Abandoned Theme Park – Ghost Town in the Sky – Full Walkthrough

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Hey wall carpetbagger here coming to you . live from the south more specifically in . a moving vehicle speeding through not . speeding going the speed limit through . maggie valley north carolina and i'm . really excited about today because i . have gained access to ghost town in this. guy i'm going to be able to tour the . actual ground level boots-on-the-ground . ghost town this guy flew my drone over . it a few months ago so that was just a . preview now we're going to take a look . at the inside of the abandoned amusement . park known as ghost town in the sky . follow me. [music]. [applause]. ready to sail so fried chicken sky . fighter and canyon canoe with ski slopes . of them vermont and new hampshire . yeah as y'all have readily have parks . and chairs and things available for the . heather that's probably prettiest view . what rotten off around. and then dead in front of you was the . rock shop and this building on the right . was a haunted gym muck shop and go out . through the haunted mine come out the . other side or you could just take it and . then later shooting gallery looks and . adds only letting you dog right there . someone stole granny's head. i looked at the horse's rear skeeball . here click there's some sort of bowling. game bowling ball right there i think . this is like where the trash cans will . open and you throw balls in there it's a. dead coyote. fuck mountain fixins and gaggle soup . does anything you can thank them and . they talk about making it by a rock . climbing wall yeah i heard that . and then they were going for some kind. of a repelling slicing down there so . that click you load roller coaster right . there up down through there i don't over. call the red babylon and i think they . change it to the cliffhanger so i . remember crash now i think you're wrong . it's used to do that loop right there . looks like any day cut back the brush a . little bit little first car would like . that okay all right there the loading . area for the cliffhanger. check out these old roller coaster cars. it's like this is the roller coaster . maintenance jack . some seatbelts and this right here is . the old red devil roller coaster car . these were the new cars that were . commissioned for the cliff hanger oh my . god. that is creaky what oh so rat on book . there's the old tombstone is this going . to be a skeleton it's gonna be a haunted . house oh yeah . it's a vending machine if someone's guts . all wrapped up inside these looks to be . like some sort of animatronic band what . is it with an electronics and old . abandoned building. if anyone can identify these . animatronics if i've seen those before . this looks like mr. claw machines body . parts and guts all spread out on it . just like machinery with guts all . wrapped up in it steel bars die there's. a nice little bedroom scene got guts on . the baby slang mom's got her guts all . pulled out can't quite see the baby . let's just slide down there here spider . ah baby you covered it blood yeah hey . mom. old war again casket someone's taken his . head or that's how he died maybe you got . his head chopped off disemboweled body. definitely high on the gore content here . in this particular haunted house . all right yes gory disgusting . refrigerator diet coke . nestle milk chocolate and some ghoulish . creature eating a meal of guts glad . that's over some broken caskets in here. i love i saw this card what what is that . not a dinosaur head word attack come . from this there's another dinosaur head . so bloody gutfeld bathtub they're . generous on the guts oh freddy krueger . let this guy's barfing up guts in a . urinal. just waiting for that to turn around . scared check out this library all the . different books guess this is a gory . library like a smash tv they smash the . tv because this is the library there's . no tv watching in here. oh her face is being eaten by rats . huh well this is this room is rocking. back and forth. oh hi glad i hear there's old hearse . goes town in the sky house of terror . just a flat here's the old train . [applause]. like a little train that goes around the . ghost town area check out this ox micro . governmen this wondered population 681 . how can a ghost town have a population . isn't that defy what a ghost town is . there's a big horse or ox outside here . yeah. rocks and ice in the telegraph office . school and this crack can look down at . the school all right here we are the . main drag of ghost town . in the sky . the gerd during the gunfight so i always . have a cowboy here he gets shot and fall . onto a crash pad right here goes ghost . town merchandise . santa's right there what are these . flickering oh they're solar-powered and . they're still working that's crazy up . here. an abandoned gift shop we have. solar-powered flickering keychains . that's crazy. get your own ghost town fake apple . someone slept it