . were talking about some of the things . that could be going on in these national . parks why are all of these people . disappearing every single year now of . course mr. polite as kind of likes to . sit back and not speculate and would . rather have us give our ideas and you. know like i said in that video in a lot . of these cases it almost appears as if . many of these people are getting caught . up in some sort of portal it's been said . it's like they walk into a portal and. then they either disappear and are never . seen again . or they reappear miles and miles away in . many cases these are children who will . vanish and if they ever are found it's . at the top of some mountain peak at a . 10,000 feet altitude you know with the . two-year-old kid obviously something had . to take him there he had to have gotten . there somehow and so it's been said that . the government through its operation of . the secret bases in yellow . are abducting people or are testing or . utilizing some sort of technology that . is potentially creating these risks or . portholes or dimensions whatever you . want to call them where people are . literally walking into an area of the . woods and disappearing or they could . simply just be snatching these people up . and taking them to these deep . underground bases you guys would be . amazed in the united states alone how . many people go missing every single year . the stats will blow your mind and . unfortunately the data shows that many . of these missing cases occur surrounding . or within these national parks and . forests including yellowstone and. speaking of these alleged underground . bases you guys want to see something. really creepy all right tell me if this . doesn't blow your mind here what you're . seeing is a map that hit the web years . ago which was leaked and it purports to . show a system of underground bases . military bases secret bases that . shouldn't exist that are actually linked . together by a high-speed rail system so . like an underground subway system so the . people who are living and/or working at . these installations can hop on one of . these underground subway systems and . within minutes travel hundreds or . thousands of miles to these . interconnected bases and what i've. discovered is that when taking this map . of these alleged bases we have no real . proof that this map is even real however . when you place it directly over top of . this map which comes directly from mr. politis and shows where these localized . clusters of disappearances that have . occurred in these different national . parks you find something very scary in . my opinion which you're seeing here as i . fade this map of these purported. underground bases in and out overlaid on . top of this map by mr. politis of these . disappearances we see that these . localized clusters match up almost . perfect. we with the large majority of these . bases on this map i mean just look at . this i'll let it play for a couple of . seconds and you know all speculation . aside tell me that isn't freaky call me . crazy but i definitely think there's . something to this and that these . underground bases may be playing a much . larger role in these strange happenings . and disappearances than we previously. could have ever thought so there really . is something eerie going on and whether . this super swarm with these earthquakes. has anything to do with what we were . just talking about i don't know it could . be all natural i can attest just from . the past videos that i've done there's a . lot of stuff that's happened in . yellowstone that cannot be explained . lights . ufos strange sounds have you guys heard . of something called the yellowstone lake . music well it continues to be a mystery . after almost a century of reports of . this really inneg matic sound that . thousands of people have reported . hearing above yellowstone lake with it . happening many instances on clear days. and in early mornings and it's been . described as a remarkable celestial . sound of an unknown or unexplained . origin that according to those that have . heard these sounds quote resemble the . ringing of telegraph wires or the . humming of a swarm of bees beginning . softly in the distance growing rapidly . planar until directly overhead and then . fading out just as rapidly and in the . opposite direction and these sounds . above yellowstone lake have been . occurring since 1895 when they were . first reported and to this day there . have been countless respected scientists . and prominent park figures that have . reported hearing the sounds as well and . you know it's just one more thing to add . to the list of strange stuff happening . in this park and in this area so . hopefully out the super volcano . underneath yellowstone is not going to. blow at least not were alive right but . it is a bit disconcerting when these . things happen you . and when they do i don't like to make . videos about them because i don't want . to trigger anyone i don't want to be . called a fear monger but it is . interesting and i want to report on it . because i think it's relevant for you . guys to know especially if any of you . are planning on maybe visiting . yellowstone. you know maybe give it a little time . before you head out there just to make . sure everything's safe because again . it's long overdue we don't know when . this thing could erupt or you know you . could find yourself in a situation like . those we spoke about with mister politis . so yeah let me know what you guys think . and thank you for stopping by today i've . got another video in the making i hope . all of you had a happy father's day you . know to all the dads and fathers out. there taking care of their families and . being the best people they can be . keep doing what you're doing lead by . example and raise those kids right . alright so thanks guys feedbacks . interested . 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