What’s inside iPhone X?

We CUT OPEN the NEW iPhone 10!?! Animoji's are amazing! Here are the details on the giveaway phone: https://gleam.io/WSIeA/iphone-x-whats-inside-giveaway
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- [dan] a 1,200 dollar poop emoji maker. - is this poop or ice cream . (buzz saw running). - [dan] oh no. lincoln. - what . - time to get up, buddy. got the iphone. it's the 1,200 dollar poop emoji. is it poop or ice cream . - it's definitely poop. - [dan] well good morning,. buddy, this is the first time. that you've been woken. up by a pile of poop. - yeah, maybe the last. (singing high notes). - today is the day, it is. the most requested video. in a very long time. we have never ever, ever,. ever, ever done an iphone. today, we got the iphone 10. this is finally a phone. that lincoln is excited. to cut open, for the same. reason that i think a lot. of you, our viewers, are excited for it. one thing. the poop emoji. (mellow hip hop music). the poop emoji. there's a zipper right. underneath the poop, down there. unzip me. (lincoln laughs). happy iphone day. i think it's ice cream. - poop emoji,. it's not ice cream. - it's ice cream. it's chocolate ice cream with eyes on it. (lincoln sighs). either way. (lincoln mutters under breath). this feels really good in my hands. - i wanna hold it. - hold it. (lincoln gasps). so the side of this phone is. beautiful stainless steel. it is so clean and nice. - wow. do you see my face . yay. (laughs). - this has gotta be the worst face setup. in the history of face setups. and now for the moment of truth,. the moment we've all been waiting for. (dub step music). (laughing). that frowny face. (laughs). whoa. (laughing). - i bet it looks so ridiculous. - it's just following your face. that frowny face. do the frowny face again. (laughing). it's so funny. okay, it is cooler than. i thought it would be,. i'm gonna be, i'm being honest here. okay lincoln, push record, send. your first animoji message. - can you see me (grumbles). is this poop or ice cream . (screams). (laughing). - apple, i was making fun of it,. being a 1,200 dollar emoji. machine, and it's actually cool,. i like it. - oh, so cool. - is it worth buying this. phone, just for the emojis . - yeah. - kay, you heard it here first. but i have one more test. - is this poop or ice cream . no, don't, don't. (laughs). - [dan] poop emoji, i'm makin' it. let's get some eyeballs on there. - [lincoln] is this poop or ice cream . - [dan] and then, uh. (laughing). how do you like that, lincoln . what is it, lincoln . listen, it's still going. how does the ice cream. do with the iphone 10 . now you know. (laughing). - no, our poop friend. - look at that. i say ice cream, he says it's poop. - is this poop or ice cream . - let us know in the. comments, what you think. why do you have a bunch of. poop emoji in your mouth . (laughing). we cleaned off the. iphone, it is really cold. let's get inside of this thing. that's what you came here for, right . well, you got more than you wanted. with the poop and ice cream emoji. let's destroy this thing. (sad music). (buzz saw starts). look at that little burn. the metal is cutting through. and it did have some sparks,. so you can actually see the inside of it. and then look at that. - look at the back. - we cracked the back glass. i'm sure there's gonna be videos on how. to fix these and how to repair them,. but the latest news has show. that it's over 300 dollars. just to replace the back glass. - that's crazy. - which is a lot of money. - if you are getting this phone,. buy a case and keep it safe. (buzz saw running). (mellow hip hop music). - the phone is still working,. but we got an emergency warning. it's hot right here. let's see if it works, yeah. oh, it's on. face id still works. we've almost gone along the entire side. it is strong metal, it's taking a while. i think we might need to. change up our strategy here. oh no. oh boy. does it still work . we officially killed it. it is dead, we got fire, we got sparks. i actually punctured the battery. do we do a jerryrig bend test here . first, you place your blade underneath. and you gently pry away. the glue on the screen,. doing it enough to not. damage the other parts. - [lincoln] he sounds. much more soothing, like,. i wanna fall asleep when. he's, like, talking. - [jerryrigeverything]. sliding my pry tool around. the edge of the glass,. taking special care not. to touch the display,. which is more fragile than a potato chip. - are you ready to see what's. inside of the iphone x 10 . (dramatic music). with my bare hands. ooh. - whoa. - [dan] that is actually clean,. that's the way you get in. - wow. - there's the two batteries,. we punctured this smaller one. this is the first iphone. ever that has two batteries,. check it out, there's a bigger one here,. there's there, so it. makes it like an l shape. - [lincoln] whoa, you can. see the lens of the camera. - i will admit, i did not anticipate. that we would have such a clean opening,. that we'd be able to see everything. so you can see on the front of the lens,. you have one, two, three different,. what look like cameras. the facial recognition hardware. is what makes up this area. so the question is, where do. the poop emojis come from . right here, in this section. - yes. see, it's poop emojis. everyone go comment it's poop emoji,. it's poop emoji, it's poop--. - this section where. the blade is going over,. that is your motherboard, all. your chips and everything. they stack them together,. which is a new thing. that we haven't seen in an iphone before. so we do love technology. - yes, i love technology. - we've been asked so many. times, over the last few years,. to cut open an iphone. - we cut things open so you don't have to. - we just donated an. iphone 10 to the world,. to be cut open so you can. see what's inside of it. we are going to give one of you an iphone. we have an unlocked, 64 gigabyte,. iphone 10. we'll put a link to the. official rules and everything,. in the description. comment on this video,. whether it's ice cream emoji. or it's the poop emoji. - poop emoji. it should be a rule that if. you comment, "poop emoji". - (laughs) kay. no, no, no. not, "it's poop emoji. ". - yeah, you said yes. - ice cream. - you said yes. everyone heard him right here,. go comment, "poop emoji",. he said it right here. woohoo!. - it's ice cream. - you already said it was. poop emoji, so they said,. they're gonna go comment, "poop emoji". - cut the film, just cut it. - no, don't cut it. just go comment, "poop emoji",. then we'll probably cut it. woohoo!. when you're like, mad,. you put like, poop emojis. it's poop, poop, poop. - so i need ice cream. to drown my sorrows. - i'm sure. i'm sure. - that's what i eat. when i'm depressed, i just eat ice cream. .

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