Camp Cooking 3 Easy Meals

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Camp Cooking 3 Easy Meals, welcome to the first installment of Ronny's Bush cooking meals.
In this episode I cook 3 very easy and affordable meals the entire family will enjoy. Boys trips, kids and camping and or camping with the better half these meals will please all (I hope).
0:35 Tuna Pasta Salad
4:17 Can Food Mix up
8:48 Banana Chocmellows

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Hey running here for four wheeling western australia dot-com i'm going to give you three simple cooking ideas while actual tasty ones that are really easy to do so that most people will actually do it if i can do it you can do it so not any fancy meals there is really simple to smoke more there there's really simple meals one is based on canned food so good if your stuff left over and the other one is a cool pastor very easy to make and the other one is one of the tastiest desserts that are they might i can't so let's go to the kitchen alright meal number one now this first meal can be used as a non try if you're really fancy or you can actually use that as a lunch meal or did not even and what it consists off water tables course it's a tuna pass the salad and we're not actually cooking it because you're precooked pasta that's the beauty about it when you go camping on stuff pretty done so i'll go quickly go through the ingredients your mind ingredient is the pastor you want to use the show or to join almost scary ones buyer you made lock a good bit of maya tuna one whole apple bread shop celery chopped celery camp cashew nuts and course you need coarse salt and some pepper cause pepper for tasting there is one more ingredient that i did forget the lemon you need half a lemon which you're going to squeeze utensils you know a beverage an off-the-cuff things is probably overkill a spoon to stir things around with and here we have an old billy that scene quality dies right now to the mixing process and this is very gets real simple this costume is using all billy and just chalk it all in there but in no particular order just write all the ingredients in to your ball or in our case to billy can good fistful of cashew nuts squeezed lemon chuckle your children and this is where you need to talk about the measurement for gmat we got in here i'll go five tablespoons of the ionized discuss using hallway just any nice 1234 far pepper a lot more pepper and then you just mix it all together that's it you're pretty much done now for some tices alright what do you guys reckon yeah just like pasta manager now mix together pretty good i'll get the apples good good good addition yeah make sure when you travel out everything is just a consistent size to the pasture because then it all alright it just works better in your mouth yeah well good morning fred to work on your mouth cooper if you want the recipe will be a link to it below but stay tuned for the beat can cook up and this one is one of my favorite ones on samuel number two now this one is perfect for kids and perfect for a quick throw together it is so easy but we need the ingredients which is all canned food and ross so here's the ross you're using canford so you might as well skip the cooking of the rice because we're asking your pine the cook for me it is anyway so we got package ross and this is marco i've ross yes and a lot of watching sign the back you can hate him in a part even want to say you can't do it like this one you can do it anyway i've done it plenty of times so let's go for the ingredients we've got coconut milk corn kernels and some pineapple it's kind of like a tropical ticey think it's kind of sweet but cyber is still and then we have cocktail sausages you don't need to use cocktail sausages you can use chicken left over from the day before we can even cookie chicken called chicken ham you can use pretty much any mate you lock in this case i'm keeping it all cans so this is cocktail sausages and a lot of people don't probably lattes but i absolutely love them and my kids love them utensils we've got a got my jetboil stove here hbu time with my little pots and about 90 mills of water and that's just a red the ross with so we can pack it just mash it up separate it all makes your job a lot easier the packet will even tell you to do that anyway if you drop anything don't have to worry about it because the ants will take care of that so what we're doing is just hitting it up but you gotta keep stirring inside a burner also it's pretty well reheated but we're not going to go too far on it because we're going to hit up again anyway before you have ingredients in up so now is where we add the coconut up we need about 3 tablespoons with in there are just rub it in there but that's about the right amount and again you're in the bush so we can just pour it on the kitchen floor and with the corn you probably about half can i usually bought a smaller cans but it was cheaper to get the big one a lot pineapple juice i'm gonna put this in a cup and drink it with the pineapple you just want that 10-15 big chunks in a cocktail sausages the halting all right it's going to be much for here normally only cook for a couple of people or on a big part in a big stove but are many going only got my single-serving cooker today so harry is beyond a camera or uses billy again as you're stirring it just be gentle and i'm break up all the sausages or cocktail sausages obviously if you've got different and there's probably not gonna matter and you just get this to an awesome hot temperature and let it cool a bit and serve it you harry thank you no more alright so that's what it should look like when you're done the assignment look like when i went in for you reckon they're not always good but i didn't really really good for kids i definitely pretty good salt and pepper button i'm gonna go for a little bit of sriracha actually its resource the sausage tastes like dog food but the rest of its pretty good leader without the sorts of things there you go ad you i'm night are now into the tices one and i guarantee you anyone in the world would like the next one and it's a dessert recipe number three titus on is a really really tasty one if you want bananas ingredients bananas marshmallows and chocolate and utensils and off and some element for all right let's get into it so chop the marshmallows in half like so and you get your chocolate you want that in tiny fragments now this is fruit and not chocolate but i recommend is regular chocolate but that's all i had in the fridge the next step is to carefully cut the banana you don't want to cut all the way through you want to make like a pea pod or like a banana boat so sick alright then we stuffed banana just all tonight marshmallow chocolate and grab some element of flow about a foot by foot grab your banana and as you put an honor in target at both ends but leave it loose at the top of what it goes to squishy so we're going to do that to the other five or six bananas i have here and we're going to pop in the fire alright here we go we have 6 i'm gonna pop ma only 45 minutes we are talking straight off alright nearly they stop taking off back at the banana bar will just check one out of every guy that's what it's gonna look like and 28 them going to get a spoon and scoop it out chocolate marshmallows that's really move yeah that's next-level it's really good not a little money we reckon yeah it up before it will be a link to all these recipes down below so i get like written instructions and customers coming out and do tell me what you think about just top of video you want to see more of them if this other recipes you like me to do this is stuff that you can or anyone can cook at the bush easily guys taking model on can support the creation of videos like this that's patreon. com / run it out thanks again for watching and please do subscribe and subscribe gonna be yeah audio is so yeah let it dry out very good you feel better baby thing is to get here and think julie any yeah i was watching you go situation easy there is a really good good i like have another one here but they're 21 i wanted blasted slimy bastard
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