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Yahooooooo!!!! My channel just turned 100,000 subscribers, and it's ALL because of YOU! I'm just so blown away that in just a little over a year the channel has grown from a few hundred subscribers to 100,000!! THANK YOU EACH AND EVERY ONE!! All the credit for any growth this channel has had belongs, to you, the audience, who tunes in and keeps coming back to watch these videos. Your courage and open-mind to new and fairly radical ideas are the reason we've grown so fast!
In this video, I try to summarize why I feel these ideas have resonated with so many people enough to keep coming back and watching, them. Hopefully, they will help to clarify to you, what your motivations may be.
While I am very grateful for each and every one of you, I always try to remember that there are still many more who feel hopeless and helpless and they too need to hear the message that they can live far better on much less and enjoy life at the same time.
So I had better get going on that next video--it won't shoot itself!!
No matter how cheap your budget, you can learn something from this video about vandwelling and how to turn your car, van, caravan or RV into a surprisingly cheap and mobile, tiny house on wheels! Then you can live the life of your dreams by adopting a minimalist, simple and frugal life of travel and adventure as a gypsy, nomad, traveler or even a prepper by dropping out of the Rat Race and becoming a full-time Vandweller or RVerr
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Caption: [music]. hi and welcome back to my next video . what happened a party so we're having a . big celebration now i have hit a hundred . thousand viewers and i just can't tell . you how humbled and grateful i am for . each and every one of you that watch my . videos and and then the subscribe or . like or even dislike that's even a good . thing you dislike i'm just so grateful . to each and every one of you it has . meant so much to me to get to know you . those of you who have written in and . comment you've joined the forum you've . come to the rtr you're coming to the rtr. you're emailing you're just connecting . with me through the medium of video and . i just can't tell you how . extraordinarily grateful i am and. humbled that a hundred thousand of you . have cared enough to subscribe to my . channel and that there have been . millions and millions of views of my . videos i just if you had told that to me . a year ago a couple years ago when i . first started wanting to make videos and . making videos i never would have begun . to believe that was a possibility i knew . there was a need out there and i wanted . to fill it i knew i cared and have . compassion and and concern for so many. people out there that are hurting but . this kind of success in just over a year . my on this channel now i have a kind of . a strange history of youtube when i . started the youtube channel not four or . five six years ago and they never posted . anything because i'm not a very smart . guy and posting to vid making videos and . posting them was kind of hard and so my . take this off so i just did not make any . and they're just that they're empty i . never did a thing with it and then my . friend and i jamie started the channel . because he was a whole lot smarter than . i. and and he knew how to make videos and . so together we made videos and they did . really well and people liked them we had . a falling apart we had a disagreement . and so we separated and then sometime . later i started this channel that you . are watching now and i'm hope hopefully . you're subscribed to a hundred thousand . of you are subscribed to you thank you . each and every one so much and so you . are watching that channel i uploaded the . first video to this channel on september . 30th of 2016 last year i don't believe i . would have posted it right away i think . i would have uploaded a bunch of them . and then once i had a bunch of them up . there . in october i posted three four or five . more i believe i actually started the . channel in november i think it has been . functioning as a channel for just about . one full year now. a year or a year in a month it's it's . been fast to get 200,000 subscribers in . a year or in a year in a month wow . just i really am humbled and grateful . i'm grateful that so many of you have . found something of interest i'm grateful . that i have been able to make some small . contribution to your life if all i've . done is giving you a channel to and . someone to hate and that's what i've . done for some of you oh someone new to . hate and just sin awful ugly email - if . that's what i've done for you i'm . grateful if i have inspired you if i . have taught you if i have simply . educated you and entertained you i mean. if all i've done is provided a brief . entertainment break from your life i'm. grateful for that i mean that just means . so very very much to me thank you thank . you each and every one the success of . this channel has little to do with me it . has so much to do with you because you . had when you stopped malatya just . stumbled across you had no idea about . nomadic living or living . van or living in an rv but you are aware . of it but you never even considered it . and you stumbled across my channel and a . light hopefully a light went off and you . thought to yourself you know what this . is something i could do . and so this channel owes everything to . your open mind when you said wait a . minute maybe i could do that and the . light went on and even if i can't do it . i'm interested and that that was an open . mind and an openness to new ideas that . just speaks so highly for each and every . one of you and some of you have got . rushed at