WSO Dec 4 – Are We Actually Hoping for a Mass Extinction?

Look, I get prophecy, I get human fear, I get being awake versus not being awake....but for God's sake, lets stop hoping for a ELE and start praying for the salvation of mankind. Anything else is ungodly...period.
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[music] [music] [music] everybody at school since december 4 2016 kind of late on third actually put up on the court hey sorry for the delay we've been working on the website getting things done we have a couple of emails we gotta clean up on yet so if you haven't seen you no justification it's getting all cleaned up now we have our lists all that kind of fixed up for wso life and just wanted to go to go into today looking at this caltech article now it's already been reported on many many many times but this is from their spend some other channels that have been taking some notice of this but again this kind of comes back to you know this curious tilt of the sun i remember we talked about the tilt of the sun talk to the moon tilted these other things and it's often times that we get the bunk and i'm not saying that i that were right or wrong i think that we have good good reasons to believe that there is a tilt on both the but you know of both the moon and of the son because of the introduction of some other objects in the solar system anyway i think just interesting that caltech puts this out and then we all decide to start hearing a kind of rush of of channel starting to go to this information this is information that wso has been reporting on for quite some time now and i just wanted to kind of point you to this this article to go take a look at it yourself but when i've got brown saying that there's you know that there's a reason you know that there might be a tilt you no problem the sun because of another planet you know i i guess we have to stand up and take notice but i'd also say thank you for the subscribers who have been noticing it and have been studying it so i want to get into a couple of the subscriber pictures and this one was amazing look at this with the chem trails complete with the chem trails in a very clear or object in the sky and it's the green planet and we've been seeing a lot and when i talk about you know what you know guys when i talk about kim trailing and like we talked about you know this green planet we've been seeing the screen planet since the summer ok you know i want to be careful to point something out a lot of folks want this to be this end-of-the-world even they were that it's almost like they want to see people die it's almost like they want to be it you know they want to be vindicated for knowing that this is happening and then watching people dying lee or something like that and w so does not take that point of view wso believes and wants to trust in god that our prayers do mean something to the god of love and that we are asking him to protect this planet and in spite of his prophecies in spite of all the things that are out there we also know that god works all things to the good of those who love him so when we talk about you know planet x and these planets and everything like that we're not convinced 100-percent that it's going to have a huge dramatic effect on the earth yet we have been seeing dramatic changes in the earth's earthquakes and other things like that and we have been seeing these planets we would expect that there would be some effects on the earth but i also think that there are people that are fighting against it i think that our government is actually trying to do something about it like for example when we look at the cam trailing one of the purposes of the aluminum in the controlling we know is to reduce the magnetic signature of earth making it harder for there to be a little sphere lock on the earth and they're doing all kinds of things trying to mitigate or maybe prevent this okay they also put dastardly chemicals it's like nothing could be pure from the government it's always something has to be wrong with it right so in addition to the aluminum which makes perfect sense to create a magnetic barrier between the earth and anything that's coming in adding nano particular its genetic material red blood cells into the chemtrails wire the hell they're doing why the heck they're doing and i could not tell you but anyway i just wanted to get on a thing about this whole thing why are we why are why is the christian community especially why are we so gung-ho to see millions of people died i'm not with you guys on that i am not into that i do not want to see that i want to prepare as many people so that when they see it they don't freak out and become sheep love the government gets turned into fema camps i'm talking about having independence and sovereignty to say look i'm looking at this thing i don't have to believe it means disaster complete disaster but the prophecies that we've seen from crazy horse from the book of revelation from all over the place would seem to suggest that there's going be an ass whooping okay i get it but at the same time i do believe that we can pray to god and ask him to mitigate and save lives not to sit there wish vindictively that people die i'm just not into that guy's i want to see people live not die alright so here's from brazil again we're getting that big rainbow again effect which again we think is an effect of possibly the the sun combined with the artificial lighting system that creates a double rainbow so one would be the sun rain fell the other one would