WHAT IS THIS LINE? (on my Super Blue Blood Moon Photo) – Smarter Every Day 188

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That time we planned out the ISS transit of the Total solar eclipse
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Caption: Hey it's me destin welcome back to . smarter every day super blue blood moon. i heard those words and i was like . mm-hmm that's my life now so here's the . deal. super moon refers to the fact that the . moon goes around the earth in an ellipse . when it's closest to the earth that's . called perigee and when that coincides . with a full moon bam super moon makes . sense really big really bright blue moon . is the second full moon in a calendar . month a blood moon has two meanings . that's when the earth passes between the . sun and the moon and the umbral shadow . of the earth is cast on the moon turning . it red it looks all freaky and stuff the . second meaning for blood moon is when . you're playing zelda and all the bad . guys that you've killed respawn and you . got taken back down shout out to my boy . lee i love that game i have a horse . named elvis so i live in huntsville . alabama there is a route really cool . model of the saturn 5 rocket on the side . of the interstate at the us space and . rocket center my goal is to get a photo. of the blood moon as it comes down bam . right there that's the photo i want i . just want that blood moon and a rocket i . just think it's gonna be amazing right . so the first full moon of the month i . went out there and tried my hardest to . get photos i tried to be aligned as the . full moon rose and they weren't that bad . for a first attempt but the problem was . that particular super moon was a rising. super moon meaning i could stand on a . bridge just to the west of the rocket . are your fingernails hurting you yeah i . figured no my knuckles hurt to the super . blue blood moon however was a setting . super moon meaning i had to be on the. opposite side of the rocket deep in the . heart of hans ville with no line of . sight to the rocket because there was no . convenient bridge to stand on i want to . get it right obviously this requires . math you have to know where the moon is . setting you have to know where you are . you have to know where the rocket is . we're talking celestial alignment so i . called in the big guns you remember . trevor from the solar eclipse we did the . math together three two one oh what . happened to saw it so i called him and . said dude will you come down here let's . do some math together and let's try to . figure out what's going on we used a . program called the photographer's . ephemeris that told us exactly where the . lunar eclipse was going to be behind the . saturn v okay so my buddy jarret has a . drone we did the math we figured out . exactly where the moon's gonna set and . how that lines up with the rocket it's . here at all nations church in huntsville . alabama . so jared is gonna fly with his drone and . he's gonna figure out how high we need . to be in order for us to see over these . trees. sherman left yeah the bad thing about . this particular lunar eclipse is that . the sun was going to be rising in the . east and the problem is that means the . ambient light was gonna blow out the . back the rocket wouldn't be eliminated . enough so i called the people to us . space and rocket center and asked him if . they would turn the rocket lights on the . people of the church was super awesome i . said i can do whatever i want as long as . i didn't tear up the grass so he had a . 60-foot boom lift delivered and trevor. and i put on some harnesses got up in . the bucket and aligned ourselves for the . shot when we finally got 60 foot up in . the air the lunar eclipse was already . underway and all we had to do is wait . for it to align with the rocket the moon . is starting to get covered up by the. humble shadow and at this point we are . waiting to for the thing to turn red so . we can you can get the shots for this . and that . [music]. [music]. so this is the point of this video i was . expecting a big blood moon like on zelda . didn't happen but what did happen is a . weird optical phenomenon that i do not . understand and it's making me a little . upset because usually i have a pretty . good grasp on these things i don't know . what i took a picture of there's a line . on the moon it happens right at the tip . of the rocket when the moon comes down . as soon as the very tip of the launch . escape system which is the rocket on top . of the rocket as soon as the moon . crosses that you can see a line appear . across the moon and i don't know what it . is. look there's a line that shows up but it . stays even with the tip of the launch . escape system the very top of the rocket . so you'd think if you plan something for . a month he'd be all excited the exact . three seconds that it's happening but i . was confused like i thought there was . some kind of defect on my sensor because . i could see this line and that was like . wait no i'm looking through my dslr so . the optical path doesn't have the sensor . in the way that's an actual thing i'm . seeing in fact i commented on it the . exact moment it happened you see that . line it's creating this weird line. no there's a there's an atmospheric . something patent and right words . touching them so this is my question . internet i took photos of a lunar . eclipse lined up with the saturn five . because i thought hey this went to the. moon that's the moon that would be a . good photo what instead i got was a . question what is going on i think is it . a mirage how could it be a mirage if . it's at an angle there's no cables at . the top of the rocket there were no. airplanes in the area this isn't a . contrail i thought it was a cloud but . it's not there until the moon gets there . the tip of the rockets here but it's . causing a line over here why is it just . at the tip and then what it's not . schlieren no it's not sure i don't know . so they're internet i have a question . why is there a line on my lunar eclipse . photos specifically at the junction of . the launch escape system on the saturn 5 . rocket i don't know the answer i would . love for you to tell me the answer via . twitter i have two twitter accounts i . have at smarter every day at destin . sandlin no this is not an attempt to get . you to follow me on twitter i really . want to know the answer so like if you . actually know you could be like hey i . actually know and then tweet me the. answer i would greatly appreciate that . thank you for making me smarter every . day thanks bye alright i hope you . enjoyed this episode of smarter every . day that is a difficult shot because you . got the sun coming up over the other . side of the earth from the moon and so . you have the ambient light on the. subject that you're trying to shoot it's . it's a hard shot would you agree trevor . so if you want to try this i would love . to see your photos the moon is awesome . we're going back to the moon and i just . want people to be excited about it so if . you wouldn't mind tagging me on twitter . at smarter every day anytime you take . really cool photos of the moon i would . love to see your work i'll leave links . down below to all the math trevor helps . us figure all that out i'll leave these . images for the patrons on the patreon . feed and please feel free to check it . out feel free to subscribe to smarter . every day here in just that sort of . thing anyway i've destin we got to get . off this thing because it is cold anyway . have it going bye you guys have . harnesses get hurt me sister you don't . fall out of the boom lift if i put this . at the very end of the video we can say . safety last . go go just get this off . .

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