What’s on my iPhone 7 Plus?

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Caption: Hey guys how's it going it's justine and . today we were doing an extremely highs a . requested video this is the what's on my . iphone 7 plus i thought i had done one . business that i guess i have it and . probably the reason why if i recently . reset my phone so when i went to do this. video i had nothing on my phone i had . over 35,000 photos and videos so i . backed that up i deleted everything and . i started over and started fresh and now . my phone is running so fast legit like . brand new. we'll just arm from the top i've got my . calendars my cloth my note in my app . store apple maps and google maps my . settings twitter facebook phone youtube . which is very important throughout to . get your video app which is basically . good for creators it allows you to go in . you go to dashboard videos analytic. without instagram if you want to follow . me on instagram it's not just seeing . clips this is a super cool video i made . a video about this before it's a whole . kind of simple solution to creating cool . little square clip snapchat following i . just need this spotify we've got my . gmail and snow have you guys used snow . because if you have and pop on it right . now and follow your girl i just this is . actually me. mima right now am i on friday well it's . kind of a location check-in place it . used to be called foursquare but then . swarm broke off of foursquare and became . swarm best fiends and a full disclosure . this video is sponsored by best fiends . and here's something that is so crazy i . have had so many of my friend do videos . about best fiends i've had some of my . friends in the commercial for best . fiends and just recently they send me an . email today why don't you check out this . game and see what you think if you're . interested let us know if you guys have . been around for a while these types of . games where you do the swiping and color . matching thing it's my weakness with . these types of games i know myself and i . know that if i'm super busy i need to . like set some sort of parental. restrictions on my phone because i know . all i'm going to want to do is play this . and i just started playing it this week . so they just launched today or yesterday . or depending upon when you're watching . me basically the slugs go to boot camps . they have this super cute animation it's. kind of like a little digital short . they've got some incredible voice actors. kate walsh the mom from 13 reason why he . has mark freakin hamill . i think this looks like it could have . been a film like a movie i bet you they . are probably going to be doing a movie . and if they're not this is a great idea . for you guys i'm going to offer that to . you and you need a voice please let me . be a voice let me be a slug are there . any blonde slogans that there's not i'm . your girl i'm about to beat uncle please . i want to be a voice and that's how i . get a job at ledges ask for it here we . go we just do this . i just got back from yosemite and this . is where i started playing it so as. you're like driving through this . beautiful scenery i'm like sitting in . the backseat just like so this is it . it's kind of like a little puzzle game . you match the things it's free to play i . also have a link in the description . where you guys can get four dollars . worth of diamonds and gold i need to be . more strategic oh the pain is the bomb . went off i only have six moves less and . have to defeat two more slow so i can do . it incredible move haha this is core . level 44 i just connected this to my . facebook so this is great so i can see . where my friends are there's jenna at . lamar it is oh my gosh lamar is ahead of . me oh no i'm staying up all night lamar . i'm not going to be letting you beat me . so moving on we've got the penguins app . which hello i'm from pittsburgh. i am penguins proud and i am hoping that . my pen win the stanley cup this year . this is taking a lot longer to go . through a few apps than i thought even . though the dji gulf 4 app which is very . important if you have a maddox throne or . one of the phantom fours because this is . the aperture with youth to do that let's . see what i've been droning about oh wow . this even when i was flying with a dji . goggles starbuck very very important and . it's very near and dear to my heart the . amazon asks something that i used a lot . it's also prime now which is right next . to that and that's something that is not . in all cities but in bigger cities it . allows you to basically order things . within an hour so know that allows me to . basically control the music all through . my house i have different speakers and . they all connect to wi-fi playing play . music wherever i. so no sticker um chickens yell chicken . scream i forget what that was called . yeah chicken scream is crazy it's . basically like flappy bird but you . control it with your voice well mate . that's also something that's very . important since if i didn't have it i . would be starving q this is cool so i'll . show you i can change color . oh my life i think this is the one that . i had yeah it looks good spring blossom . i like this arctic aurora we're going to . keep that one youtube tv this