BEST TO WORST: Magic Kingdom Restaurants RANKED!

Yup, this might be a little controversial, but today we're RANKING all of the restaurants in Magic Kingdom, BEST to WORST! MAKE SURE you let us know in the comments below how this matches up with your favorites!
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Hey everybody it's aj from disney food . blog and today we're gonna get a little . controversial. we are gonna rank the magic kingdom . restaurants from best to worst okay i . expect there to be a lot of conversation . in the comments i want you to tell me . where i'm wrong and where i'm right this . is all opinion of course it's all . subjective so i want you to share your . favorites and these favorites as well . it's all helpful to our viewers to see . what people think of the restaurants in . the magic kingdom okay i'm gonna start . with my least favorite restaurants and . these are counter service restaurants . and table service restaurants they were . not talking about the little kiosks but . we are talking about counter service and . table service all right here we go at . number 15 tortuga tavern that's probably. my least favorite restaurant in the . magic kingdom right now and it's mostly . because a it's never open and b right . now all of the good stuff is gone for a . while there they had some interesting . food items now it's just kind of turkey . legs and french fries and like a burger . so very uninteresting menu never open so . well the atmosphere is fine it's pirate . themes you know it doesn't get up there . on the list number 14 is gonna be . diamond horseshoe again diamond. horseshoe historical gem all right it's . been in the magic kingdom forever and . it's wonderful to tour around and look . around but right now there's nothing . really great happening there food wise . well it is open for meals it's just kind . of basic food nothing extraordinary . sometimes even goes back to just like. roast beef sandwiches so nothing crazy . good is happening over at the golden . horseshoe . unfortunately because diamond horseshoe. sorry i'm in disney world not disneyland . diamond horseshoe nothing greats have it . in their food ways right now it's it's . just not in its moment at the moment . coming in at number 13 is tomorrowland. terrace this one again another never . open restaurant it's rarely open just . during those busy times now this one is . offering some interesting food right now . when it is open we actually have a . review of a year on dfb they've got some . interesting stuff but the decor is very . basic it's kind of tomorrowland chic . which is fine but it's nothing . interesting and they change up the menu. so often that it's unreliable at the . moment 12:00 is gonna be pinocchio . village house the flatbreads here okay . every once in a while they have a good . menu item that they bring in seasonally . and of course i love sitting and . watching it's a small world from the . window you can get cool seating into . watch it's a small world and there's . also outdoor seating upstairs which is . really fun there's a balcony upstairs a . lot of people don't even know about it . if they go upstairs and head out to the . balcony . but again the food here is unremarkable . it's not fabulous there's a couple of . great things there's a soup that's good . and some garlic knots or breadsticks . that are good depending on which one . they have on the menu at the time but . it's not great it's not one of my . favorites number eleven . cosmic rays start like cafe now we're . getting up into the ones that i do kind . of enjoy it i do go to on a regular . basis . cosmic rays it's old school still . there's sunny eclipse putting on the . show for everybody doing those fun and . punny. songs then you've got very kid-friendly . food chicken nuggets burgers i think . they still have the pulled pork bacon . burgers you've got all kinds of pork . going on there they've got some decent . items you've got your toppings bar here . they just brought that sriracha aioli in . and that's really cool it's really good . to add to whatever you're eating so . cosmic rays has some pros this is where . i go to get my chicken nuggets and . cheese sauce by the way but the cons . with cosmic rays are gonna be the three . bay ordering area it's always very busy . here the decor is not the best it's kind . of blah and feels like it's dirty all . the time cuz it's so busy and the three . bay ordering area basically means that . if you're there with a family unless you . all want to order from the same place . you're gonna have to split up to get the . different food items which is really . hard especially if you're a single . parent there with. those are kind of the cons to cosmic . rays number 10 is toni's town square . toni's town square is as you first walk . into the magic kingdom it's on your . right this is an italian restaurant . themed after lady in the tramp this . place is fine that's all i can say about . it really is that it's fine i can't say . it's extraordinary cuz it's really not . the food is all right it's kind of an . olive garden quality although i would . actually put