Amazing Munich Food Tour – German CRISPY PORK LEG and Attractions in Munich, Germany!

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Discover amazing food and drink in Munich, Germany!
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Munich is a beautiful city and in this video I’m taking you on a German food tour and we also visited some of the famous attractions and sights in Munich.
Cafe Frischhut - This is a legendary cafe in Munich, known for serving schmalznudel, a savory type of German donu. I thought it was alright, but not must-eat. Total price for 3 people - 16 EUR
Viktualienmarkt Munich - This is one of the best German street food markets in Munich, with plenty of street food stalls to choose from. I tried a classic Bavarian white sausage and pretzel (Weisswurst 5.90 EUR) and leberkässemmel, which is a classic meat loaf sandwich (2.99 EUR). Viktualienmarkt Munich is one of the best places to visit as a food lover in Munich, Germany.
St. Peter's Church - We then took a walk in St. Peter’s Church, one of the most recognized churches in Munich.
Marienplatz - This is the main center of Munich, and the architecture is stunning.
Hofbräuhaus - If you ask where to eat in Munich, this will no doubt be the number one suggestion, it’s an institution in Munich. It really is an amazing culinary piece of history, a giant beer and food hall where you can eat and drink and fully embrace German food and culture. Total price for 3 people - 64.50 EUR
English Garden (Englischer Garten) - I didn’t know what to expect visiting Munich’s English Garden, but it turned out to be one of the most beautiful parks I’ve ever seen. We stopped to watch the Eisbach Wave, a place in the canal where there’s rushing water and people take turns surfing the waves.
Chinesischer Turm Beer Garden - Finally to end the day we headed over to Chinesischer Turm, probably the most well known of all beer gardens in Munich. It’s a great place to hand out, eat and drink. Total price for 3 people - 45 EUR
I hope you enjoyed this Munich, Germany food and travel guide tour. Munich is a great city to visit and I fully enjoyed our trip.
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Caption: Good morning it's mark wiens it's . another beautiful day in munich germany . and today we're gonna explore more of . munich eat some german food and visit . some of the most famous attractions . within munich as well so stay tuned is . going to be another fantastic day in . munich. it's about 9 a. m. right now and we're on . our way first to eat out of bakery . there's this really famous baked pastry . and it's just up ahead . oh here it is we made it it's called . cafe 3 hut and they have just a little . inside section or maybe they have an . upstairs too but anyway it's such a nice . day and they have such a nice patio and . i hear that this is the perfect place to . sit to of the jewish mouths noodle place . and that's what you've got to come here . to eat it's on its way and also a coffee . [music]. there are these little these these . rounds of dough that go into the deep . fryer and somehow they kind of they kind . of deep-fry and puff up into an almost . in the inner tube shape and then they're. so buoyant they float on top of that oil . and then flips them over just once so . that it's golden crispy fried to golden . crispy perfection and it is served yeah . right out of the oil it is so hot it's . so fresh and she said that you can put . sugar on it if you want or i think you . can just eat it as is . mm-hmm well that's really big good . because it's so fresh crispy and gooey . you know what that tastes like it's very . similar no in thai it's a chinese a . chinese savory doughnuts go taste very . similar into that it's not it's not . sweet a little bit salty to contrast the . the flavor that needs to be followed . good copy . that completes the experience i guess i . will try it with a little bit of sugar . on it just on this on this edge for now . cuz i actually really love it with no . sugar all right oh and i want to get . some of that some of that center you can . see that that center is kind of extra . gooey. i think what i really like about this . how the textures it goes it's henna it's . crunchy and gooey and it's very fresh . and that's what makes it good i thought . the cafe is a little expensive for what . we had but it's a nice little place and . we're now gonna do some more eating. there's a farmers market slash open-air . everything market especially food market . right right across the street from the . cafe so that's where we're gonna go next . to eat some more . [music]. this is one of the centers for food . lovers in munich it started off . originally as a farmers market and still . you'll find lots of fresh vegetables . organic fruit and vegetables and really . beautiful looking produce as well but . it's also more than that there's a lot . of cooked food here as well you can find . some gourmet food you can find things . like pickled things and preserved things . as well as a lot this is this is what . you call a wurst a sausage paradise and . then if you go right in the center there . is a beer garden where you can sit and . hang out and just enjoy the atmosphere . but this is a fantastic market and this . is a place you have to come to if you . love food in munich there are a lot of . different sausage options at this market. you could you could eat sausage for days . but i chose to come to this place right . here because i saw the sign they have a . type of sausage that i was most looking . forward to eating here in munich and . it's it's the white sausage and it's a . bavarian sausage specialty but this is a . traditional sausage that is typically . from what i understand consumed in. between breakfast and lunch so it's . 