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Fazowicze i Fazowiczki ! Przed Wami trochę pokręcony odcinek z Afryką, która w końcu wygląda jak ta Afryka którą sobie wyobrażałem. Będzie też trochę kontrowersyjnych tez, które mam nadziej wywołają jakąś merytoryczną dyskusję. Zapraszam do oglądania! :)
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Here i am, 100 km away from windhoek. i'm going to the desert. an orange-colored desert,. and why am i walking instead of hitchhiking . because back there is a sign forbidding it. so what can i do, it fucking sucks. so i'm taking my country's law into consideration, where a sign is valid only until the next road or an intersection. so i'm walking because 200 m away from here is, is, is, you know. wait, i think. i gotta pee. fuck, two cars are going this way. oh well, i just found out that it was stupid of me to not have a hat, which i have lost,. i'm getting closer to the desert, 240 km away. the disadvantages are: firstly, no cars around, at all. secondly, look where the asphalt ends. my backpack is trying to hitchhike. i think i'm gonna put briefs on my head. i'm burning. i'm going to hell, boys and girls. a grandpa lifted me here,. he had some trash-- i mean, not trash, but weeds to throw away. and he says, 'but it's far away, got water got food '. 'a hat ', i said i don't have one but i've got a towel. food, i don't really need it. although now i'm regretful. but i've got water. 4-- 2 litres. fuck, that's too little. in this place i should say, god bless lone trees. disadvantages are. wait fuck, a car. too bad. are you turning or not . my backpack is over there with a polish flag sticking out, which i'm not sure is a good idea,. cause a car just passed by. with an empty seat. and didn't stop. so maybe this flag scares them away. well, they're germans after all, i mean. white citizens in this region of namibia, or basically the whole namibia, are mostly german. at the end of the 19th century, germans defeated british,. took over this place and made it their colony,. and there was this propaganda in germany that if anyone wanted to come to namibia. and build their own farm, they could claim as much territory as they could fence. so people came her and put a fence over, like, 30km, 30km, 30, 30, claimed such squares. in total it is- god i don't even wanna calculate. so that's how farms look like nowadays, they stretch so, so, so, so far away,. so you keep seeing a fence all the time until you approach an entrance and everyone's happy. look at this. but you can't see, that road goes far, far, far away in a straight line, too bad gopro. won't capture what a human eye can. and there's nothing else here. can't see nor hear anything. so i'm finally in a car. whose the police. and they helped me. god bless the police, at least in! namibia. they're nice here, it's a civilized country. we'll see what happens next. that was a little strange. i asked, where can i buy the cheapest food. gotta eat, right . so this dude pointed over there, under that tree. but after a while he asked, 'but do you eat dogs '. i stared at him, asking 'what do you mean, dogs '. well. this is a countryside in africa, what are they supposed to eat they eat dogs. ania told me to prepare myself for hitchhiking at 6 am. but instead of being ready, i woke up at 6 am. at 6:25, as i was almost done with tidying my tent up, the gate opened and 50 cars drove by. and now it's empty, fuck. through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault. but i bought water, a cold one, and i'm happy. what now gotta try hitchhiking. i hope someone overslept after partying last night. something's coming. alright, i'm gonna hide my camera, cause, y'know, gotta look decently. to catch a ride. and look, there's the desert. orange coloure-- a'ight gotta hide hide the ca-. dunno why i'm doing it, i've already declared that i won't go to mountains anymore,. and i'm going on a. how to call it . a dune . to put it gently. i managed to climb it. now i know why people come here in the morning. what if the temperature reaches 40°c. nononono. dunno if i wanna climb another mountain. i don't wanna go up another one,. cause my calves are dead. imagine that a car stopped for me. couldn't guess the nationality. they asked me where i'm going, so i said 'towards the next mountain'. they looked at me and asked how i got here, so i told them i hitchhiked, and will do so on my way back. they looked at each other, 'no, sorry'. i stared at them, fuck, never experienced anything like this,. when people stopped to lift you in a national park, and obviously it's tourists, not locals,. and they, well. look at each other and 'no'. first time in my life. i put the bun in my pocket. i'll tell you quickly what is happening. basically, there is this place here where you can only drive a particular type of car, . but honestly, some of these autos look like they barely can function. luckily i'm taking a land cruiser, with a dope italian dude. it's beautiful here. and where am i well, this is a desert. to be more specific, it's next to a city called sesriem. i dunn- i forgot how this desert is called, but it's all about the fact that. you