A Moonless Night at Sea (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 126

After a moonless night at sea, we arrived in Menorca - Balearic Islands.
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Our patrons found us and we get to spend the next week with them sailing and exploring what this INCREDIBLE island has to offer. Join us and the crew for good times πŸ˜„ Videos made with love, Elayna.
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00:02 Augustus - Mercury - https://soundcloud.com/augustusband
02:38 Augustus - Scarborough Downs - https://soundcloud.com/augustusband
05:32 Behold - J. Alan Schneider - https://open.spotify.com/album/01iW2RIPos1PIhd5v23JOd
07:44 River Winding Through your Hands - Cat LeBlanc - https://soundcloud.com/catleblanc
09:14 Finally - Vilar - https://soundcloud.com/vilarrrr
12:17 Feels - Paperhouse - https://soundcloud.com/feelsfeels
18:14 Sailing La Vagabonde - Mikael Abramowich - https://mikaelabramowitch.bandcamp.com/releases
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Caption: Hello he's huge black tonight there's no . rain at all so they can't say much with . the scott yeah today is the day that . everyone arrives all of our patrons oh . we got a system yeah . [music]. [music]. after our not-so-nice sale from tunisia . to sardinia last week it was nice to tie . off in the cute quiet little fishing . town of calais etta . [music]. [applause]. [music]. often we fix the engine wow we were . afraid to explore the streets of the . town. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. sardinia is the second largest island in . the mediterranean and is an autonomous . region of italy personally it's one of . my favorite spots we've visited it's a . really peaceful place with nice people . lots of open spaces and a stunning . coastline as much as i'd like to have . stayed tomorrow would be setting sail to. the balearic islands where our patrons . are waiting for us to arrive we were . pretty pumped to meet them . it's a beautiful day today and we are . sailing off to menorca i am just . checking on my sauerkraut this morning . i've made a gigantic jar of sauerkraut . so this is fermented veggies it's a . great probiotic and very easy to make . mine rallies is flying the drone so this . is finely chopped cabbage and two . tablespoons of sea salt and what you . need to do before you stick it in the . jar is like knead it with your hands to. get all the natural juices out and it . ferments and a good bacteria is able to . live in this lactic acid and the bad . bacteria can't so yes i leave it out . here by the windows here for seven days . and then i stick it in the fridge and . this can last a very very long time . tablespoon of this a day it's pointer . i've also added some caraway seeds in . here and every day for seven days you . want to check on it in the mornings i've . been covering it with this cheesecloth . this is what you do i'm just making sure . it's all like covered by the liquids so . you kind of just got to push it down . each day . gragas again. [music]. star . just motoring out past the point here. and then we're going to a quest the main . what are the wind conditions like today . rally we have already checked it it is . supposed to be good today yesterday day . until we made a head south of it to pick . up 10 to 15 knots of wind 180 . we're just going past this sailboat. that's washed up on the rocks we talked . to the marina lady and she said yeah . it's got a mast yeah the lady at the . marina knew him and said he got a bit . too close to those rocks and then some . bad weather wash the boat up onto the. rocks. and i said to him no no organist. [music]. [laughter]. doctor see those two wheels down there i . do which would you choose . neither there's notice cut the . difference between them they're both the . same species of curculio if you had to . choose if you were forced to make a . choice if there was no other response . well if you're going to push me i would . choose the right people it has . significant advantage in both length and. production are you not aware that in the . service one must always choose the . lesser of two weevils so we've teamed up . with audible again for this episode and. we really like audible for a whole bunch . of different reasons not the least of . which is it saves us so much room on . board for those of you who don't know . that was escape from master and . commander which was a movie based on a . book by patrick o'brian so the patrick . o'brien series really is a must for any . sailor they've given me stacks of . motivation up over the years . particularly when it gets tough on the . water because those guys they just went . through so much it was ridiculous so if . you'd like to head over to a unique url . at audible. com /sl v you can get a free . audiobook with a 30-day free trial . that's audible. com /sl v alternatively . you can text slv to 500 500 to get . started thank you for watching guys hey . guys to give dolphin's yet because i'm . not and i've just come to say hello . [music]. [applause]. [music]. so we're just cruising into the vania in . men or clapping is called mahon babe it . is pitch-black tonight there is no moon . at all so they can't see much we've just. got yeah we just have a torch and a . instruments so we're going to go in . there and see what we can find maybe the . line crews for the night we're not too . sure yet but i really need to start . watching . stealing laughing cena now from rana . bionic . maybe if we just go in behind his boat . get right on the end call again . marina bay on marina bay on sailing. vessel the vagabond a vagabond into copy . and they know i don't like oh yeah . so we've just found this random pontoon . in the middle of nowhere it's the only . spot with a pine . today is the day that everyone arrived . all of our patrons are coming here this . afternoon for some sundowners we can all . meet each other we've moved to the . marina where it's easy for everyone to . jump on and off the boat because we'll . be doing some short little sales during . the day and we'll be doing some . land-based stuff how you feeling else . good i've been to the gym got my gas . bottle organized i've done a lot of . stuff to get everything prepared for . these guys and i'm ready pretty came to . have a beer and made all these guys and . it gets a know who they are. [music]. we are in menorca which is the smallest . of the three islands that make up the . balearic islands we'd only just explored . the town but this place did have a good . feel to it her maid had recommended this . place to us he said that it was one of . his favorites. we were also there during the