be the artificial lighting system rainbow and again going into the artificial lighting system for just a second i just wanted to remind our listeners that we talked about this that we think that there's a foreign l lens system that's deployed in space that actually is being used to distort our view of space let me give an example here this is from kayle kayle analyst who's one of our good supporters of wsl and when she takes photographs of the sun she can actually see this thing whipping around and just creating this kind of obfuscation or spreading of light away from our eyes and not being able to see it and then because she's very patient she can pick up pictures of like this green planet and other things because she waits for that system to fail or two just slightly move to the next place and what i'm telling you is when you say why can't i go look up in the sky and see it we have explained odd nauseam why this damn thing is is hard to see and i want to go back and take a look and we'll do another video on the artificial lighting system because i talked to subscribe today that wasn't convinced so i'm going to have to do another video and prove it to her anyway so at the end of the day i just want you to be aware that there we theorize that there is an artificial lighting system and obfuscation system this is also from the jeff p-channel was a friend of wso as well and will continue to talk about that now let's end up this segment by just showing you this here is an example of how this artificial look at the perfect little star right first of all that's not normal that's not all the sun really looks at the sun is like bizarre goes all over the place then you've got these you know these weird lens flares that just show up image and what it's doing is trying to move your point of reference away from what is behind this thing but again we're starting to see the system fail and this other objects start to show up behind there and jeff p is not a great job documenting this so i'm basically just parroting what jeff says but this is actually the let this this lensing system in effect and it's failing guys it's starting to fail we're starting to see these these objects behind the sun you know what i mean so let's go on to the next thing here i just want to finish this very short video up tonight by saying i've been on the road hard getting ready to move out west in the process of moving out to idaho i have a team in north dakota right now that's going to get ready to go to arizona we've got our website going and by the way if you haven't received an email yet just be patient we've got a couple of cleanup list that we're working out right now and we missed a couple of the first round of subscribers will get those out tomorrow to tomorrow monday and again i'm sorry about the delay if you if you're one of the people that face the delay if you don't see your sign-in sheet by tuesday of next week email me at also not steven d @ gmail. com or if you have any other kind of pictures or anything you want to share with us but i'm telling you right now we're really starting to take off and you can tell because one of the things that's happening w cells were getting out like these just frivolous copyright strikes are coming at us in a bull in a kind of a flurry and so they're doing everything they can't right now as we continue to grow and fun our operation through the website and through donations that are given to wso2 continue this work real quick update on the north dakota pipeline situation right now there are over 4,000 us veterans that are going to be doing an action tomorrow we're going to actually walk out to the front line and the idea is that they're going to stand to protect the praying praying people they're going to be unarmed there are rumors that are being spread by this that by this police force this military force that there that the veterans are going to bring weapon and the indians are going to try to set off their pts see what the hell do they come up with this stuff man this is the most peaceful group of people i've ever been around their way more peaceful the most of the christians i know and they're praying all the time and they're not judging anybody they just want to be left alone they want their land to be left alone and they want the united states the honor of 1851 treaties so these veterans these brave better its 4,000 maybe 5,000 tomorrow will be walking upon the lines to protect the indians in their prayer number two there's some negotiation between the the the high you know original native group and the police on like some just crazy stuff around how they're going to do the borders around the bridge again man guys listen to me 1851 that's indian land it was stolen made private by by the by these oil companies who bought this from the indians and really there wasn't any right for the government to do that because it was treating land so no that's the update from north dakota the websites rolling we're going to be putting a whole new set of content on there up there next week i know that's a lot of announcements from wso right now because that's why we're we are busting at the seams growing we have a new address please look at it below its in boise for if you're in the right to wso course any kind of materials or anything like that to me send them to the address below hope you all have a good night good morning or where to return watching this video and we'll be putting up a ton of stuff next week so stay tuned
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