Will iPhone 7 Plus Lighter Case Explode?

Quite possibly the best iPhone 7 case to date.
What's up guys tech racks here so i . wanted to show you my quick little. custom iphone 7 plus case i got going on . here and i just wanted to test this case . to its full potential by popping each. one of these and seeing that the phone . survive so i got these things pretty . attached pretty good to the phone and. it's a great case i have been using it . for a couple days guys thing is better . than the invention of sliced bread but. or trying to prove here is will the . phone survive if these blasts that's . what we're going to be doing i'm gonna . pop each and every one of them to see . whether at the end the phone can still . survive. ok guys so not too sure whether this is. going to pop or going flames but . remember the ultimate goal is for all of. them to pop or you know flame off while . the phone is still in working condition. i got my handy dandy blowtorch let's get . this going guys we're gonna start with . just one and then we might move into . multiple at a time so let's just start. with one. that's one and phone is still working we . gotta keep going guys we got to keep . going. i heard the pop let's keep going . that was crazy . let's try to a time now . one more guys one more on the top . that's lame went straight in my face . guys did you not just been checking . account until modifier ok i'm not on . fire but guys all of the lighters are. popped will the phone still work i know . it looks a little bit hanging on the top . but i'm gonna clean this off first thing . actually think the water phone is . water-resistant i'm gonna get these . flames off as quick as possible so now . we're going to take those lighters off. and see if the phone is still working . but guys check it out there's an apple . logo i don't know if you guys can see . that i don't want to touch the phone . because i know it's burning hot but . there's an apple logo analysis. temperature. everyone needs to cool down before you . can use the guy so that's the sun right . there just did it on its own . let's go ahead and do this guy's it's . time to see the final result of the . iphone 7 plus and yes it still turns on . it does say unable to activate touch id . on the iphone but look at this if i . still power is on and off that works . vibration switch one thing i don't like . is you know ever since they changed that . social aspect of where the whole button . was an actual button and they made and . now it's just that vibration sensor it . will never work you know the phone will . not survive this. the strenuous type of test because they . just it's all you know wire to where . it's just you can't even budge the . button and so nothing works will just . automatically kill it with fire because . i've known like the iphone 5 back in the . day you know if you destroy that thing. and that that bun can still click that . phone will still turn on but just to . show you guys the back to pretty well . phone still works i mean i can go into . the camera so thanks for watching guys . as always stay tuned for more videos and . peace out. .
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