2018 RTR Drones and Seminar

Vlog from RTR 2018
Hi everyone welcome back to my next . video i'm just doing this a real quick . video and throw up . i got obviously a seminar going on. behind me carolyn is from carolyn's rv . life is doing a seminar on boondocking . i've got questions and answers and so . i'm not sure you're going to be able to . hear this me at all i hope so but i'm . just gonna swing you around a little bit . and let's just see the crowd size and . then i'm going to show you some drone. footage there are i think the official . estimates right now are 2,500 but i . think it's closer to 3 just been really . ok i'm going to swing around once you . see the size of the crowd and i will . call this so here is carolyn she is . speaking she's listening to a question . right now but look at all these people . around her i mean there are people . everywhere all around her yes the . gentleman in the back yes with the half . okay will do thank you please repeat the . question . lots of people i mean i and this is just . the people that come to the seminars a . lot of people are not coming to the . seminar again it's just about lessening . our impact on the environment trying to . and everything that i read said you need . to double check with any fire . restrictions in national forest i forgot . to mention that permits in national . forest you do have to have a fire permit . and i know being a california doing that . during the drought there were summers . that we weren't allowed to have fires at . all but for national forest you do have . to obtain a fire permit before you have . a fire do you need one in blm you don't . need one in blm land but it's a good. idea to check with the local fire . restrictions just to see what's going on . and i think wilderness areas also you . don't need a fire permit but most people . hike into wilderness areas you're not . really going to be driving into them . permits as far as camping you don't need . permits on blm land unless you're us . unless you're a giant group . you don't need permits in most national . forests some of the utility districts. some of the state forests some of these . okay so i'm just a quick quick look . around to show you what's here and talk . to you tomorrow we're having a great . great time i wish you were here . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. you. .
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