$662 MONSTER Lobster MOUNTAIN: 50 Pounds!!!

This was the reason I went to Toronto, for this 50 POUND / 23 KILOGRAM LOBSTER MOUNTAIN! These were twin lobsters fried & delicious Strictly Dumpling T-Shirts are HERE: http://bit.ly/2wHc9TC

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Caption: Hahaha one of them's buddy me i'm pretty . sure if these rubber bands are not there . i'd be dead right now . look at this literally the craziest . thing i've ever done before eating food . it's heavy like i'm shaking right now i . can this is like a workout oh my god oh . hey guys it's mike chen i am in toronto . canada and before i came here i asked . you guys to give me suggestions about . where to going eats and most of you . suggested a seafood place so i went . online looked it up and saw pictures of . what i can only describe as a mountain . of lobster and as soon as i saw those . pictures i knew i needed to be here i . feel like i feel like this is the . primary reason i made my trip so let's . go eat a mountain lobster as soon as . we're walking we see that . [music]. you guys saw that right 225 pound . lobsters give or take a pound so total a . 50 pound they told me total of 51 51 . pound of lobster i don't know how i'm . feeling right now i feel like the calm . before the storm . you know i things are about to happen . and it's just i feel like i'm really . emotional at this point i'll talk to you . guys in just a little bit we're ten . minutes into the wait for the lobster . i'm gonna be really honest with you guys . i'm scared i don't know there's some . there's some crazy fear i you know what . eye of the tiger laughs - what up bring . it on bring it on he's scaring me . because you brought this over from . behind me . i thought the plaster is it's just . harmless egg drop soup it's all good . we're not there yet we're not there yet . the anticipation is building big drop . soup i can do this i can do this . i gotta save space i'm sorry the . appetizer is way too big look at this . this is like a year's full crop for one . farmer or something this is a lot of . vegetables you know what let's try it . here's good. i am i don't know i can't do anything . just bring me the lobster the lobster is . coming this gentleman said the lobster . is coming to me the voice inside me just . screamed run for your lives i don't know . why that's the that's the natural . instinct we're like we're making a path . for the lobster never have i seen a. table cleared a path for one particular . food item to arrive it's almost like the . king of foods is coming here and all the . subject says get out of the way true . people are carrying that is it is it is . it your way to run out of here and enjoy . wearab scared the crap out of me . [music]. you couldn't see me right that is bigger . than i am you saw it one person couldn't . lift this its avalanching people its . avalanching the lettuce is it's falling . off giants lobster mountain if you never . see mount lobster before here it is i . don't know i'm just have expecting to . see like dead us president faces carved . onto this thing i don't know if i should . use the word impressed or brighten by . food in my life and this cold compresses . and frightens me and makes me hungry at . the same time those are really confusing . feelings okay also i feel like it's . leaning i don't think that's the most . stable lobster mountain in the world . nobody touched the table we don't want . to make it angry all right we don't want . it to erupt and like i don't know get a . lobster roll over everybody's face and . can i just say check out the head of . this last trip i'll tell you guys to god . on this trip if i was swimming in the . ocean and this thing came at me i'm . running my key might be us a little and . then i'm running i'm swinging away to . shore as if joss is chasing me this is . cook like hong kong style since you like . little bits of garlic i feel really . weird trying to describe to you guys how . this might taste because i feel really. scared of trying to heat it one because . it is so massive and su is like ginga i . feel like if i take off the wrong piece . it's all coming down i'm bad at ginga i . don't know what to do hey i need to be . prepared this is a sacred job i don't . want to contaminate the lobster mountain . there's a piece right down here but i . feel like might be okay yep it's a loose . piece it's okay it smells like what else . like it could be a little sweetness sour . i don't know how to eat this i can't . identify what this is it's all like . battered and fried by oh see that as we . don't with his law sir . you know what when there's good are you . you're delicious i'm gonna get the heck . out of you don't imitate me this is . awesome it's a little spicy a little . sweet i thought it's gonna be a little . sweet and spicy