is pretty . cool it's also not in all areas but you . can watch live television too through . this subscription so just all live tv . shows specially of caffeine this . actually isn't even out yet so if you . guys want to check it out as caffeine tv . i've been working with them for a while . they do really really awesome . low-latency live streaming for video . games so instant it actually blows my . mind like the first time they showed me . a demo and said can you guys show me . that again mention stuff like facebook's . app for verified users we've got nest . there's a facebook messenger opentable . that's what i used to make restaurant . reservations the indycar series apps . maybe 500 is actually this weekend and . i'm still sad that i'm not there i went . for the past two years best of luck to . everyone this weekend i wish you all . well and be safe. gosh racing is so dangerous credit wise . capital one i use that to check my . credit can you know what something that . my parents told me ever since i was very . very young is how important credit is . and i didn't listen we got face tune and . i think this is what a lot of the beauty . bloggers use to get their perfect. glowing complexion but mostly what i use . i like to have very white backgrounds in . my pictures so for example i'll use this . what you're supposed to use to whiten . your teeth and i will use this to whiten . backgrounds of my instagram photos over . not everywhere through the audible if . you guys have any good audible . suggestions of books for me to listen to . leave those in the comments below . southwest because i travel a lot play . memory jobs this is actually an app by . sony and i use that to get photos off my . camera this is my extras folder i got my . compass tips voice memo contacts fine . friends fine. well numbers imovie pages basically all . the things that apple just automatically . throws on your phone so i gave them . their own folder of nonsense calculators . all all like this really all went . tumbler verbo is actually so cool i have . an unboxing video this coming out is a . dog treat dispenser and a webcam and . it's so cool in francesca got it since . my birthday so very very soon that will . be on my channel . fedex app so that i can know when i have . packages ring it's a doorbell people . ring and then i can get it on my phone . apple store we've got the period plus . app which i don't think i need to go . into any detail about that soon this is . an app that you can get on-demand . massages to room your house yeah . jetblue i fly jetblue a lot when i'm . going to new york and i've been spending . a lot of time there recently so that has . been coming in quite handy drop-off for . storing files juneau is also another . uber type app and also use that a lot in . new york sun paper this happens really . cool it will show you where the sun is . and will show you where the sun is e so . if you're outside filming it's so cool . to be able to say oh if i wait 20 . minutes this one will actually be behind . my building and we can get our shot . these xq apps are ones that i have for . future videos and i'm doing with dr. oz . resmed it's like a sleep tracker thing . it's kind of cool it also comes with a . suit tracker for your bedside more about . that later these next few or meditation . apps i've only done headspace before . when i was doing the consistent daily . meditation i felt so good like i'm not . just being crazy and saying that like i . did and i need to start doing it again . breathe and calm i have a try build one . yet the headspace was so great i'll yelp . for food reviews and restaurant. recommendations live solo a live . streaming app blue bar this one is. pretty insane it's like an augmented. reality app but it's like fine things . and it like knows what they are here's . what's also very scary it just found me . if they thinks i'm wearing four clothes . that i'm not blonde look at this look at . the things that it's saying can you . believe it saw my face and it knew who i . was. we've got wash os which is a company . that does on-demand car washes yeah put . the thing. soundcloud visco . ham which is great it's just a really . super intense kind of photo editing app . which i feel like everybody who's a . photographer or anybody who's anybody . uses this and last but not least we've . got saucy just an alcohol delivery app i . feel like if you live in a big city you . can do everything from the palm of your . hand do you want food do you want drink . massage i guess last but not least is . the sodom what you guys have been seeing . the whole side we've got messages mail . safari and the camera so that what goes . on my iphone 7 plus i hope you guys . enjoyed it let me know if you guys have . a favorite app or any games or anything . else that you guys think that i should . try out leave those in the comments . below and i will see you in the next . video i think i'm losing my voice we . shot like six videos today this is like . my seventh one i'm exhausted man have i . got some cool stuff for you guys coming . up in the next few weeks like some crazy . stuff i've ever done on my channel will . be on my channel so great i'll see you . later stay tuned it's going to be fun . 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