Will AMD Be Competitive in 2017?

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AMD has recently struggled for market share against Intel and NVIDIA. Could 2017 be the year AMD finally turns it around, thanks to its new Zen and Vega architectures?
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Even if you won't let anything colored. green or blue come within 10 feet of. your pc it's hard to deny the last few . years have been a tough time for amd. fans. aside from very minor incremental. updates we haven't seen any truly new . high-end desktop cpus and team red is . still getting handily beaten in the gpu . market as well but hope springs eternal . and it looks like there's going to be . plenty for amd fans to get excited about. in 2017 but is it enough to make amd . competitive to make them more of a . mainstay among pc gamers and perhaps . most importantly to make them more of. that sweet paper that will allow them to . continue to innovate in the future to. answer let's first take a closer look at . what amd is up to on the gpu side of . things today we've seen their focus . shift from trying to compete directly. against nvidia at every segment of the . market to competing on value for the . money their new rx 480 priced at two . hundred us dollars was heavily marketed . as affordable villar at a lower price . point than in video was willing to offer . this resulted in amd shipping . one-and-a-half million more discreet . desktop gpus in the third quarter of . 2016 than they did in the same period in . 2015 merely a seventy percent increase . but can amd continue this momentum right . now there's nothing current-gen on the . high end from amd but that's set to . change very soon with vega its next . iteration of its northstar themed gpus . which andy has already confirmed will be . aimed at the high end and enthusiasts . segments while they won't be able to . undercut in video on price by very much . seeing as they essentially contract with . the same third-party fabs to actually . manufacture the chips offering. performance similar to a gtx 1070 or . 1080 at a slightly lower price could . help amd a great deal especially. as it doesn't actually cost the company . as much more as you might think to make . a higher tier gpu than a mid-range or a . low tier 1 which should improve their . profitability although vega gpus will be . using the same gcn fourth-generation . architecture as the rx 480 they'll be . beefed up with nearly twice as many. stream processors which could make the. gpu wars very interesting come the first . half of next year but what will the amd . fed pair his or her shiny new vegas gpu . with well amd's new zen cpu lineup will . be released soon. marking a dramatic shift in amd cpu. philosophy as well you see part of the. reason amd lost so much ground in the. cpu market over the last five years is . that they focused more on core count . meaning that you could buy a 6 or an 8 . core amd chip for fairly cheap but . performance per core has leg behind . intel often significantly with high . power consumption being yet another . cross to bear. and since single-threaded performance is. typically more important for gamers and. even in multi-threaded workloads past a . certain number of course as we. discovered recently amd chips have been . a harder sell especially considering . that the amd desktop platform at least. their high-end fx chipsets haven't been . updated in so long that they lack native. support for usb 3dr for pci express 3. 0 . and nvme ssds and that's ignoring intel . specific standards that are gaining. traction like thunderbolt three most of . that though changes with zen as amd has . publicly announced that the focus is. squarely on per core performance along . with lower power consumption and early. reports seem to indicate that zen might . be pretty close to intel's broadwell . family performance wise and while . broadwell is a couple of generations old . at this point. keep in mind that intel single-threaded . improvements from broadwell to the . current generation kb lake have been . quite minimal as the focus for intel has. been more on improving the platform . overall including graphics performance. so the vast majority of users might be . hard-pressed to notice too much of a . difference between a red computer and a . blue one so with that in mind . amd pricing the chips correctly could . mean users might choose n instead of . paying the intel tax for performance . boost they might not notice or intel . exclusive technologies like thunderbolt . but of course amd isn't just a mainstay . in desktop pcs how are things looking . for their laptop and console endeavors . well the good news for amd is that not. only did their sales of laptop gpus grow . in 2016 . but amd gpus were also included in all. 15 inch models of the new apple macbook . pro which is flying off the shelves for . some reason of course a small kick in . the teeth is that amd is no longer the. only player in the console graphics . market with nintendo switching from a . custom amd chip to an nvidia soc for its . new switch hybrid console back to the. original question though . while amd has some obvious hurdles to. clear 2017 looks like it's going to be a . very exciting year if 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