Your Mobile Carrier Is Probably Throttling Your Data!

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Unfortunately there is a VERY good chance that your data is being throttled by your mobile carrier such as Verizon or T-Mobile. I show proof that there is throttling happening in this video. Subscribe for more:
Please run these tests for yourself and comment the results below!! Make sure to say what carrier you're on. Thanks for sharing this video.
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In this video I test out both Netflix and YouTube speeds and also show a switch for T-mobile to fix your data throttling.
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Everyone tim schofield here and i'm a . little upset i even have to make this . video but it's definitely worth everyone . knowing feel free to share this video if . you'd like but anyways there is a very . solid chance that your mobile carrier is . probably throttling your data now a big . problem is that they're throttling it in . specific services now i was able to test . this on t-mobile and verizon and got . throttled on both of them i will show . you that in just a second but that was . only through netflix youtube and . potentially other services as well like . i said i was only able to test it on . those two carriers so if you have other. carriers may be eating t sprint others . please drop a comment run these tests . yourself and let me know your results if . you're getting throttled and whatnot and . even if you do have t-mobile i did find . a workaround and for some reason the . settings set off that you can switch to . actually uh throttle your data so let's . begin with the first test and i'm going . to test verizon first and i'm able to . test it using netflix and youtube as . well so first of all i want to run a . generation eric speed test on their lte . network i just go through google comm . their speed test so you'll see i'm . getting about 40 through 4 plus megabits . per second download speed so very very . good download speed i do live in chicago . i generally get very good lte data . speeds on all carriers essentially so. you'll see here very good data speeds i . don't need to run through the upload . test but now what i'm going to do is run . a test on what the website fast comm . which is run through netflix server so . very similar it as if you're watching a . video on netflix and what i think . happens is the mobile carrier recognizes. that it's going through netflix servers . and you'll see i'm only getting . megabits per second download speed and . they do throttle it generally around 10 . and that is consistent this video is . actually spurred from a reddit thread i . will link to it down below and people . are reporting very similar results i . hope you drop a comment let me know what . your results are but like i said this is . throttled at 10 megabits per second fast. comm through netflix servers now i want . to go ahead and jump into youtube and . you'll see i'm on my youtube channel . right here and of course this will help . with buffering and things taking time to. load especially if you're trying to . watch a video even at 1080p so first of . all what i want to do is jump into . setting. and show you how to activate this so go . to settings general make sure you don't . limit mobile data usage that is a key . and then make sure you check enable . stats for nerds oops didn't actually . mean to back out of that let's go back . into youtube and then i want to go ahead . and search for a video so let's go and . load up a video real quick of course . this is my video looks like there's an . ad that's going to load real quick if . that or watch it if you if you'd like to . anyway so here's a video now i'm going. to go ahead and switch the the quality . if see it's already set to 1080p and . it's and it's running through looks like . it's a little jittery there goes take. some time to buffer and load up that . video but now you see it's taking some . time let's go into settings real quick . and stats for nerds and those pop-up and . check out the bandwidth . you'll see it is only at three point . four five megabits per second that . should be much higher than that i'm not . exactly sure why you're not getting the . bandwidth that you would get on the . regular speed test to see only six point . nine two similar to at seven you'll see . similar to that fast background speed . test. i think it's recognizing where the data. is coming from and throttling it . specifically throttling the speeds as . well and this is fine maybe if you have . a limited data plan but if you have an . unlimited data plan this makes no sense . you want to utilize the max speeds as . much as possible now let's go ahead and . run the exact same tests on a phonon . t-mobile's network so again this is a . generic internet speed test from. google. com ticket stalling a bit it . should go ahead and run through and . finish with a final number but again 59 . it's almost 60 megabits per second . download speeds and you'll see upload . speeds are fantastic as well so . t-mobile's network looking good now . let's do the exact same thing let's go . too fast calm through netflix servers . again and you'll see it starts out . really high you see 19 and then a drunk . keeps dropping down why is it doing that . it shouldn't do that night like i said i . think key mobile sees oh . netflix servers let's go ahead and start . throttling this data and you'll see it . goes all the way down to about 3 . megabits per second that's generally . what the average speed i have been . getting throttled on t-mobile . even going sub three megabits per second . so pretty unacceptable again let's go . ahead and jump into youtube okay so what . it up a video just switched it to 1080p . quality going to try and scroll through . and you'll see it is taking a good . amount of time to load and let's go to . those stats and let's take a look at . what that bandwidth says so it takes a . little bit of time to load up and there . we another that's loaded take a look one . point four seven megabits per second. it's no wonder that these videos are . taking so long the buffer while i'm on . mobile data and this is just . unacceptable and especially because if . they go the route of okay looks like . we're going to throttle your speeds on . youtube pay more extra $10 fee or . something to get unlimited hd streaming . where you don't get throttled that is . just insane and should not be the case . now for me i'm on a t-mobile one plan . and i realize there is a way which may . be included in your plan which may not . be you're going to have to call and . check i called and check they said i'm . not going to get billed for it . at least if you're on t-mobile is a way . to actually turn off this throttling at . least from my experiences alright so . let's get started and you'll see i'm on . my t-mobile account my t-mobile comm. website i'm blowing out a bunch of stuff . for obvious reasons anyways all you have . to do is hop up into profile in the . upper right hand corner here and click . on it and then once you've done that on . the left side here you'll see something . called media settings click on that and . you'll see you can set your media . preferences it might look different . depending on the t-mobile plan you're on . but what you need to do is check this - . on so i'm going to do that actually if i . go to my line of service it should be . off and that is why i was getting . throttling and this is set by default . it's set off by default and then i got . lucky enough to have it included in my . plan so that's just me a lot of t-mobile . customers might not have it included in . their plan and even if they do it's set . off by default so what i'm going to do . is check the hd video resolution and . turn it on and run those tests again so . now that i've checked it i'm going to . reboot my phone and run those exact same . tests so every time i turn this on . and off i get a message from t-mobile it . says purchasing . hd video and i said okay i'm not going . to pay for this i called in they said . it's included my plan i will not get . billed i turned it off it says hd video . was removed you will still be charged on . your bill i called again they said don't . worry i won't be charged so i turned it . back on just now it says you may need to . reboot to activate your pass which is . fine but let's go ahead and run those . exact same tests so i'm going to go . ahead and just do the fast comm one of . course because you will know that the. data speeds and the google one were just . fine so there we go fast comm after . turning that on all the way up to 65 . megabits per second insane that was . after i switched that toggle that was . set off by default so clearly they are . doing doing some throttling and let's go . to youtube as well so we can show that . off i'm going to do the exact same thing . and check it out right there 50 3. 1 . megabits per second just what it should . be you utilize the full speeds of your . data and you you'll see they're clearly . throttling it and unfortunately that's . the case you might need to pay extra to . not get throttled data which is . incredibly dumb and should not be the . case which is just i cannot get over how . this is okay and allowed and again this . is just testing on verizon i don't even . think verizon has a switch i got lucky . enough to have it included my own plan . on t-mobile but i'm not sure if verizon . even has a switch to change it to switch . from that 10 megabits per second . throttling but there you haven't really . wanted to raise some awareness to this . so please share the video if you would . like to definitely test it out on your . at&t sprint all of your other carriers . as well and see if they are throttling . your data and of course you might want . to call and check and see if there's . some sort of switch to actually get that . throttling off although they don't call . it throttling they just call it . oh it's set to lower quality video by . default instead of hd video that is not. the case clearly they're throttling it . depending on what servers it's running. through so definitely worth sharing . worth knowing about hopefully you . enjoyed this video click that thumbs up . if you did subscribe as well i'd really . appreciate . lots more videos coming soon and as . always thank you very much for watching . guys. .
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