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My name is Brian. I live on the road full time in my self built camper van. Join me on my adventures.
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[music]. well this is going to be my last day . here in san diego so i'm just getting . the van kind of finalized to get ready . to load up the last of my possessions . i've had some stuff stored at some . family's house here in san diego while. i've been building out the van so i'm a . little overwhelmed with the amount of it . that i'm gonna have to bring back into . the van i already feel like it's pretty . much full at this state so that's gonna . be the last thing i do so we'll show you . the before and after this is before i . feel like i'm gonna have some stuff . laying on the bed and probably have to . put my bike inside here too until i get . out to court site and get everything . finalized so this is it you can see the . paneling is not done yet although i do . have it cut and stained already so i'm. just gonna bring the panel's with me and . install them while i'm out in court site . back here i did get some more storage . containers for my little kitchen area so . that's working out well can also fit a . crate down here below underneath the . shelf and then back here i've got three . of these crates tacked it was a perfect . height to be able to stack three so that . worked out well and then i have these . collapsible storage bins and stuff i . just need to go through and probably . kind of do some purging and get rid of . stuff that i'm not using but for now my . laundry basket kind of fits in there. like that . we did get some rain here in san diego . all day yesterday and i found out the . back door leaks a pretty good leak . coming in here so when it dries up i'm . gonna have to work on the the weather . stripping there fortunately it's not on . the bed side so i was grateful for that . and what's going up here in the desk . area probably just gonna have to stuff . everything in here i did pick up an . extra water jug so i'm now able to carry . seven more gallons i have another seven . gallon container that i need to bring in . i do have my fridge in and running so . i'm happy to have that there i'm gonna . have another propane tank stored here . and probably a storage container here . that's going to be all stuff that i just . need to go through i just kind of got . short on time so i'm going to be heading . out tomorrow morning so i'll basically . just load all my stuff in here get out . to quartzite in home . the weather will be good there won't be . rain so i can pull everything out and. just finish the build and get everything . organized all right we are in on the . road it's about 7:30 a. m. on thursday . january 11th and now from san diego . california to be heading over to . courtside arizona about 350 miles of how . to be. now the traffic on the other man . he had an eastbound on interstate eight . probably make a couple little pit stops . on the way just take my time . enjoy the ride well we made the climb up . the mountain this is called christmas . summit . and about 4,000 feet . there is a casino up here a corn casino . or golden acorn it actually slept. overnight at that parking lot. it's a little windy up here though at . the summit it was good to be on the road . feeling it already feeling that stress . just is all the way i'm just going to . type of person that does not do well . it's days i need to be out in more open . spaces less . i can already feel it just less building . seeing all the green and open space out . here just makes me feel good . our pacified team felt ocampa this area . is really pretty look at all these rocks . if you have watched my old videos these . passenger heroes in my intro . there are hot springs that have come . down but they're all privates there's . going to like public natural hot springs . real great again . [music]. they're crossing over the colorado . it's an arizona . if i california no fun . coming up on a border patrol checkpoint . k9 on duty restrain your pets . hey how's gone max i think we're just . about 30 miles out of courtside now . there's this awful wildlife refuge which . is right up against these amazing mouths . here. blm land that you can camp on so i'm i . end up here hanging out courtside for a . little bit come back this way more of . the long-term visitor area a lot of . folks is this long term visitor area you . can bounce around to it to get that . long-term visitor pass and you can . bounce around to it there's no you don't . have to stay in one area it's good for . all the different long-term areas . y'all big tent set up already. i'm gonna do my best to get out of this . area it's kind of congested and right . around here it's not so bad right now . but i've been to another week or two . it's really going to get that the uptick . tech hasn't officially kicked off i . think it starts in another maybe this . weekend so another day or two . everyone's here and set out so rather . than go down the main dragon courtside . it's usually congested i'm gonna cut it . and cut down this frontage road all . right so we're pulling into the . gathering area here it's like a lot of . folks keeping an eye out for my buddy's . rig he's got a very distinctive baby . blue band they're down here at the end . i saw job spam but i don't think i have . a feeling that they were at the very end . of this wash so i'm just gonna keep . going all these boon doctors well i . don't see him gps coordinates he gave me . weren't like super specific they just . kind of ended there all right check in . when we find to find my camp here well i . think i found a spot i did not find my . friends i just got a call from my buddy . josh they're around here somewhere but i . think i'm just gonna camp here i'll ride . my bike down to hang out with them i . like this spot here it's kind of a i . don't know i guess someone else could . try to squeeze in here but i'm hoping i . have this all to myself . got some nice shrubs behind me here kind. of next to a wash i just wanted to give . you guys a glimpse of what i hauled out . here look at all this scrap wood i . brought i like i said this is all from . the build and i did not want to leave it . where i was working on the van so i . brought it out here . some of it is for the actual build this . is the ceiling paneling that i'll be . installing in the next couple days the . rest of this i'm just gonna try to give . away hopefully someone's got a project . they need to work on and they can use . some of this otherwise it's gonna have . to be fired with so i'm gonna continue . to unload this i'm just gonna find a . nice spot to lay that and put a tarp . over it and then brought a couple other . things i'm going to try to giveaway i do . have an extra swivel seat mount those . are real popular people like to swivel . around their passengers seat in their . van i already have one here it was from . the van it's back seat so again here's . another glimpse i just stuffed the van . full this was actually packed with all . this stuff here so i just had to pull a . few things out so i could at least get . in there to move around so get all this . wood out of here and i just need to . relax for a minute when i'm done . so i'll just chill out for a few minutes . once i'm done and then get on the bike . and see if i can find my buddies all . right all right well i just rode my bike . over to the main camp here this is where . they have the fire ring where they do. the seminars. look at this they got porta-potties now . there's a looks like five here and i saw . five more on the next wash over you got . our free piles bulletin board over there. and there are a ton of people i'm gonna . have to put the drone up in the air to . get a shot of this you really can't get . an idea of how many people are here . because it's just layers and layers . there's probably a good half a dozen . washes that we've kind of taken over . here so i'm down a little ways i . actually got some seclusion so i'm. enjoying that i'm just gonna ride my . bike over here what i want to socialize . though hopefully that'll work out. i'm gonna go continue to ride around . look at this beautiful day amazing all . right . rubber tramp rendezvous 2018 . thanks for watching everyone i hope you . enjoy the video we'll be giving you some . more updates from the rft are gathering . here coming in the next videos really . appreciate you following along thanks . for watching take care i'll see you soon . peace. .

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