Why Does the Mac Mini Exist in 2017?

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Hey guys doston apple it's been . releasing a lot of major new products . lately but something they haven't . touched is the mac mini which has not . seen an update in three years why does . this still exist in 2017 i will say the . mac mini comes in a tiny box so today's . small form-factor pcs really aren't . anything all that special . but the mac mini was kind of ahead of . its time alright i will say one thing . even though yes there are a lot of . problems with the mac mini that i will . get into the actual sort of unibody . aluminum design still feels pretty nice . you don't exactly get a lot in the box . though pretty much all we get is a . little bit of paperwork with some papal . stickers and a power cable it might . sound weird to say considering that this . design originally came out in 2010 but . i've actually never held the mac mini . and i'm kind of impressed so like i said . it's an all aluminum unibody design and . you actually a fair few ports on the . back not only is there an sd card reader . but there are also four usb 3. 0 ports as . well as even a couple of thunderbolt 2 . ports now this is a far cry from current . apple devices which have some would say . fewer ports earlier models of the mac . mini were actually fairly upgradable so . in the bottom you could actually screw . off this sort of plastic piece to get at . stuff like the hard drive in the ram but . we're in this a little bit more . difficult and to make things worse the . memory is actually soldered and that is . a far cry from when marques built the . ultimate mac mini back in 2012 where he . loaded up with a ton of memory as well . as an ssd they first list though this . actually doesn't look like a bad way of . getting yourself a cheap mac so this is . the base mac mini which runs $500 and . that's exactly half the price of the . next cheapest model the macbook air . however take a closer look and the mac . mini might not quite be such a great. value performance might just be the most . outdated part of this system as 2014 . specs will only take you so far this is . the base model mac mini with a core i5 . 4260 you four gigabytes of ram and a 500 . gigabyte mechanical hard drive to put . things in perspective intel is just . launching their eighth generation of . core processors whereas the mac mini is . using a fourth-generation haswell chip . even when you spend the extra $500 to go . to the higher-end model with the core i7 . you're still limited to a dual-core . processor which is bizarre they actually . used to ship quad core versions of the . mac mini take for example the leaked . benchmarks for the iphone . 10 that is showing a score of around . 4000 on single-threaded and about 10,000 . on multi-threaded way way faster than . this mac mini is you're also stuck with . a 500 gigabyte hard drive now yes you . can spec up the mac mini with not only a . fusion drive but as well as pure ssd . options but that raises the price . significantly so to be fair the mac mini . is powerful enough to handle stuff like . hd video as well as web browsing but the . issue is with only 4 gigabytes of ram . and you can't upgrade it you're going to . run into some serious usability issues . on mac os so take for example the hp . pavilion wave this is a much more modern . system you're getting more memory and . almost more importantly it's going to . cost you about $130 less than the mac . mini it just doesn't make sense . one of the reasons i can't see someone . being interested in the cheap mac are . for the mac exclusive apps such as final . cut pro 10 which is what we use to edit . all of our videos wow that's actually a . wow so give us some context on this this . is a triple stream 4k video being played . back and edited in real time on the mac . mini in fact it's actually the intro to . this video right now so yes this is not . maybe the most demanding thing ever we . haven't done stuff like color correction . which would definitely slow things down . but as far as me i'll do a sort of basic . cut this is three streams of 4k video . playing back and real-time on the mac . mini the only thing that's not totally . stuck here and one of the reasons why . it's not stuttering is we are editing . off of a usb based ssd but that's what . we do for all of our edits anyway . although i think this says more about . how solid final cut is optimized and . less so about how powerful the mac mini . is there are better alternatives if you . do want to cheap mac though starting . with building yourself a hackintosh now . yes building a hackintosh from scratch. is going to be more complicated than . pulling a mac mini out of the box what . you're going to get is much much better . hardware for the same price if not even . less even used options can make a lot of . sense. so a few minutes of searching on ebay . found multiple batman a's there may be . only a generation or so behind but could . be found for as little as $200 look most . of the time if there's at least someone . who i can say that a product will make . sense for when it comes to the mac mini . it just . isn't a good idea to buy one of these in . 2017 there are just simply better . options out there now before we get out . of here i want to give a shout out to a . few really good friends of mine over at . vsauce. so know this is not a sponsored spot but . they've been working on the curiosity . box for over a year now and i honestly . feel like it is getting really really . good this is a quarterly subscription . box that comes with all kinds of cool . science stuff including this incredibly . attractive vsauce beanie this box even . comes with a voyager one t-shirt and a . portion of the proceeds go to benefit . alzheimer's research so if you guys like . vsauce and you want some cool science. stuff to show up every few months . check out curiosity box calm and as . always thanks for watching . 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