10″ of Rain Takes Its Toll, But Lake Berryessa is Taking Its Shape Again – 1.11.17 LB News

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Rock slides, mud slides and falling trees on one hand, a rising Lake Berryessa on the other. We'll take it! Caltrans has their work cut out for them in the Eastern hills of Napa County, as recent rains totaling 8-12" is some areas have caused several dozen slides, a couple of which are too volatile to begin cleaning up.
Hwy 121 between Napa and Lake Berryessa will open later today when the tree is removed from the phone lines, but the rockslides on HWY 128 will take several days to clean up.
The lake on the other hand has gone up over 10' this week, putting it just 22' below the spillway, and about 72% full. There is also lots of floating debris, so fisherman... be careful while boating.
We'll see you on the lake!
Video by: The Lake Berryessa News
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