10:00 a. m. right now this is perfect . sausage time break these guys apart well . hold that casing and you have to all the . the sponginess of that you have to dip. it in the sweet mustard . well that's a juicy sausage oh it's . really like oh more flavors come as you . keep on chewing the texture is kind of . almost like like airy almost like foamy . it's like almost like whipped tastes and . then it has a saltiness to it plus an . herb flavor and then it has quite a . quite a tight casing. i can tell immediately why this is such . a popular in between breakfast and lunch . sausage because it's so it's goes . through there they know how to make . pretzels perfectly crispy all around and . i love that that those rocks of salt on . there it's a wonderful combination. okay that was delicious now on to the . next place by the way one more tip if . you come here right at this time it's . 10:30 a. m. it's perfect all the shops . are open all the food is fresh and it's . not that busy but i was here another day . at about noon or 1:00 p. m. and it was. just packed and lines were long out of . every restaurant so come here early and . you will be you will be feasting from . okay here it is the lever cost and i am . a mustard kind of guy going in for the . very good squeeze let that bread put . that bread push it out a whole whole . whole beautiful this is another just . classic a very neat treat and this is. like this is sausage in a totally . different form and shape so that that's . just the perfect ratio that that makes . me very happy to see the meat just just . overwhelming the bun like this . there's a mustard mustard mustache i . love it when you have to take a giant . bite just to reach bread it's really . good it's a really really tender and . texture and it's so smooth and so dense . it's it's just like meat density i want . to tell you a really quick little story . when i was about 5 years old my family . and i we lived in france for one year . and my parents and my sister they all . loved to eat baguettes and ham and for . some reason at that age i don't know i . don't know why but some reason i didn't . really like ham back that now i love him . and so i remember my mom and dad they . would always buy me a pack of baloney . and so this so i ate a lot of bologna . when i was in france when i was a little . kid this brings back memories this. tastes like it tastes similar to bologna . that brings back some some great . childhood eating memories . while that tastes great after that . amount of sausage at this market is . really nice and it would be a great . place to come if you want to try some . they have they have the full selection . of classic german bavarian food and it's . a nice place to relax but later this . afternoon i'm gonna go to a different . beer garden so we're gonna head on we're . gonna proceed onwards from here for the . day i wanted to go up to the top of the . tower at st. peter's but it's a two-hour . week so i don't think we're gonna wait . around but i'll just go take a look . inside of st. peters it's pretty amazing . inside the church especially if you woke . up and you see the ceilings the . paintings on the ceilings. right next to the market and next to st. peters is marienplatz it's a beautiful . public square and just the architecture . is impressive even though this was the . center of munich starting way back in . 1158 it's still the center of munich and . it seems like all the roads kind of lead . to marienplatz here and it's it's really . an amazing sight to see when you're an . eunuch from here i'm on my way to go eat . lunch and i'm going to what is easily . the most famous of all beer hall . restaurants in munich this place that . we're going to is really a living . culinary museum . [music]. you walk around the corner and all of a . sudden there it is . the hofbraeuhaus a an institution with . unparalleled beer history in munich and . this is gonna be my first time here . walk in this is like a huge i know this . is a gigantic restaurant and i think. they have an upstairs level this is the . downstairs i know they have a beer. garden as well. they just have multiple oh and there's . going to be a band playing as well maybe . we should sit on the downstairs level . glimpse of the we can hear the band . playing but i'm just taking a quick walk . around before the food comes have one of . the most interesting fascinating things . about this beer hall is that many of . there are many locals that are so . dedicated to hofbraeuhaus and so loyal . that they store their beer mug here so . you can see all of the walks it's like a . lockers for for beer mugs so they're all. locked up and so you can if you come . here frequently you can keep your beer . mug here and then you have your own mug . when you come here. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. it's very citrusy this is what you can . call munich on a point i had to go for . the roast pork knuckle and it's the . whole knuckle and. that is just amazing how crapoly the . skin is and it comes with a potato . dumpling and then doused in gravy and . then i also got a side order of white . asparagus i didn't want to leave munich . without trying white asparagus because. it's it's in season right now and it . looks fantastic if you pick this up like . a drumstick and just start eating it . that amount of meat . that is a chunk right there but i'll. actually take my knife and kind of . hacking it all the crackle well all the . crispness of that is just insane and . peel back that meat . wow oh that looks like some skin and . some fat underneath there and maybe this . is more more meaty over here on this . side . oh that's just that is just solid solid . meat. when you go in with my fork here . i will i will . cut off a piece and then that's meat and . then this is some of the crackling that . i that i broke up on that first bite so . i want to get it all together in this . first bite with gravy. all right . so that's awesome. salty it has kind of a ham taste to it . and it's so crunchy and then that's up . that's like your berry rich meaty gravy . on there. yeah it's really really gooey and really . kind of sticking and oh yes this is . going to be both meat and skin . altogether look at that . i will dip in the gravy looking back for . a c

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