Wi-Fi Calling on iOS.

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Want to make calls and send texts using Wi-Fi? In this video, we show iPhone users how to enable Wi-Fi Calling and stay connected.
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Video transcript:
Three inTouch lets you call and text whenever you’re connected to Wi-Fi in the UK.
In areas with no signal, your phone will use Wi-Fi to keep you connected.
The great thing is, Wi-Fi Calling works in the background without you needing to download an app.
Just follow these steps to get started with Wi-Fi Calling .
One. Make sure your device’s software is up to date, you’ll need to be running iOS 10.2 or later. Go into your phone’s settings and tap “Software update”.
Two. Once you’ve updated to the latest software, you’ll need to switch on Wi-Fi Calling on your iPhone. Go to “Settings”, “Phone”, tap “Wi-Fi Calling” and toggle the button to on.
Three. Now when you connect to a Wi-Fi network and you’ve got no mobile coverage, you’ll see the words “Three WiFi Call” at the top of your phone so you’ll know it’s working.
Try making a call. Your phone will use the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to to make the phone call and send texts.
If you’ve got an Android phone, you won’t need to do this. Wi-Fi Calling will be switched on by default.
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