Back at Boat Life – New Crew, Repairs & A Freaky Cave (Sailing Curiosity)

The road trip inland is OVER and we're back with a bang: New crew, maintenance & a FREAKY bat cave tour.
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We loved our road trip up the mountain to Boquete, Panama but it's great to be back on the boat again. We're in full on let's-get-crap-done-mode so we can sail on to the next destination. We're hoping to stay in Bastimentos for another week or so while we do some needed boat maintenance, pick up our newest crew member and have our last few adventures in the Bocas del Toro archipelago.
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Thanks for watching and being such an important part of the journey that we call life.
Jason, Nikki, Cleo and Singa
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Caption: Give you two guesses what we're about to. do i already fixed the radiator leak . singers always helping now rhonda will . change i bet that's not single is the . chief instructor think it's the . supervisor the chief destructor all . right it's not exploding that's good . daily justin's very first boat oil . change and this is jason's first boat. oil change sans kit you should have to . really pump anymore great success and . wheels out took all the youtube comments . that we got from our last oil change i'm . gonna zip lock bag here to take out the. oil felt there. wow so baggy was great success yes it . was me and not a truck anywhere else all . right so let me say to the people that . suggest that on youtube thanks people . what was that whole impacts of free used . excellent suggestion thank you internet . world everything's in japanese not even . a model number the filter and then hand . tighten only. good probably enough to start the engine . tell us again why all of this bow work . is interesting to you cuz we're gonna . get a vote and we're gonna be doing it . all ourselves so now we gonna learn on . someone else's boat so it's not our . problem when we mess up replacing the . spare composting head fan why'd you . break it that's on the passages got . shook it up and broke the wire in three . different spots good job ben and book . hetty and playing now that we're back at . the boat we've been doing chores all day . trying to get cleaned up because we have . our new crib. crew member coming dan looks like he's . here and we are so not ready are you . ready you know built rooms that clean . they're in the midst of changing the oil . down there okay it's good hold on boo . boo boo boo boo boo boom so yeah all . done finally put the room back together . [music]. all of that . yeah perfect that sounds good i'll meet . you in town i'll call you at 9:30 on the . dot today the boat chores continue this . support arm for our hardtop which goes . right here broke on our sail . apparently there's one guy in town kiwi . dave that does stainless work and that's . one of the nice things about staying at . a marina is they were able to contact . get him in contact with me so we're . gonna go meet him in town hopefully he . can fix it . it is raining outside it's gonna be a . wet one so we're taking our gopro . because it's waterproof along with our . handy dandy waterproof gimbal audio will . probably be crap but footage will be. good unstable and wet rain droplets . prepare for rain droplets let's just go . where is everybody. [music]. go. ha you doing feeling like a conehead . that's awesome bringing it back yes you . are in front of ciao hi and . thank you thank you yeah . fingers crossed men . [music]. now youtube famous vegetable sin . did you see a giant chunk of meat don't . know half a cow yeah why not this much . room on the boat right . [music]. [music]. [music]. gradius. i think that's already go rick yeah . right where we going we went to the . batcave that sounds pretty cool i mean . it's batman there you can become the . next batman photos i saw the bats look . like at least this big . flavoring . alright well we are putzing along here . on our way out of the marina it's the . perfect time to introduce a face we have . a new face a new crew member this is dan . of course everybody remembers damn and . justin are two canadians on board and . now we have dan dan where are you from . i'm from austin texas. and what are you doing austin texas i'm . a print graphic designer what does that . mean to everybody at home he's everyone . i do anything that's printed so . magazines brochures business cards all. that love everything okay and what was . the last time you had a vacation proper . vacation proper vacation a really long . time to come . i mean when did we decide last night 10 . or 11 years whatever the heck did you . pack everything up fly out here to . panama and join us i saw i was never . wanted to live the typical lifestyle. john do you guys this video and/or your . videos and thought you guys really cool . and you knew what you were doing so i . was like okay this is the opportunity . popped up i was like yeah just point it . to me he thought we knew what we were . doing he thought were really cool let me . put this in neutral he's been here for . 24 36 hours with dental oil changes we . went provisioning our coffee grinder. broke and something else we cleaned the . boat what if we did some other chore . strutt yes yes yeah so like you know . simple lifestyle where are you going . welcome to bowling . [music]. the batcave is on private land inside . the boston mentos marine national park . area and we need a guide to get there. most people would book through a tour. operator that would include a boat ride . up the river as sailors for in a unique . situation because we already have a boat . you just need a guide . so here we are creeping around the . island looking for an uncharted river . and hoping we find a house that might be . one of the guys luckily we hear a . whistle and see a man on a porch giving . a friendly wave hey guys guess what . [laughter]. [music]. ie if you book through a tour company . it's easy you make your reservation get . picked up at a coordinated spot pay the . 35 bucks a person and off you go first . cruisers it's a little more interesting . fernando wasn't expecting us but . instinctively he knew why we were here . quoted us five bucks person and he . hopped aboard menu he points us . starboard and port winding us around the . hidden stumps and debris the forest is . dense and the waters are murky but . fernando's finely-tuned eyes spot cayman . and sloths like only a native camp . [applause]. [music]. i'm ready for this . [laughter]. [music]. so that's a country and this is one that . a monkey has busted open and sucked all . the innards out of he left one little . morsel behind kind of ruin my day though . let's hope we get fresh cacao . i know but they're not ready we asked me . said not till june okay yeah never make . it holy cow. wake up piece of art that is all bamboo . i've never seen it look like that more . [music]. [music]. those are called cricket spiders and . they definitely reflect sound like . various - yeah kind of freaky looking . [applause]. how to say i don't think they're scary . they look very soft and fuzzy kind of . like a little mouth that makes gold what . i know that's a terrible idea so i will . not go reaching for one but they are . kind of cute . i should show you some stalagmite . stalactite. yeah. so how deep is the water yeah no big. deal just go ahead and take your t-shirt . off and land right next to the tranche . oh good there he doesn't like clothes . well it is a nice one yeah . [music]. [applause]. area stretches on the world . like a party's over . [music]. [laughter]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. hole. oh no yeah love the fun . sbarro's but i lost will be done to the . strength that you see right there oh . that's great . as soon as you see right there the . beginning of stalactites and two million . years it'll be that big . thanks i don't think i've ever seen that . before . no i'm never. move . [laughter]. we lost their guidance by a head . dale's working on a little strainer oh i . see any great guns ah that true yeah and . that's my foot that's a scorpion spike . [applause]. yeah you sleepy . this one's ready but we can't really . reach it you can do it faith but if you . don't make it. what's the name of our entrance don't . forget my hat. monkey uses more up there's jason bottom . oh well just go for it it'll make for a . really good video . thank you lovey to see if i get down . battery exhausted . oh i can't wait that was um that was . awesome experience the only thing we . didn't get to see was a monkey done but . you got me fernando see take this that . su trabajo of course he loves his work . no generally the most fun i've had so . far. which is glassy has any goals . .

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