Air Asia Flight (Perth to KL) Shaking Violently – 359 Passengers On-Board Feared For Their Lives

Source: 7 News Brisbane
Air Asia Flight D7237 Kuala Lumpur-bound departed from Perth at around 7am (WST) on 25th June 2017 (Sunday) was forced to turn back after experiencing massive shuddering on-board the flight with hundreds of passengers fearing for their lives.

According to the pilot, the left engine seized up 90 minutes into the journey. Some passengers even saw metal flying out of the engine. An explosion was heard prior to the aircraft violently shaking. Many passengers were crying and pulled out life jackets from under their seats while others were sending out messages to their loved ones preparing for the worst.
Fortunately the plane managed to return to Perth airport and landed safely with all 359 passengers intact after one and a half hours of on-board trauma. Apparently the engine in question was turned off but the vibrating persisted due to windmilling.
AirAsia maintains that this was a technical fault.
(Jump straight to 1:20 for an animation of the plane's flight path)
From commentator Andre:
"Please read and upvote so others can read this.Those asking why was the engine still running and why not land a nearer airport? The engine running? It was not. Take a look at 0:17 - 0:21. That assembly was windmilling on incoming air with it's shaft probably broken. If you board planes frequently at windy airports you will notice that those blades can spin even with a 5 - 10knot wind. There's even a Youtube video that shows the fan blade assembly can be spun with 1 finger alone. If that engine was running and on power, i guarantee you it would rip apart.
Next, why not a nearer airport? The plane which was 90 minutes into flight was at FL380 (38,000ft). With that amount of vibrations and uncertainty on how the airframe can cope, it's not wise to dive or make turns that will stress the airframe of the aircraft further, Perth just needs a 180deg turn and the plane can be coaxed smoothly downwards, all done with the most minimal turns. Coming in to nearer airports will need a fuel dump, which may affect the resonating frequency the damaged engine is putting on the airframe - and this can change in a very short span of time during the dump, which means, unexpected things can occour during the dive, which may affect recoverablity. Not to mention nearer airports will need multiple turns to bleed speed and get aligned. Going back to Perth also puts the aircraft over the ocean, which means there will be no land casualties should anything happen.The decision is debatable, however please be reminded it was an educated one that the pilot made in his armchair. It was not a spur of the moment decision or else he would have landed nearer with the odds above. Thank you for reading."
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Caption: Their emergency 359 terrified passengers . a big bang then their plane starts to . violently shake the pilots forced to . turn the airbus around he announces to . the passengers he's scared and they . should all pray for a safe landing . please be attentive and also give their . listen good everything depends on your . operating for an hour and a half . passengers had to enjoy this messy . shudder and and since then the plane was. really really limping hands like it was . shattering shattering shattering we all . thought you know you're just going to go . down some saw metal flying out of the . engine others texted their families . fearing they wouldn't see them again . lots of crying lots people pulling out . the life jackets and stuff providers . putting out - preparing but we thought . we thought there's a good chance that we . were going to go down marine emergency . services put on down line the client . emergency started over the indian ocean. and the captain said that one of the . legs on the left engine was missing the . airasia flight d7 237 left curve just . after 7:00 a. m. bound for kuala lumpur in malaysia the . flight was just off the coast of canal . 'don when the pilot announced there was . a technical problem by 10:00 a. m. tears . of relief as the plane lands safely the . traumatized travellers offered $20 . vouchers and forced to queue for hours . to try and catch another flight some of . the passengers are lining up to get onto . other flights others say they're so . scared they don't want to get on another . plane anxious say there was a technical . fault and flight crew will be checking . over the aircraft emily baker 7 news . .

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