#63 Przez Świat na Fazie – W drodze do Kenii

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Drodzy Fazowicze! W dzisiejszym odcinku moja podróż, do Kenii!!! A w nim, moje przygody z gorączką, spotkanie Polaka z walizką, wiza do Sudanu i jeden z najpiękniejszych widoków jaki miałem okazje zobaczyć wychodząc z namiotu. Zapraszam do oglądania!
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Imagine this - i was offered a ride while trying to hitchhike. and this man took me to his farm where i could put my tent up. but. check this out, fuck, i opened my mouth. i mean, eyes. woke up, and said 'fine, lemme see the surroundings. '. dunno if you'll see it on camera, . but check out what's behind my tent. alright, i managed to leave the city. my forehead's got a weird temperature. it's also wet. no, i'm not sweaty. my head hurts. i prolly should see on the web what are malaria's symptoms. cause i think that's it. dunno. if anything happens, i'm about. 250 km away from the capital. i shouldn't die during these 2 days, right . that was one elegant black man. sorry, but i'm just. slightly scared. i don't have any meds for malaria. symptoms include a fever, headaches, shitting and vomiting. so far i've got a mild headache, and maybe not a fever, but. my strange forehead's. it's strange. unusual. oh well, maybe you'll experience malaria with me. but hopefully not. i just. hope so. i'm really. my forehead feels really weird. it's wet. i think i'm worried a little. i might have malaria. and i dunno where i caught it, it's different in every country, so. for the treatment, i. they will ask me where i was 2 weeks ago and so on. dunno. yeah man, a fever. i've got a fever. i'll be ok. so here's the situation. i took a ride while being afraid of having malaria,. i reached the hostel that i, i. let's say 'found'. i met dominik, a polish guy. i mean, i met him in a way that i woke up in the morning and. i was late for breakfast and said 'kurwa' [fuck] out loud, so the usual. and he came and asked 'did you just say kurwa ' to which i said "oh you're polish '. and we became buddies. your 'kurwa' woke me up. really sorry then, sorry. i was just. shocked. so the situation is as follows:. i don't think i've had malaria, whatever i had i cured it in a typical polish way,. - and we. - 2 vodkas. 2 vodkas, that was our cure. and now we're trying to hitchhike to uganda together. we will separate later, but my bro here got a suitcase instead of a backpack, so funny. i've never hitchhiked in such conditions before, . and. well let's finish here cause we gotta catch a ride. yep. i'll show you what grows in rwanda. what is it . coffee. the whole road from the rwanda's border to kigali is basically a coffee field. and people work there and. pick coffee. and we drink it. [uganda, the border] we crossed the border and now are in uganda. the good thing is that it's cheaper here. the bad thing is that there are no cars going towards kabale,. but that's where the main road towards the capital is. between congo and the capital. oh well. we're gonna stop here, cause this is where peeps drive slower, and hitchhike. we can also get to kabale for $1. i think that this chick is. weird. she had an empty car. yeah, she did. so there was a fight. we got a ride for which we paid a dollar. - but we had to negotiate hard. - yeah, we paid a lot less. the driver wanted to take more passangers, and that dude there is fucking chasing him. oh i think he said 'kurwa'. why is he walking if he knows he won't catch up. he's still walking. see the dude in yellow he's weird. i went out to get something to eat, and what do i see . a bazaar, a typical colorful bazaar. they sell everything here, everything's so colorful, this is one of the things i like about africa. another are girls' curved waists. but they're born with it. excuse me [in polish]. now i gotta go to the other side to reach the shop, but i'll have to pass through the alligators. the african alligators who ask thousands of question every 3 seconds. fuck off! that's my answer to them all. see all these buses, gotta go through them with my buddy,. so let's go. not good. let's see what time is it. 4 pm. and i'm barely 100 km away from my starting point, still 600 km ahead. what the. a fucking fly. it means one thing. dunno if i'm gonna make it. um. i will stop here and try to hitchhike. the bad thing is, i want to at least get to the border, which is 140 km away. sorry, but it's time to fight. i got a ride, but unfortunately it's not free. so why have i decided to take it it's simple. it's gonna be dark soon, and i need to get to the border,. and cross it before 6 pm. after that i might even try to hitchhike at night, that's not a problem,. but sometimes you've just got no choice and it's better to spend 8 pln [~$2,5]. or 9 pln [~$3], and just drive these 100 km and get to the border. now i'm gonna show you something funny. sorry but it's really loud around. and there's a chicken between my legs. [kenya, the border] so yesterday i ended up in such a black ass [polish idom, meaning a bad situation]. no, i mean. i'm in africa, i shouldn't be saying that. the thing is, imagine, i didn't have any place to sleep. and there was no checkpoint, police station nor gas station, any safe place. so i had to sleep in a place for. truck drivers. 