know, there are many. many deserts in africa, but this one is one of the most unique,. and why because it's orange. yes, the dunes are orange-coloured. although in front of me it's. gopro probably won't. won't capture it, but. it's mixed, it's. let's say, sand colour mixed with orange. and this is some kind of oasis. what oasis. dunno if there's any water here, but this place is quite nice. i like it. as you can see, it's possible to hitchhike here. although it was difficult, i almost gave up, i. i gave up, resigned, decided to fuck it and not go anywhere, suck my dick. but in the end. it turned out to be possible, i'm riding with this mister. but the first thing he asked, he asked me where i'm from, i said 'from poland', he said 'oh, wojtyla'. so it's cool, cool. i told him that we also like italians in poland,. but kept to myself the fact that our girls get all wet when they meet them,. what, personally, irritates me a little,. but they're free just as we are, so. so it's cool. well. what you see now is how people look here like, traditionally. yep. what am i eating i'll tell you quickly. it costs 30 gr [10 cents],. kinda reminds a doughnut, but without the filling. fuck, i could've hitchhiked. i'm gonna talk to him. [etosha national park] so here's the thing, although i shouldn't really speak about it here,. but the man who lifted me is a historian, when i told him i'm from poland he, of course, started talking. about our history, and of course he, of course he knew, of course he's from namibia,. he's a black man and imagine he's teaching kids here, in the etosha park. and he knew, knew about the warsaw uprising. i told him about the partitions of poland, how we fought for freedom, through uprisings, for 123 years. but the thing is, imagine, he'll take me on safari tomorrow. for half the price, cause. of course it's- i mean not the price, but the. i'll just pay for the gas, so it's gonna be dope. all's good. and that's how, dunno if you know, wait let me turn it around so you can see me, . i got into a place which is really hard to get into, cause it's really expensive. and. i'm here because mr. historian, who works at school nearby,. invited me here, cause his friend is the owner here, so to put it gently,. i'm here surrounded by germans, you can see they're rich as. i mean, you can hear their language, and. we're having fun, well,. drinking beers and listening to music,. the best thing is we're paying as much as the workers for beers,. because his friend is the. owner. aaand. that's how it is. what about tomorrow . well, i'm lucky to be spending the night at his house, . also, he will drive me to a place where you can see all these animals,. elephants etc. and i will spend 4 hours there waiting for him, . aaand. he will pick me up at 12 and we'll go on a small safari in his car, a toyota avensis,. my dream is to buy such car once i get back, so i can drive around poland and give lectures. why this particular car cause i need a car which can drive 1000km without any, how to put it. reduntant accidents. it's cool that this guy wants to go to college,. and he asked me about cheap places, so i mentioned ukraine or poland. if he's okay with them. i told him the prices for colleges in poland,. and he's only got a bachelor's degree, which of course here's enough to be a historian,. to teach at school, but he wants the master degree, . so. he could come to poland for 2 years and do it. he's going to pay for himself,. and also pay taxes if he goes to work. and then he'll come back here. and that's it. i'll finish now cause it's time for a song. we talked a lot about the history. i didn't experience this in africa yet, basically - my mr. driver, a teacher, invited me here. to his house. this house, is, you know, it's given by the government, cause he's a teacher. in a national park. you can tell he didn't live here for long, but to put it gently,. he lives here with his daughter, so you know, no wonder it's like that,. and also he lives without his wife, you know how it is. cause she's a. let's put it this way, she works as a marine in the army. so most of the- she only has a total of one month of free time each year, so it's sad. and i'm here, he invited me and i'm grateful, but it's not, you know, this is africa. so i will pay him back for the gas etc. cause he's taking me on safari tomorrow, you know. unless i find a white driver, but you know, i'm still lucky as fuck, cause. i visited places where i'd normally have to pay shitload of money, but. i paid nothing. so what now . i'll take a show, he has a normal shower, and normal tiles, and i'm going to bed. he and his daughter went to sleep at. i dunno, a friend's house maybe, prolly a female one. so. i'm going to bed soon. as they say, we're going on safari in the morning. this mister here-- well, not really mister, he's my buddy now,. is driving me there and then goes to work,. besides. we're going- i mean he's going to drive his daughter to school. she's laughing because she thinks 'how come a white dude is in our house'. funny as heck. by the way, this episode is sponsored by karma. imagine this, he b

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