into the cash register . so they thought there was gonna be some . cash in there now lots of merch still. left. here's some old western movies that . marie laveau an old fire truck here will . care it just looks like that's like a . funeral carriage and goes to a mortuary . field church quite a view here from the . church they used to actually have . service every sunday here at this church . or the old boot hill cemetery . felix feller second fasting quick-draw . this man flies with an extra ace now . he's found his resting place okay . oh axe man murderer may he rest in peace . rest in peace axe murderer more coasters . the long horn hotel you can actually see . some cowboys back in there cowboy . mannequins town bank the barber shop . okay look i getting this haircut in . there okay so be the silver dollar. saloon this is where the can-can shows . to place. [applause]. claire piano right there yeah oh a woman . up in the window there creepy . here's the town jail the undertaker's. parlor . baby caste given a window and then it's . a horrifying task you're right it hit . that face and you can see in the mirror . they're mirrored casket so the other . side of the undertaker shop you have . used boots just undertaker you should be . able to sell the boots of his victims . it's not his victims but other people's. victims and there's some pocket watches. as well this is the pharmacy to the . pharmacist back there along with this . grizzled wooden prospector. yeah digger was the name of the . undertaker character in the gunfights . the ghost town stage line scheduled . these are actually nearby towns some of . them are very rural areas that only . locals would know about like max patch . and finds creek trailers for sale or . rent rooms to let . 50 cents so these are pretty crazy i can . actually see lake g alaska from up here . and you know if you're from the area you . know that's just not right around the . corner the sea dragon the old swinging . pirate ride guess it doesn't have its . scaffolding anymore you know i bet those. dinosaur heads in the haunted house came . from the sea dragon right here . this would be one of those big swingin . pirate ships little kids rollercoaster . right here actually been on a ride on . this roller coaster and i remember . correctly it was probably the roughest . roller coaster ride i've ever had yes . really bouncy like a blue blue blue . there used to be a scrambler right there . some music hall looks like it's most . recently done and rk we got some. skee-ball over there okay you're still . dance hall up here with the grand old . opry there's like a little helicopter. type ride whoo all right where to go the . dreamcatcher . all right here's this terrifying drop. tower let's look at our little puddles . in each one don't fall down there that . shoots you up to the highest points in . freaking north carolina yeah that's . really high . storage area keep some old games claw. games . pretzel machine like a stuffed animal. making machine right there there's some . neon from of the rides yes i can't read . that. i remember they used to be some a giant. set of swings hooked in right here just . swung you over the mountain that's been . taken down just for cherokee this was . the native american section of the park. rally staff traditional dancing and . native-american items believe it was a . was a chief as a wrestler professional . wrestler we used to work up here for . kids first name is chief youngblood . here's the gem mine area where you could . sister dirt and look for gems dirts . actually still in here that's crazy. it's probably just full of gem yeah. here's the box you would you stay just . least you fill it with dirt and then you . sift then you have precious jewel and . yes folks $6 for a gallon bucket of dirt . so wow . really cool to be able to finally get up . there and take a look around ghost town . last time i was up there it was actually . an open functioning park i was probably . at least ten years ago but the good news . is that you yes you can buy ghost town . it is currently . for sale and i'll even put a link to a. real estate agent. who is assigned to ghost town in the . skies you can call him and set up a deal . and buy ghost town and invite me after . the parks reopen i can do a whole nother . video of the rebirth and rejuvenation of . ghost town in the sky. so someone out there except will rustle . you stay away will . you're not buying ghosts down someone . besides will rustle please buy ghost . town but appreciate you guys watching i . have an interactive map down in the . description as well it will show you all . the places i've been you can take a look . at that tell me places that maybe i . should go next i also sell t-shirts in . my spread shirt shop that links down . below as well i have a patreon page . where i send out postcards monthly at . anyone making a donation of 3 dollars or . more alright this one is in the benig . [music]. .
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