Why Do iPods Exist in 2017?

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Apple still make the iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle in 2017. But why?
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Hey guys often refer to me if something . just a little bit unusual . these are ipod and no not some relics in . the mid-2000s your ipods you can go out . and buy today but the question is why . to start with we have the ipod touch and . just probably going to be the most. familiar it is very much based on the . iphone just with left phone stopped but . we get to the ipod nano things get a . little bit more strange this guy came . out in 2012 and really hasn't been . updated since so on the surface it looks . like a tiny ipod touch. in fact it does run some sort of . frankenstein version of ios but there's . a lot stripped out of it . however nothing is more stripped-down . has been the ipod shuffle shuffle hasn't . been updated since 2010 so we're still . rocking a whopping four gigabytes of no . it's true it's true gigabytes which i . thought was for just seems like such a . relative of a different time to fear and . fifty dollars the shuffles about want to . cheat as a prize that you can buy but it . just seems so weird this is still on. sale and 27 feet inside we get the . actual shuffle itself you know what i . don't think i've ever actually tried one. of these i know i used to have the 2nd . gen which was distilled a square guy but . it's a little bit bigger . there we go do cool am i to you about . some music on my shirt right now start . here. oh boy there's gonna be some very useful . instructions on how to use my ipod . shuffle don't want to install the latest . version of itunes oh joy . well waiting-women it will be to be a . visual they have a name the original . ipod headphones wait even had that ipod . smell yo really bad right now . that's crazy though it's so old they . literally haven't even updated with. their pots been out to like five years . know you do this it's so weird that this . is being sold today i mean this is not . the same apple who makes the macbook pro . with no ports and the iphone with no . headphone jack and that's only one of . the leading bleeding out this little . just a headphone jack . alright alright we're looking at a fair . shot let's get a fair shot so to connect . it to the new macbook i have to do this . and i'm a close because i don't know i . don't know what i'm doing in my life . right now . alright so now comes the fun part of . trying to remember how to setup an ipod . and i go oh hello this is i haven't used . itunes is so long i've been using . spotify for all of my music actually . need to see what itunes music i still . have oh no the nickelback but feel why . is this sale if we can we can cut this . part out right they don't deny ever . listened nickelback lot of stuff . terrible. no no no okay so these might have been . ok back in the ipod days these sounds . forgot how bad these sound i feel like . they were fine back in the day but even . like new ear pods on a lot better than . the real advantages of the shuffle i . feel that the only reason why i could . think of someone actually buying it . today is the fact that i should go to . working out or something. yeah i get it it's kinda cool they've . been making it forever but like i really . can't think of any reason why you should. buy ladies in 2017 moving all the way up . 2012 we have the ipod nano now i'm going . to say the nana has a little bit about . we spot in my heart this is my very . first ipod and we're back in the day was . so cool but now i'm not so sure i will . give them one thing this thing is really. tiny and i like the shuffle which is . tiny form a particularly great reason . this actually is sort of apple ipod i . mean you've got a touchscreen you got a . weird home button there's a lightning . port is unbelievably modern and not from . yep download itunes of course so while . this does have bluetooth it does not . have wi-fi so you're still not going to . be able to have any sort of stream music . or well anything that doesn't feel like . it's not five years old although we do . have that is actually not five years old . are your body you're probably hold this . is more like it. so while your puzzle might not be the . greatest downing headphones in the world . honestly i actually don't mind them . especially for when i'm working out want . to meet a little bit smaller always . brings me back . so much that when we actually had to . plug in the usb cables and rip cds and . we are in this is straight-up like . old-school ios so it got blue icon . because flight back . you really got radio i mean i'm not so . sure how often the radio is going to be. super helpful but since this is the only. for concentrating music to your ipod and . she works with you all . ricky me and i was a really hard for me . to testify . i mean sure it's cool too small and . having the touchscreen is nice but man . you've got to be a very specific kind of . person you want to spend $150 on . something like this you can get . something like an iphone or ipod for. just a little bit more with the ipod. touch we at least have something that. was made 2015 and actually have . reasonable specs we got the same a . problem sir from the iphone 6 and as far . as the actual design goes this is not. that far off of modern iphone you know . this design is actually still really . nice so now i am i really a big fan of . that blue color but this night has been . and who shocked i mean this has a . headphone jack but once you actually . fire this thing up. you should find it's still running a . fully up-to-date version of ios the best . part about the ipod is it runs the full. app store which means that permit any . apps that will run on the iphone run . here. most importantly for me as an ipod i can . use spotify apple music whatever i want . ok so what this does other speakers the . other i thought black it's not exactly . great but that's with your butt come in . that sounds a lot better so you spent . your flaws but the nice thing about the . ipod touch is it actually have a . reasonable and back inside then crazy . but you have to listen is improper . headphones so much better . not only is it nice to have spotted by . on the ipod touch but even if you're . away from wi-fi you can still download. the files locally the itouches a little . bit of a weird one because on one hand . it makes a lot more since it is these . other ipod on the other if you have a . smartphone that really is not . 2. 2 getting the ipod touch and that's . kind of the biggest issue as you can . actually pick up an iphone 5s off . contract for about the same money so . should you buy an ipod 2017 . no no maybe i feel like while the ipod . touch does make some sense in the lineup . it is really crazy as apple still sells . entire range of ipods but what do you . think was the last time you use an ipod. let me know in the comments below and i . will catch you in the next one. .
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