olive garden a step up from . toni's town square a few of the menu . items here are better than fine but this . is not a place that i kind of dream of . going for my honeymoon or my celebration . what is good about toni's though right . now is that you do have viewing of any . parades that are happening from the . porch seating and that's awesome i love . sitting out there and just people . watching also there is a parade package . a parade dining package at toni's town . square so that's a good benefit of this . spot as well number 9 cinderella's royal . table this is the princess restaurant . that's in the castle that's impossible . to book i can never get a reservation . here because i always tend to make my . reservations way late in the game . although i know i shouldn't so this is . where you're gonna go upstairs in the . castle and you're going to meet tons of . princess princess's you're gonna get to . sit in the royal plush of cinderella . castle the food here is math it's . alright . it's not spectacular but it's okay this . service is okay you get to see . princesses in their natural habitat . that's awesome but it is pretty pricey . and again the food just doesn't . recommend it necessarily so although it . is getting better it's not there yet . although i do always recommend that . everybody eat in the castle at least . once just to say that they did it and to . get the atmosphere and experience of it . now we have a whole video about the our . guests and we'll tell you if it's worth . it which meal to go for spoiler alert . it's lunch definitely go for lunch again . i love this place for the atmosphere and . the theming it's awesome the food is if. you go for breakfast or dinner it's okay . it's decent lunch i think has great food . but the sheer fact that you can barely . get into this place 180 days in advance . with your dining reservations means that . you know that's a big con for me and . they really don't make up for it that . much with excellent food either again i . think lunch is really really good but . dinner is met and breakfast is . overpriced but because it's in the . beasts castle you gotta go number seven . is crystal palace i know you guys love . it i know everybody loves it how can you . not love your and piglet and boo and to . her they're the best and they are . they're so adorable. but again the food here isn't awesome. it's not the best yet again it's getting . better but it's not great and it is . another pricey character meal and if . you're going to do that i want you to . get your money's worth so i'm gonna tell . you straight up it's a buffet the face . can be dodgey food wise it's it's good . it's not the worst character meal or . buffet on property but it's not the best . either okay before we get to number six . i just want to let you know that if you . want to sign up for at the disney food . blog newsletter we have a little bonus . that you can get today if you head over . and sign up i'm gonna give you a . printable checklist of my favorite food . items to eat in the magic kingdom so . this isn't just snacks oh this is . everything these are my must eat in the . magic kingdom including items from every . single restaurant so head over to disney . food blog calm /mk list sign up for the . dfb newsletter it's completely free and . you get this totally free checklist of . mine of my favorite places and my . favorite things to eat in the . kingdom number six is skipper canteen . skipper canteen jungle navigation. company i don't even know the full name . why dad is me why do you do that why do . you name these restaurants these long . names that nobody can understand or even . say skipper canteen that's why everybody . knows it this is the jungle cruise . restaurant i love it because it's very . imagineer themed there's lots of great . themes lots of puns lots of sight-gags . going on here and i think it's great . because i'm a big jungle cruise fan as . well i've always had great service here . although i've heard from my readers and . viewers that they haven't had the best . and the food here to me has always been . very innovative and interesting but . again i'm hearing from a lot of viewers . and readers that they did not have good . experiences that they did and did not . enjoy the food we loved to compile lots . of opinions here at dfb so i'm letting . you know i love it every time i've eaten . there i've had a good experience but a . lot of people have not the atmosphere is . great to me the food is quite good but . other people have had a very negative . experience there at number five it's . pecos bill tall-tale . in and cafe conveniently known as pecos . bill's this one is all mexican food . right now and the menu here changes. quite a bit for a long time it was more . cowboy food and hamburgers and stuff now . it's mexican food iike fajitas and tacos . but the thing i love about this place is . that there's tons of indoor seating so. there's lots of ac lots of seating i've . never had a problem finding a place to . sit here which is great the food is . decent and they also have that

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