All You Can Eat Korean CLAM Buffet!

You're probably thinking "Whaaat he went to Korea again?" Nope. Totally forgot to include this video in my Korea series, so here it is now! Delicious clam buffet in Korea! Strictly Dumpling T-Shirts HERE:

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Buffet Name: Jogae Changgo
Address: 331, Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu,
Seoul 04715, South Korea
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Caption: Hey guys it's my chen the video you're . about to see it's it's one that kind of . slipped through the cracks i don't even . know how it happened but i filmed the . video on my last day in korea i think . about a month or so ago and this is a . really popular buffet insult the food . was good it was very economical but for . some reason i completely forgot about. this video and it was left out of the . korea series and in the beginning of . this video you'll hear me talk about . that this is the last meal i'm having in . korea which might confuse some people . that's why i'm doing this little kind of . intro to the intro so that things make . sense when you actually watch the video . i'm not really gonna affect the . regularly scheduled uploads it's just . gonna be one extra video hope you enjoy . it thank you so much for watching . hey guys it's mike chimp this sadly will . be my last dinner in south korea . probably for a long while i had an . absolutely fantastic time in seoul and . its really sad to leave especially all . the food so i thought for my last dinner . here maybe i should recap think about . all the good food items i had this week. and maybe revisit some of my favorites . and when i started thinking like that . several words just kind of popped into . my head. seafood beef bbq noodles and . all-you-can-eat . as we enter this completely unassuming. building this is what we're going this . is how i can chinatown new york all the . good fruit places are like random . basements and check this place out. [music]. welcome to the all-you-can-eat clam . buffet this is a dipping sauce for the . seafood rice cakes and just cheese . spaghetti assortment of veggies and a . ton of meats this is where you get your . money's worth right here . all-you-can-eat barbecue clamps tell me . you're not getting excited seeing that . there seem to be quite a lot of variety . i see little next scallops . [music]. a baloney this is literally as fresh as . you're gonna get and you just laid on . the grill . don't forget your dipping sauce and . veggies oh yeah and they give you this . whole big tray just for barbecuing your. meats i never seen a buffet like this in . my life and it's blowing my mind right . now well they're cooked the clams will . just automatically open up and the claim . is done but at their dip it in the sauce . this was massive i'm pretty sure aquaman . used to live in there . don't forget that beautiful clan cheers . to let that go to waste. [music]. massive cramps taste just as good as . regular clams can suffer you know . massive er there you go . perfectly rolls did little fans that's . some good quality all-you-can-eat you . know what's better than sweet warm . cheesy sweet warm that was like eating . little kernels of corn pan game guys . never forget to stir fry your kimchi . [music]. pork-belly is ready for clam mg korean . serpentor this time got some abalone . punch still moving fresh abalone you . can't beat the seafood father here the . claims are almost borderline sweet i . think my favourites are the little mix . and we down those are just so incredibly . light in sweet and succulent . oh love chicken gizzards and i love me . some gavi . yes please yeah yeah i think this guy's . more than chicken gizzard one of my . favorite but they're so wonderful . there's so much me right now so much me . so much he proves himself a little . delirious i'll be in korea eating at a . korean barbecue damn fuck me but . basically like little hotpot sitting . there. i'll come buddha happens in new york. let's turn out to be just a big bowl of . pork belly stewing in his own fat i . honestly don't even know if i can handle . this. oh that pork belly is marinated to . perfection. oh conscience ready oh good job nice i . love country oh that's my favorite . tonight by far . we can also do here while you're making. your ramen let's put some clams in here . okay you're gonna have seafood ramen but . i just wanted some regular ramen it's. the bowl overflowing with hot chili . peppers with the ramen you got either . you dip and it's a soup format or you . can do something else . it takes some fatty pork stir-fry the . ramen. yeah throw some kimchi in there pour in . some pork belly little sea who'd get . that a bit of a stir fried mix it all in . pork belly seafood kimchi ramen i bet . you this is what they served when zeus . poseidon and the jade emperor had a . party a lot of people here are kind of . look at me like i'm crazy like come on . you got to get creative with your food . and what i love about this place is it . offers you so many options to be . creative i mean take what you were given . and create something new out of it i'm . just said i don't have an egg oh it . totally fried egg on a grill woman the . truth that was a complete success. stir-fried ramen nice little charred . flavor it supported kimchi fatty pork . belly now everybody's doing it with the . success of that last ramen venture i'm . gonna double down i would have made this. rama even better at hot oil you know . that as you can see i'm eating up a . sweat storm i love discovering new and . really interesting buffets never been to . an all-you-can-eat clam buffet before . but all-you-can-eat many different types . of clams korean barbecue meats and . veggies all for about 23 bucks that's a . great deal in an awesome way to wrap up . my trip in seoul as always information . for this place is in my description box . and if you guys want to see what else i . did install besides which is granted you . know 99% of what i did definitely check . out my blogs you know that's also listed . in my description box below and i'm till . we get again which will be soon in . mongolia looking forward to that i'll . see you later one thing i'm really. impressed with is that most of these . people in this place especially these . two gentlemen right here they were here . when i came in and they are still going . strong i wonder if they accept students . .

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