20 pln [~$6,5] for a place to sleep in africa is really cheap,. and what surprised me was that they had warm water there. but the most important thing is that nothing bad happened to me. alright, time to get to nairobi. i got a lift and one things really surprised me,. and. alright, i will show you first and then we'll talk. see on the mirror's handle. there are. nails. see . and why . i asked the driver and he said 'well. it's for criminals'. because when they're driving, thugs would come, grab it, pull themselves up, . break the window, get inside and steal your stuff. but here, he would grab it and fuck himself up, to put it gently. and i honestly support it and wish polish truck drivers could also have such 'weapons'. what worries me tho is that. the european law. will prolly prohibit such ideas. because we are supposed to allow others rob us, kill us,. cause how dare you try to protect yourself. if someone broke into your house and broke his leg because of a slippery floor,. he would fucking sue you. that's fucked up. that's life. but i really like this idea. it's my fifth month in africa, and i've seen this for the first time. he's got it on both sides and really, he's the master of the world. i respect him a lot for that. if i were a truck driver, i'd want to have something like that too. to all of you truck drivers, i'd recommend you get something like that. cause dude, it's always a little bit safer, yeah yep. welcome. i'm in nairobi, which is the capital city of kenya. i'm on my way to the embassy. the sudan embassy. i was denied a visa yesterday, cause i didn't have a hotel reservation. i wanted to get a reservation yesterday, but there was a problem. basically, you can get a room. sorry, but in the middle of the city,. there's a gor- ger- garbage dump here, and the stench is so fucking gross,. that. it's basically on india's level. but i've been walking here a few times and i'm used to it. so listen, if you want to get a hotel room in sudan,. you need to give them your credit card. i mean its number. so if you cancel- and all i want is just a reservation paper. to get my visa and cancel the reservation. but in this case, it's impossible. so this time, like always, i've got fake documents. basically. thank you, karol. he's my hitchhiking buddy. um. oh! dunno if he did in paint, but he forged them for me. so i'm taking these fake reservation papers. it's not. not legal. but you probably know that i don't give a fuck. and why am i getting a visa to sudan, not ethiopia . i'm gonna tell you. imagine that ethiopia. won't give. visas in this. in kenya. you can only get one on the airport, but you need to have flown there. i was talking to a lady covered in tribal tatoos,. and told her that i'm travelling on the ground but i need to get this visa. she said that the ambassador will be here in a week,. so maybe i should talk to him and wait a few days, maybe a week or more, for a visa. it means that i'd have to spend 2 weeks here, but i don't have time. so i need to fly. luckily flights aren't that expensive, but i'm still sad about it. but there's nothing i wouldn't do to stay on my journey's track. i'm next to the embassy. it doesn't look like one, oh well, i'm going in. so what can i say, i left the city. imagine, wasn't given the visa,. they said i'll get it on monday, along with my passport. so now i'm stuck in a city i don't give a shit about,. so i will. what is this. a lot of trucks with this sign drive here. so, to escape boredom, i will visit maasai. i'll get there today, sleep, see the village, and go back. yep. that's how it is. it's starting to get warm in africa. i'm serious. it's been cold for a while. for like. for. yeah. for 2-3 weeks it was. slightly cold as fuck. it's prolly not easy to believe, at least for typical poles, including me. but it turns out it might even be below 0°c in africa. about -1 or -2. but during winter, of course. right now, it's summer. and soon it should be. well, i dunno. fuck. is there autumn in africa . i dunno. to put it gently, i'm finally on the road. the road to kilimanjaro. and this whole maasai world. bad things: i won't get there today. so i won't sleep where i was supposed to. i'll let the guy know i'll be there tomorrow. if i'll get there tomorrow by noon, it's gonna be good. fuck, i gotta think it over. and i drove only for 133 km today. but i left at 12 pm. what time is it now . 4. 37 pm. and my settings got all fucked up. shit happens. driving takes a lot of time. unfortunately, there's no shell station here,. only a sign that says it will be built here. so i don't have water. i mean, i got only a little bit. but i'll be fine. you wanna hitchhike, but there are no cars around. and look, hear the wind i forgot to attach it. now i will, and. how is it better . this lady was saying something to me. probably 'oh you fucking mzungu, you can't even afford a car to drive around africa'. 'get the fuck off to. ' dunno where, maybe. 'to mongolia'. cheers, by the way. i've got a. friend. who is from. yeah. imagine this - i was offered a ride while trying to hitchhike. and this man took me to his farm where i could put my tent up. but. check this out, fuck, i opened my mouth. i mean, eyes. woke up, and said 'fine, lemme see the surroundings. '. dunno if you'll see it on camera, . but check out what's behind my tent. so beautiful. alright, i've waited 2 hours for the host, but he's away. his workers are over there so i'll go and ask when he's coming back. cause he said he's only going to buy one thing. but it's africa, dirt roads everywhere. and they don't care about time. i do, cause i wanna go to maasai. i'm on his farm right now, he's going to plant tomatoes, but i'm wondering. why is he. cause this is an electric fence. why. is it electric. it can mean only one thing - a lot of shit happens here. and this is where his workers live, i think. see nice crib, fuck. at least they got a roof. you don't really need more in africa, cause all you do at home here is sleep. kitchens are usually next to it, everything's next to it. home is for sleep. but i've heard it's different for maasai. we'll see. i've waited for 2. 3 hours just to thank the host for inviting me. i could've said the workers to pass on my gratitude to him, . but. i don't think that would be appropriate. i think i did the good thing. oh, i also know why the fence is electric. cause. elephants come here, lured by the tomatoes scent,. and they have to. scare them away somehow. and when they touch it. you know, it's an electric fence that's used at our places,. but the voltage is so small that it's not dangerous. so when they touch it, they would run. i doubt they would walk over it. i think so. look, there's an. anthill, i'd say. but it's a termite. hill . termites live there. oh fuck. i'm on the road, and gonna hitchhike. .
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