how typing rushed out bought a . van got your car ready to go and are on . the road i hear from you i hear from you . all the time i'm bob i'm coming to the . rtr bob i'm going to ehrenburg where do . i meet people and so wow and you know i . wasn't brave enough to do what you were . doing i was absolutely forced to live in . a van and kicking and screaming and so . you are so many of you so much braver. than i was you have the courage to take . a leap of faith so whether you're just . thinking about it or you're doing it my . i am so grateful to each and every one . of you thank you thank you so much this . channel is about you and one of the . things i have done and i've done very . little of us talk about me this channel . is not about me this channel is about . you and i want to focus on you and i . want you to learn i want you to be . entertained i want you to be inspired. and so nearly every video is somehow . aimed at improving your life in one of . those ways motivating inspiring . educating or just simply entertaining . and so you are the stars and if there's . been any success it's because of each . and every one of you individually making . it happen . so why have i succeeded and i . you know they're gonna be the haters . haters lots of ammunition here or start . to take notes all you haters take notes. oh he's so egotistical he's had success . he is nobody he's done nothing i know . it's all true . it all is all true in fact this case you . hate her so fuel what what's a little . what you say is true in this case it is . true i am nothing and i have had no . success it all belongs to you i have a . hundred thousand subscribers in a year . is a success i think you could . objectively say that most people would . say that so what is my success been on . my success has been on the one primary. motivating driving factor and that is to . provide hope whatever your situation is . why ever you click on my videos more . than anything else i want to provide you . with hope because i have spent much of . my life hopeless and i i have a deep . empathy and compassion for the idea of. feeling hopeless in in a world that is . just really kind of difficult there are . four main areas that i intend to bring . you hope in the first is money in . finances i know that after the 2008 . crash our economy has changed and . probably changed forever and so there . are many of you out there that are in . desperate financial states and so my . number one in primary goal is to offer . you folks hope that you can have a good . life on the money you have smith some of . you are in fixed situations disability . or social security thought your finances . were wiped out by the crash or or by . health issues so many of you write to me. and tell me about those things and i . want to offer you money hope you can . have a good life with so little money . and that's the number one message i hope . to bring to everyone out there . cheap rv living cheap rv living and the . rv may be your car but it's still a . recreational vehicle and you can. have a light a good life of recreation . and travel on incredibly little money i. know people who live well in their vans . or cars or old trailers for five or six . hundred a month and everything i do has . that as a as a ultimate goal there are . people to watch this channel that have . money and they do want to live well and . i want to provide something for them too . i want to provide my audience as broad . and audience as possible as much as i . can so the number one hope i provide . hope to provide to each of to you is . money the second group of people and . maybe the great vast majority is people . who are just looking for more out of . life i mean even if you have even if . you're broke and you're just living on . five hundred a month you're still . looking for more out of life maybe . you've got plenty of money but you're . still not satisfied there is a. dissatisfaction with your life that's . why you're on youtube and surfing around . and looking for more you're looking for. a better life because you're . dissatisfied for whatever reason and i'm . not going to to try to say that i know . what your reason for being dissatisfied . is i just saying you're looking that's . why you're poking all around on youtube. and why you stumbled across my channel . you're dissatisfied for those of you who . are dissatisfied with life i hope to . provide you a sense of adventure that . word adventure is way overused although . i do intend to bring to you a sense of. adventure something more something . better and in that word adventure is the . sub word venture which means to travel . forth with a unknown destination and . unknown end there's an element of risk . to a venture so that's the second group . of people you were dissatisfied with . your life and you're just looking for . more i want to give you the opportunity . to have that more and in a way you can . afford it and if with the minimum amount . of risk i mean if you have the money and . you go out and buy a minivan . well this yes is are you can you can . take your travels and take your trips in . the minivan you . now you hate it you can probably sell . that minivan for what you've got into it . you've lost almost nothing so the risk . is pretty minimal . but they gained what if you get out . there and you love living in your . minivan you love the simplicity you love . the freedom you love the sense of . adventure and i can wake up and go . anywhere i want today and so there is a . huge reward and minimal risk for many of . you and that's what i'm offering you a . sense of adventure a since you're of . questing the question and that's what . most of you are doing on youtube you

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