Youtube Sent Me Mystery Box!?

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What's up everybody welcome back to more . about toy safety is nabob perch and . today's gonna be a little different . video cuz i'm gonna be doing unboxing of . this on the box from youtube honestly i . have no expectation from this box to . come into my house i was like what is . this box and then i read the label and . it's from youtube and i was really . excited to show you guys and let's see . what's inside. i honestly did not expect anything to . get from youtube . sir-sir was surprising alright let's pop . this open whoa i see youtube logo . wow look at that well packaged form over . here boom look at that youtube is this . another play button or something look . how thin this one is well let's open it . up and find out what its looks at on the . inside nice there's a little envelope . with a bow very beautiful . oh look at that crazy russian hacker . another play button but it's not really . a play button cuz there's no button on . it or play button it just smile or go . crazy russian hockey oh my new log of . restarts and that here says crazy . russian hacker and youtube on the bottom . awesome we're gonna hang it somewhere . right here in the studio let me pop this . open just to see what it looks like . nice little nicely framed done and i'd . hear in the background look at that i . don't know if you can see you see it's. all of you guys stop comments so it says. does this was cool i love how you say . coo combo combo and actually spelled it . out to combo that's so funny you guys . are amazing with your comments you might . favorite british youtuber i'm not . british what am i sound like british lm8 . oh best coop ever i've watched this . video twice just because it was so . satisfying . good video as always keep calm keep up . the great work . imagine to us making bank with your . smiling face mwah thank you for showing . this cool gadget i think i'll buy one . for my dog when we go to the park and . there is lots of lots of other comments . i'm gonna read them all over time this . man is amazing smiley face always so . positive epic is this new favorite would . ha. this guy's house is definitely full of . gadgets yes it is and a lot of them i . actually use i love those gadgets . man this thing is so awesome i'm so . happy youtube send it to me and they . personalize it by your guys comments so . it's almost like we both got an award . from youtube everybody who have left . this comment maybe you guys can . recognize it maybe it's one of yours . carbons but i'm sure they picked out the . most popular comments and put them on . the glass list an amazing and let's see . what else you got in here oh check this . out in the back of the note what is this . oh my gosh wow sharing is caring and . that's why we made some extra poster for . you to share with your fans as well no . way if they really look at that they . even gave me a pen to sign them and give . them away guess what guys should we do a . giveaway i think we will do a giveaway i . have to come up with they're some kind . of giveaway plan so that way it's fair . so in a future video i probably will do . a giveaway. whoa it's already in envelopes no way . wow guys check this out . boom who wants a poster like this of . crazy russian hacker i need to know . youtube poster so you know what i gotta . set up a giveaway guys well guys i had . no idea youtube actually send me . something to give away to my fans and . it's actually really surprising and i . want to set up a giveaway first before . i'm gonna start a giveaway so maybe on . glim like everybody else do it on on . some kind of website so let me set it up . and definitely watch my future videos in . the next two or three videos within a . week maybe ten days maximum i'm gonna . set up this giveaway so definitely don't . wanna miss that stay tuned to do those . next videos you might see a giveaway in . one of those videos on this channel but . yeah guys how amazing is this this is . youtube actually care about us they send . you cool stuff like this they even send . extra posters to give away to fans . honestly youtube is the best they care . about us and their community well guys . that's pretty much it . huge thumbs up for me so if you enjoyed . this video please give this a thumbs up . also let me know in comments below if . you excited about giveaway don't be sad . my near future videos because if you . miss my videos you might miss out on the . giveaway and this is one-of-a-kind for . sure because it's made by youtube i will . sign it and i'll give it away so this . giveaway probably will be the best . giveaway ever that i will ever do . because it's form youtube that i can . giveaway mind the law i'm so excited for . this giveaway anyway thank you for . watching don't forget to subscribe and . i'll see you next time . .
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