Why We Feel A ‘Warm Glow’ When Donating To Charity

It seems like people are more charitable during the holidays, but are they really? What are the psychological benefits of giving to charity?

The Selfish Reason Animals Risk Their Lives For Others - https://youtu.be/0uVWB2c4dgU
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Charitable Giving in America: Some Facts and Figures
"From the nonprofit's perspective, many organizations report similar conclusions. According to the Winter 2011 issue of the Nonprofit Fundraising Survey, over half of the nonprofit organizations queried reported that they received over a quarter of their contributions between October and December, with 16 percent of all organizations receiving over half their year's total contributions during those same months."

Seeking the Why of Giving
"One external incentive to give money is recognition, and charities tap into that by offering cards, gifts and special mentions on programs and websites. But a study published this year in The Journal of Marketing found that recognition seems to work only for a small subset of people - those who feel that it's important to express their moral values to others, said Karen Winterich, an assistant marketing professor at Pennsylvania State University and one of the study's authors."

The science of generosity
"What motivates this outpouring of good will? Americans donated nearly $300 billion in 2011, surpassing the gross domestic product of all but 33 countries in the world, according to a 2010 report by the Giving USA Foundation. Though the tradition of giving has existed for centuries, researchers have only begun to explore this question in the past 20 years."

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Written By: Trace Dominguez
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Caption: This is christmas this season of . perpetual hope i don't care if i have to . get out there and hitchhike i'm going to . work at the soup kitchen this season . hey there philanthropist trace here . giving you some dnews for free today is . christmas eve during the holiday season . some people want to come out to the. coast and have a few laughs others they . want to take an old blanket out of the. closet and say here but what makes . people want to do that second one in. 2014 americans gave 258 billion 510 . million dollars to charities that. seventy two percent of all charitable us . giving according to the national center . for charitable statistics all . foundations corporations and requests. when combined request by the way our . when someone dies and leaves their money . to charity that didn't even hit a . hundred billion dollars people who made . between five and ten million dollars . giveaway three-point-seven percent of . their gross income on average and people . who made 45 to 50 thousand dollars . giveaway four percent of their income . sure they gave less money but four . percent of 50,000 has way more impact on . them relative to the amount of. disposable income they require to meet. their basic needs like rent. transportation groceries and so on in . 1989 economics professor al rosen droney . created the warm glow theory of giving. people who give feel warm inside it . sounds touchy-feely but he studied . economics so he grabbed his graph paper . and he and a partner wrote a. mathematical proof in 2009 the idea . being we donate to charity because it . helps them but also helps us it makes us . feel better. also in 2009 harvard business school . study looked at why people give their. hard-earned money to charity groups of . students were prompted to recall happy. or sad memories they then were told they . could give money to other students those . who've been prompted with happy memories . they gave more and they felt happier in . other words happy people give more to . others and giving to charity causes . happiness in the giver when people are . happy they then pay it forward they try . to make other people happy perhaps by. giving to charity but they'll also be . more charitable in their day-to-day life. another study from harvard business . review claimed if you want the biggest . payoff from an unexpected windfall of. twenty dollars. give it away you'll feel better about it . and this is reflected in our physiology . using fmri scans research published in . the proceedings of the national academy . of sciences found the orbitofrontal sub . general and lateral orbital frontal . areas of the brain get a lot of blood . flow when people are being charitable . and another study in nature neuroscience . identified the right posterior superior. temporal cortex has an active region . during charity these areas are . associated with quote primitive . mechanisms of social attachment version . and quote perception of agency the idea . that you can guess the intent of. another's action basically altruism . helps we social advanced apes work and . stick together and it's reinforced by . making us feel good that warm glow that . center only identified and numerous . studies seem to show that when one . person behaves generously it inspires . others to be a generously later to pass . it on but to bring it back . why does this happen during the holidays. according to that same national center . for charitable statistics review a . quarter to half of all giving happens . between october in december prosaically . yeah it's the end of the tax year but . that alone can explain all the giving. some sociologists think that it's . because there is simply an abundance of . opportunities to give or because people. tend to ask for charity at that time of. year but it could also be a charitable . arms race if you see someone benefiting . others it makes you want to pay it . forward to our social a past is still . there under the surface making us want. to help our fellow apes so go out and . give an advanced primate some love this . season will feel better for it . we'd like to thank our sponsor kay . jewelers for helping us make this . episode for a hundred years every kiss. begins with kay altruism or being . charitable is a strange behavior to see . an animal that might not make . evolutionary sense to help your fellow. whaler shark or whatever but it's . important jules looks into it here do . you give to charity or volunteer help. out at church school scouts anything let . us know in the comments and take a sec . please and subscribe thank you . .

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