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Are wireless gaming mice finally on par with their wired counterparts? Ed investigates...
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It's 2016 and wireless controllers have been a thing for a long time on tonsils i use a wireless xbox controller for a bunch of games but what about mice why aren't we all using wireless mice for gaming on pc i could just say it's because between tv input lag and cinematic frame rates console players can't tell the difference anyway but while that's actually part of the answer the rest of it is actually less offensive to console gamers and possibly more interesting stay tuned be quiet silent wings three use a smooth-running 6-pole loader to remain silent and better cool your pc check them out at the link below back to our original question for a moment if manufacturers have been pushing wireless technology down our throats for over ten years now why haven't cordless mice every really taken off outside of the office one since their wireless they're gonna need batteries and that means they can't be all that light a couple of popular gaming mice and men competitive gamers like the final mouse the logitech g pro they're like seventy and eighty four grams respectively but the g900 and g 403 wireless are both 107 grams that's twenty percent heavier than the g four three wide version with that said the bodies of other respectable gaming mice like the razer deathadder and steelseries rival are actually about the same so wireless mice aren't in a different way class altogether except for the mamba that is a whale at 125 grams 2 batteries don't just add weight they also add inconvenience like white mice never need to be charged and while office grade wireless my skin last month's on a pair of disposable batteries wireless gaming mice peak tons of their higher performance hardware and higher polling rates needs to be charged several times a week adds kind of inconvenient i i never do it load some of them have handy docks which is a bit more convenient than plug in usb connector but it's it takes up valuable desk space that i can populate with action figures or pop-tarts and on the subject of valuable 3 wireless mice are much more expensive like well you can get good wired gaming mice for like twenty to thirty dollars if you don't get fancy things like rgb lighting the g 403 wireless sits at $99 with higher end models like the g900 and razor mamba they're gonna cost you around 150 bucks and what do you get for your money a better gaming experience dunno what you get is problem number 4 more input lag at least that used to be the case like okay so far it sounds like this entire video is going to be one long hate session on wireless mice because i'm soames tired of pretentious gaming mouse purest but i've actually been using the g 403 wireless and this was not an easy decision but unlike my previous attempts to go wireless like with the razer ouroboros this time i am not going back let's talk about why while i don't have the scientific apparatus to validate their claims logitech says their wireless performance is on par or better than white mice and does this look like a face that would lie to you know but really i haven't seen or felt anything to make me doubt that i don't know this adelaide movement or clicks and i i haven't had it disconnect white mice i'll actually have this connect because i'll accidentally pull out the cable and this thing this this works even in my apartment with light signals bouncing around everywhere from neighbors and outside of like a crowded land party that's probably the worst case scenario for wireless products in general with no performance issues not having to deal with a cable after so many years of using a mouse bungee or we're taking it to my desk or wrapping it around the lamp it's just awesome i i love lightweight nice but i feel like trading some wait for a more full range of motion to make flick shots with out knocking over its finally worth it and while this doesn't solve all of my wireless complaints like i forget to charge my mouse constantly because i'm a bit of a scatterbrain i haven't had it die on me yet because full charge lasts about 25 hours of constant use and i can't play constantly for 25 hours and when it gets low it tells you to plug in i just forget but it still works okay but i don't expect you to take my word for it entirely like i'm i'm not a filthy casual like linus or whatever but there's a reason why people including myself look to the pros and wonder what are they using to win tournaments and you know we just want a tournament using the g43 wireless cloud nine automatic they bsk in the esl proleague finals and he was if you ignore the salty salty brazilian sk fans he was the real mvp of the tournament new mouse big victory coincidence maybe but i think the only reasonable conclusion is that wireless is the future ok so when all that said not all wireless is created equal so for the time being the answer is a bit more complicated you may have noticed that this video started out as wired vs wireless and ended up mostly being about logitech g400 three and g900 the reason for that is that i just i can't recommend the other solutions the g9 hundreds price might be off-putting and you might not like the ambidextrous shape and design the g43 wireless is a teper more mainstream option but it still comes at a price and wait premium over the wired version i still think they're worth it but some people don't two options can't really kill off white gaming mice but they're proof that the technology is here and it's ready are you ready for wireless mice let us know in the comments below thing is the mobile carrier that is focused on customer service and customer satisfaction first you can tell them and speak directly to a real living person and with thing you only pay for what you use the average thing bill is only 23 dollars per month per device if you're currently stuck in a contract you can switch the thing and they will cover twenty-five percent of your cancellation fee up to 75 dollars and over to line is not 10. com today and try out their savings cal earlier to see what you could save thanks for watching guys if this video sucks you know what to do you i know you know it's do and unfortunately but if it was awesome get subscribed hit that like button or check out the link to where you can buy this stuff we featured at amazon in the video description also linked in the description is our merch store which has cool shirts that aren't this but you know they have stuff on them so that might be cool to you and you can find our community forum which you should totally join now that you're done doing all that stuff you're probably wondering what you are watching next click that button in the corner over here where there will probably be something for you to watch probably on channel super fun you got your dolls i don't know i mean action figures i don't play with dolls i don't know why is that dulls know
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