uprising . for catalonian independence catalunya . encompasses barcelona in particular and . also the surrounding areas . including the islands that we were . currently on they were pushing to secede . spain and become a sovereign state so . there were protests and people on strike. as we had arrived it was very very . interesting but afternoon our patrons . arrived and in a matter of 15 minutes we . had most of the crew on board a few more . would be arriving over the next few days . and we were looking forward to having a . full crew. [music]. i've got captain logan at the helm today . we are heading five nautical miles south . to an island called isla de la air it's . known for its lizards its beautiful . lighthouse and rabbits apparently . there's a lot of rabbits on the island . we're just about to place the sails . [music]. i'm gonna distract it for a little bit . so name we get of course in there and . i'm sudan hi i'm from i learned about . flames so originally from germany but . lived in london for 20 years too long . prefer to live on the bed yes so i'm . really enjoying it here and that's the . dream yeah you guys are absolutely yeah . do you want to go on our boat and what . kind of boats are you looking at . oh definitely catamaran as well i'm. peter i'm someone's husband also from . london. yeah so we're kind of in the middle of . trying to find a boat catamaran oh . this morning and yeah this morning and . we you know i've been inspired by you . guys captain logan today yeah how you . feeling uh i feel all right. little tired little tired you don't like . it so i tell everyone the story became a . very long way to go yeah 22 hours oh my . gosh what what is life i'm 19 i have an . online business yeah all right so . chemistry related things yeah . so you'll get to know the crew a little . bit better over the next couple of . episodes but i wanted to just quickly . say how awesome a crew were really . different to one another which i really . liked especially logan who i think was . everyone's favorite 19 years old never . left the country before and his first . trip overseas is to come and see us in. europe so i thought that was pretty cool . and he'll warm up to the camera i'm sure . he's such a cutie. you two lovebirds going on well i was . just fixing the strap of my camera that . just broke and i caught it right before . it's all oh i'm really excited about . that good job we're natan jordan we're a . scuba instructors from hawaii from the . state's filmmakers yeah not really . sailors but we love sailing yeah you . spent hours. yeah but scuba that's our thing . [music]. i heard 300 rabbits that live here don't . know when that was long we've just . dropped anchor now at lizard island in . about 3. 5 meters of water and we left . the dinghy at home so we've all got to . swim ashore and explore food and it is a . glorious day join us because he has to . watch the boat. [music]. [music]. this little black lizard is supposed to . be indigenous only to this island right . here it's gonna run away as soon as i . get close we've just stepped foot on . this island there's a bunch of people . unloading like food and drinks and stuff . and it's his house apparently old legend . and he said it's okay that we walk it's . kind of we kind of said well though we . couldn't find any rabbits there were . plenty of lizards and of course the isla . dealer our lighthouse was quite a sight . to see built in 1860 standing at 38 . metres tall it's worn ships for many . years coming from the southeast . mediterranean waters. [music]. we made the worst decision ever to not. wear shoes and it has just been the most . awful time trying to get to the . lighthouse we stopped and came back it . got so close but the boys home for other . cameras okay ask my camera to a guy that . was walking by with shoes and had him . give it to the guys yeah . i'm usually okay at walking on stuff . like this but these rocks seem to be . like pointy and just unbearable . [music]. well we got a system yeah i don't . [music]. that was pretty cool elena told us there . was 300 rabbits on the island we found . reminiscence of rabbit poop and we found. some rabbit feet so she was definitely . right shoes would have been a very good . idea so next time i go to lighthouse i . know well you guys ever come remember . shoes hot tip tip of the day leading . lines out of the way so we could get the . okay dear at zero sorry . peter have you used to sail like that . before yeah yeah peter what do you think . of dale i'm loving it already be back . sees a beautiful day yeah it's just kind . of more relaxing as the day goes on so . far i need to do more of this yeah don't . we our tonic for the soul i think it's . called. tell us about these wolves what sorry . okay over here on the right . you've got us about 20-foot walls . apparently that's a quarantine back in . the day for a leper colony that's where . they would quarantine all the sick. people and if you look closely at it . even though it's a quarantine just for . sick people it's still dramatically. beautiful the art deco of the amount of . attention they put into the detail of it . it's still beautiful . so that's spain for you yeah yeah and i . think i mean i'm not sure we were just . told this by someone but i i think it . was not just lepers those all kinds of. different contagious illnesses and they . want to treat them there as well so it . was a hospital not . sad place where they kept them in prison . i'd be really curious to go and actually . check it out and find out if that's the . real story but it'll be an adventure for . another day. story we're sticking to it yeah we're . rewriting history that's not the case . now on . i got a film . elena's gonna show us what she's got . it's got stern duty back here don't mess . it up my gosh very good beauty all right . lock it up good job team like glue . nailed it xe we got here christian is a . boat owner he bought a boat where'd you . get it on ebay i just bought a boat on . me really yeah but on the weekend you . called me on that there was saturday and . on sunday i thought about on ebay there . was really exciting weekend and you've . been a patron thanks for watching. made the rest of our crew next week and. join us as we get drunk drive scooters . around the island got cave-diving . hang on one second i just had to . interrupt . cuz reilly is hunched over anything i . can absolutely pig while i'm trying to . do voiceovers stop munching it's very . distracting and discover some of . monaco's most stunning coves . [music]. along with me across the sea fireball i . live the dream. [music]. .

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