Building a Palace of Dreams One Pebble at a Time

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One morning, mailman Ferdinand Cheval stumbled across an interesting pebble on his delivery route. He picked it up, and from there, an obsession began. Using stones he collected on his routes, Cheval began working each night to create Le Palais IdΓ©al, an 85-foot-long, 300-foot-high castle of grottos containing Chinese, Algerian and Northern European influences. Built by Cheval alone, entirely by hand, the palace took 33 years to complete. Now, it just might take your breath away.
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What you're seeing was built by one man . double by pebble over 33 years one . morning mailman ferdinand cheval . stumbled across an interesting-looking . stone on his delivery route he picked it . up and from there an obsession began . using stones he collected on his walk. chevelle work to each night without any . formal training to build what is now. called the palais ideal the final . structure is 85 feet long and three. hundred feet high it mingles chinese . algerian and northern european . influences to create a fantastic and . completely original castle of grottoes. he opened the palace in 1870 for the . public to enjoy in his own words he says . you start wondering if you have not been . carried away into a fantastic dream with. boundaries beyond the scope of. imagination and this incredible bizarre . and unique place does look like. something you could only see in a dream. [music]. .
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