because that's how the . aroma is giant monster lobster me how's . riggins good you know what then i go . swimming in the ocean makes me just to . find me a giant lobster this is . incredible. meat is tender easy is legit tom point - . delicious onion in there peach let's try . to find a piece i can identify and also . we'll make this mountain collapsed um . this okay this is a piece of the tail i . think with gloves is the only way you . can heat this because just the tail oh i . feel like it's this big no fork is . handling that and you can see right here . if i'm the skin pattern flakes of chilly . little piece of garlic smells incredible . just a tiny piece of the lobster tail . it's already a huge fight oh my fridge . that's probably some hot oil . okay no what else can i share disregard . the brending size of it it's two hours . delicious that's a tiny friend let me . just do a piece okay i know that piece. it's bad because that's stuck in there . and if i remove that i feel like this . thing is gonna tumble . like oh my goodness is out now let's . remove a piece from the top of the . mountain let's come to the top here oh . on the top is all the seasoning this is . just white garlic and i'm gonna remove a . piece from the very top let's climb the . lobster summit it's burning hot right. now let's take that for our sonia ha . well. you'll never hear this probably shed . anywhere else but this is the most . delicious mountain ever i just want to . see what this is they have a lot of . seasoning here. oh it's like little fishies here by . little tiny anchovies weird a little . tiny shrimp here these are a little tiny . fish i didn't know that so you kind of . just got the ocean here as much as i . love this and as much as i think i can . tackle this on my own there's not a food . challenge i'm not trying to eat 50 . pounds of lobster even though i think . that's hit us up all hang on this is . kind or --mess we must be scary coming . at you when you're swimming in the ocean . right now we don't laugh at me i think . if you go to come here let me just take . this out i'll just dried stuff yeah . don't look like that meat just take the . whole thing oh good god you can't get . this whole thing that that's lobster . brings is it did you know that you need . lobster brains that makes you smarter . yeah that's sure why do you think. zombies lungs rings all the time they . want to become smarter it really dumb . right now yeah that's officer brain i . get smarter plan you slimy really not to . that okay you know what i know i said i . could eat this by myself . i'm kidding that's why i have a lot of . friends here they're gonna share with me . we're gonna tackle this announcer we're. gonna climb it we're gonna conquer it . and then we're gonna roll out of here . because we're gonna be stopped . are you guys ready all right let's kick . down this monster just just make sure he . doesn't collapse it's gone yes hey . [music]. okay it's been about half an hour and we . barely made a dent we're still gonna . keep trying i think we could have done a . lot better but we just filmed our dim . sum video so we filmed up down some . video ate everything then came here and . try to eat this i think we did pretty . good. under those circumstances oh we have a . good solution we have a there's a meet . up right after this which i'm about to. hit you so if you're at the meet up and . i'm looking all dazed and confused i'm . high on lobster i'm sorry we're gonna . try our best and then take the rest for . for the people that show up to the . meetup i think that's the best we can do . and we're also gonna bring the hips i'm . sure we'll meet some lobster head eaters . over there so there it is that is what's . hidden under the mountain of lobster i . think we had a valiant effort today we . were a little intimidated when it before . it first came now you know know how it. is it's like when you go on a really . crazy amusement park ride it's the. anticipation that's really hurts you . it's the anticipation that's the worst. part of it right go lobster is self . absolutely delicious area of course you. gotta save some space for dessert right . know some kind of kind of cashew congee . or something oh that's pretty good but . i'm really glad i had this lobster . mountain experience here in toronto . i feel like grew a lot from this. experience i did now i can literally say . i conquered a mountain of lobster . startup and of course guys as usual the . information for this place is in my . description box along with a link if you . want to get some awesome t-shirts i love . this hoodie really sucked i like to work . out walk out hope that information is in . the description box as well thank you . all so much for watching you know until . we meet again. .

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